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Swet Studio

Swet Studio

Danvers, Boston, Massachusetts
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he International Rock Climbing School (IRCS) is a non-profit organization founded in 2000. The IRCS is committed to offering diverse climbing and outdoor programs to children of all ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds. Knowing the importance of a comprehensive and far-reaching approach, we have developed a broad curriculum designed to build climbing skills from the most basic to the most advanced, establish self-confidence, and instill a spirit of cooperation and teamwork among all our students. By incorporating simple instruction into a program of extensive hands-on experience, our students will gain the skills, discipline, and confidence to succeed in any future endeavor, while at the same time developing a genuine love and respect for nature and the outdoors.

We believe the best way for a student to learn and truly understand rock
climbing is by following a long-term, highly structured educational
program. Unlike many other activities open to children, rock climbing
cannot be adequately learned in a weekend or a few weeks during the
summer. Rather, students must study and experience the obstacles and
complexities of safe climbing over a much longer period: a period
extending even into years. Only through extended and determined study
can a child gain the confidence and develop the communication skills
necessary to lead or even simply undertake a safe wilderness expedition.
With this in mind, the IRCS offers a graduated program along which
students will be able to both mark their progress from novice scrambler
to expert climber and acheive a comprehensive and detailed outdoor

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28 Rand Cir, Boston, Massachusetts 01923
Swet Studio
28 Rand Cir
Along Newbury St
Boston, Massachusetts 01923

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