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Rita Williams John Williams

Teaches at Ultimate Tango

Rita and John Williams have been dancing since 2001. They've been students of Ultimate Tango for many years. Their first teacher was Fernanda Cajide, who, after 7 years, also trained them to teach beginners in a systematic manner emphasizing connection and technique. They taught for 3 years at New England Tango Academy with William Chen and studied for 2 years with Armando Orzuza and Nuria Martinez. 

Rita competed in NY at the US Tango Championships and came 6th in the salon division. John has danced all over the world including Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, New Delhi, Beijing, Manila, Milan, Florence, Perugia, Capri, Madrid, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hong Kong. Rita and John are currently studying with Hernan Brizuela and Anita Flejter at Ultimate Tango. They both love the music, the embrace, the complexity and the improvisational nature of tango, not to mention the many friends they've made through this beautiful dance.

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