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Anita Flejter or Grisha Khmyrov

Teaches at Ultimate Tango

Anita Flejter pursues her Argentine Tango fascination training with world-renowned dancers such as: Cesar Coelho, Roberto Herrera, Chicho Fromboli y Juana Sepuldeva, Gustavo Naveira y Giselle Anne, Joanna Copez, Mariana Flores y Edwardo Capussi, Fabian Salaz, Guillermina Quiroga, and many others.

Together with Hernan Brizuela Anita Flejter is a co-owner and co-founder of Ultimate Tango Boston-New York Dance School, Adelante Studios, and Co-Owner of Stepping Out Studios in New York, NY.

Grisha Khmyrov started learning tango in 2009 with Hernan Brizuela in Boston. Soon he found himself dancing every day and enjoying tango more and more. He visited Buenos Aires taking many workshops with tango maestros. His musical background (he composes and plays music in the band “Jamm” for decades) helps him have unique interpretation of tango. In 2012 he started DJing on Boston’s classic milongas as well as alternative ones. In 2013 Grisha started teaching tango at MIT. He graduated from Ultimate Tango Teachers Training Program and since then teaches at Ultimate Tango.

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