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Practical Programming

Practical Programming offers programming classes and workshops for individuals of all skill levels who are interested in learning Python coding. It is suitable for beginners and those looking to start a career in programming or build dynamic web applications using Python.

Provider Description

Practical Programming classes and workshops for everyone who wants to learn how to code from scratch or practice Python. You will learn how to start using Python, problem solving with algorithms and make dynamic web applications.

No coding experience needed, anyone who would like to learn how to code in Python from scratch, who is thinking about a new career in the programming field, entrepreneurs who want to build dynamic web applications, and everyone who wants to know what Python coding is about.

185 Madison Ave 3rd Fl, New York, NY 10016
Practical Programming
Midtown, Manhattan
185 Madison Ave 3rd Fl
Btwn E 34th & E 35th Streets
New York, New York 10016

We are located in New York City on 34th street and Madison Avenue, a few blocks from Penn Station, Port Authority and Times Square. You may also attend this class live online (virtual training) via Zoom. We will reach out with additional information, including the Zoom info and class files.

Reviews of Practical Programming

(4.5-star rating across 378 reviews)
  • Intro to JavaScript

    Reviewed by Lauren P. on 5/26/2020
    Stephen was an awesome instructor (even with the course being online). He appropriately paces the material and doesn't make you feel small for asking seemingly simple questions. I would definitely take this class again!
  • Python for Data Science Immersive

    Anonymous review on 3/21/2020
    Very instructive course. Definitely worthwhile if you are trying to learn Python. The teacher was engaging and was able to cater to different levels of expertise among the attendees.
  • Python Immersive

    Reviewed by Hannah C. on 3/1/2020
    I started learning python on an online platform almost a year ago and felt that I had completely players like plateaued. I loved the Python immersive course and was able to learn much more in a week than I had on my own over the span of around 8 months. I now I feel fully confident in my ability to continue my python learning independently and I know where to turn when I'm ready to enroll in my next programming course.
  • Python Immersive

    Reviewed by Erick C. on 2/29/2020
    I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to gain some knowledge with Python. Thalo(course instructor) is the man! He explains things really well and shows great examples throughout his explanation. Again I highly recommend it.
  • Remote JavaScript Programming 101

    Anonymous review on 2/7/2020
    If you are looking for a JS course, then this is not the course for you. We spent 3/4 of the time talking and working on HTML and CSS. If you never worked with HTML, CSS or JS, then you will enjoy it and find it really useful. I felt and expressed that the tittle and description of the course is off. When I asked for more JS cases, examples and uses, I've been told to check the immersive course.
  • Intro to JavaScript

    Reviewed by Bryan D. on 12/23/2019
    Stephen was a great instructor and was very flexible with the class on when to slow down and expand on a topic and when to dive right in.
  • Python Immersive

    Anonymous review on 12/7/2019
    This class had a great pace, good detail, and gave very practical and usable knowledge and skill. The instructor,Tim was attentive to all in the class and provided the curriculum to the class at the right pace. I plan to take the next level of this course and the machine learning class too. Ed F
  • Remote Python Programming 101

    Reviewed by Ana G. on 11/24/2019
    Great class. Great instructor perfect for beginners.
  • Python Developer Immersive

    Reviewed by David G. on 11/24/2019
    I loved the class a lot because of the fact that it was a week and able to compress all that information into it. I also liked the 10AM start, not too early. The 5pm end was a little late for my particular week that week, since I had things to do for about 3 days of the week and had to leave early. However, any week-long class will present that problem with trying to fit errands before or after the class. The teacher was very fast and he could type as fast as he could talk. I tried to keep up and coded along with him as he presented, which really helped with the hands on and understanding being able to actually see it run in front of me. This type of hands on also keeps me engaged versus just sitting there watching someone lecture. Sometimes I couldn't quite keep up, but all is good, I still got the main points and lots of information in a short time. The exercises were also good practice, but with me, it takes time and experience to be able to rattle off code with intuitive understanding, so I'm not worried about that yet, since with practice, I know it becomes second nature. Overall, I like the way Practical Programming teaches, and I'm thinking of taking more classes from there.
  • Introduction to SQL and Data Analytics (Online)

    Anonymous review on 11/21/2019
    Matt’s material was thorough and he took the time to make sure everyone was fully grasping the material
  • Introduction to SQL and Data Analytics (Online)

    Reviewed by Ping Feng on 11/21/2019
    Awesome class! The instructor is very patient and helping you debug all kinds of problems and answering all kinds of questions.
  • Python for Web Scraping

    Anonymous review on 11/15/2019
    Always enjoy taking a class with Art. He is knowledgeable and on top of his game. His class is quick paced but easy to follow... is patient with questions.
  • Python Immersive

    Reviewed by Thomas H. on 10/26/2019
    Well done class... instructor is very calm and patience. Explains things well and teaches at a good pace for comprehension
  • Remote Python Programming 101

    Anonymous review on 10/10/2019
    Art is a great teacher. Highly recommend.
  • Python Programming 101

    Reviewed by Morgan M. on 10/2/2019
    Wonderful teacher, in depth class! I learned way more than I expected would be possible in just 3 hours. Highly recommend!
  • Remote JavaScript Programming 101

    Reviewed by Sonia N. on 9/15/2019
    Great class for beginners. 3 hours really flew by.
  • Introduction to SQL and Data Analytics (Online)

    Reviewed by Erline R. on 8/16/2019
    These weren’t the days. It had gotten rescheduled a couple of times. I’ve taken only one session and I loved it . I instructor was very knowledgeable and he was good at teaching . I’m looking forward to the next two classes.
  • Introduction to Python Programming

    Anonymous review on 7/27/2019
    Great class. Very informative. Highly recommended!
  • Remote Python Programming 101

    Reviewed by Tenise M. on 7/11/2019
    The instructor was very knowledgeable and interactive. I really appreciated the way he made sure each student understood the concepts discussed that night!
  • Introduction to Python Programming

    Anonymous review on 7/9/2019
    Overall very happy wit the course. The third class became very confusing and hard to keep up. The instructor tried to touch all the materials that perhaps was too much for one class.
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Review Summary by CourseHorse

Practical Programming's classes seem to focus heavily on HTML and CSS, rather than JavaScript. Students who were new to HTML, CSS, or JavaScript found the course helpful and beneficial. The course gave them confidence in their Python skills and provided a clear path for their future programming education. The instructors were praised for their engaging teaching styles and ability to cater to students of different expertise levels. Quotes: 1. "The teacher explains things really well and shows great examples throughout his explanation." 2. "Definitely worthwhile if you are trying to learn Python." 3. "Stephen appropriately paces the material and doesn't make you feel small for asking seemingly simple questions."

Teachers at Practical Programming

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