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Soap Making Classes Washington, D.C.

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Unleash your creativity and learn the art of soap making in Washington, D.C.! Create beautiful and luxurious homemade soaps while gaining the satisfaction of knowing what ingredients are being used on your skin.

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Organic Soy Wax Candle Workshop

Coastal Design Workshops LLC @ Live Virtual via Zoom

Discover the art of making scented organic soy candles from the comfort of your own home. Join this engaging virtual experience and learn how to create a customized candle with a DIY craft kit delivered directly to you. With step-by-step guidance and plenty of tips, you'll have a beautiful natural wax candle to fill your space with a delightful fragrance.

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Introduction to Soap Making CP and HP Methods

Nyah @ 203 Ridgely Ave, Annapolis, MD

Soapmaking is an artisan craft that has been in existence for centuries. Learn about the beauty, art and chemistry of soapmaking using both the cold process and hot process methods. During class you can expect to: Discover the history of soapmaking Understand the safety practices required to manufacture soap Know what necessary equipment is needed to make soap Know what components make up soap Understand the industry terminology and lingo...

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Discover the Best Soap Making Classes in Washington, D.C.

Making soap might seem like complex chemistry best suited to manufacturers and factories, but in fact it is simple enough to make at home. Soap is a straightforward combination of oils or fats with an alkali, such as sodium hydroxide, that results in a chemical reaction called saponification. The result is a luxurious cleansing product, whether it’s a simple unadorned bar or a market-ready work of art.

Soap got its name from an ancient Roman legend about Mount Sapo – rain washing down the mountain would mix with animal fat and ashes, resulting in a clay mixture that made cleaning easier. Ancient Babylonians recorded using fats and ashes for cleaning on a clay tablet as early as 2800 BC. The Ebers papyrus, an Egyptian medical document from around 1500 BC, describes combining animal and vegetable oils with alkaline salts to form a soap-like material used for treating skin diseases and washing.

Soap causes substances that don’t dissolve in water, like fats, to attach to soap particles and rinse away. Handwashing with soap reduces pathogens more than washing with water alone, as soap helps to break down the grease and dirt that carry most of the pathogens. Dirty, greasy dishes that still feel oily in water come clean with a soapy wash. Despite the easy availability of soap in stores, enthusiasts love to hand-craft unique bars from luxurious natural ingredients in kitchens and workshops.

Why You Should Learn Soap Making in

Unlike commercial soaps which may contain synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals, handmade soap is usually made in small batches using natural, skin-loving products. When you create handmade soap you have full control over the formula – select skin-nourishing oils and butters, choose your favorite scent, and express your creativity with colors and textures. Mold your soap into unique shapes or make rustic bars that tell the world they are one of a kind. 

Soap making is a popular small business in . The relatively affluent population of professionals, government employees, and diplomats often values high-quality, artisanal products. As the capital of the United States, attracts over 20 million visitors each year who spend over eight billion dollars. Tourists often seek out locally crafted products for souvenirs, gifts, or personal use. The city’s 100-plus farmer’s markets attract a diverse range of customers who want to support local artisans and purchase handmade goods. Soapmaking is a growing industry globally, valued at $147 million in 2021 and expected to reach $228 million by 2028. The average annual income for handmade soap makers is $28k. 

Making soap is a fun hobby that relieves stress and provides satisfaction as you enjoy your finished product. Explore classes, craft stores, and local markets to connect with other soap makers who share your new passion.

In-Person Soap Making Classes in

Hot Process Soap Making at Nyah in Annapolis, Maryland teaches you to make three types of soap using the hot process method. When you use the hot process your soap is completely saponified within a few hours, it’s more economical to use essential oils and fragrance oils, and you can use your soap immediately without curing.

You’ll learn to craft bar soaps with a textured look and feel, make translucent bar soaps from scratch, and create your own sulfate-free liquids soaps, shampoos, and hand soaps. Students will take home several bottles of body wash and liquid foaming soap.

In Soap Making Intensive at Nyah in Annapolis, Maryland you’ll learn how to make a range of exquisite self-care products using the cold press method. This class explores the history and chemistry of soap making and essential safety practices. Customize your soaps with colors, fragrances, and essential oils; learn how to create luxurious soaps using alternative liquids like goat’s milk; and make fabulous swirl patterns and embedding designs that will make your soaps rival mass market soaps. You’ll learn about resources for supplies and industry websites, proper product labeling and preservation, and tips on how to start a business. 

Introduction to Soap Making CP and HP Methods at Nyah in Annapolis, Maryland explores the beauty, art, and chemistry of soap making using both the cold process and hot process methods. You’ll discover the history of soapmaking, learn about safety practices and equipment, know soap components and industry terminology and lingo, learn to label your soap for the market, and troubleshoot common soap making problems. You’ll get hands-on instruction in making both cold-process and hot-process soap, incorporate herbs and fragrances, and receive a list of ingredient suppliers. You’ll take home approximately 2 pounds (8 bars) of handcrafted soap.

Cream Soap Making at Nyah in Annapolis, Maryland will teach you how to formulate and make luxurious cream soaps. Cream soaps are often used for shaving soap but can also be used as hand and body soap, including facial soap. They are formulated with a blend of potassium and sodium hydroxides. During this advanced hot process soap workshop you’ll learn about equipment, ingredients, how to mix and cook, testing for alkalinity, supercreaming, when to add extra water, how to scent and color soap, the use of preservatives and antioxidants, and what is rotting. Materials are included and participants will take home two jars of cream soap previously made by the instructor.

No Paste Method Liquid Soap Making covers how to make body wash and liquid soap with a simple no-paste method. After you’ve learned how to make soap with the hot process method you will know the basics to make sulfate-free liquid soaps, shampoos, and hand soaps. You will take home several bottles of body wash and liquid foaming soap. 

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Virtual Soap Making Classes 

If you can’t find the soap-making class you want in , take a look at online soap making classes. It’s so simple to take a class from home where you won’t have the time or stress of a commute. Make sure you have a web-enabled device with a microphone and a quiet space where you can attend class undisturbed.

Virtual Bath Bomb Making from Love & Make covers the sometimes-tricky process of making bath bombs in a live, virtual workshop. This workshop uses the Love & Make Bath Bomb DIY kit, which is available to order in their online shop. If you prefer to provide your own materials, have your recipe and tools ready before the workshop begins.

Virtual Melt & Pour Soap-Making Workshop from Love & Make dives into the basics of melt and pour soap making, techniques, and soap making history. You'll learn how and why to use the various ingredients and explore recipes that you’ll enjoy or you can give as gifts. This workshop is designed for the Love & Make DIY Soap-Making Kit, which you’ll need to purchase prior to the class. You’ll need a funnel pitcher, a melting pot, stir sticks, soap molds of your choice, and an alcohol spray bottle.

Soap Making from El Camino College teaches you how to make luxurious bath products you’ll love. You’ll learn how to make bar soaps, bubble baths, and cleansing gels using a variety of techniques and recipes. You’ll also learn how to create specialized products for sensitive skin. Your soaps will be a hit for your ultimate home spa experience or for gift-giving.

Private Group Soap Making Classes in

Are you looking for a team-building activity for your business or organization? Maybe you want a fun activity for a personal group of friends or family. Coursehorse offers a variety of events like soap making classes for private groups in . Your class will be planned and delivered just for your group. 

Virtual Soap Making Workshop introduces you to the art of handmade melt-and-pour soap making. You’ll learn about materials, basic techniques, the benefits of making your own soap, and different recipes. Plus, you’ll get to try incorporating botanicals and other additives to make your soaps even more personalized. You’ll make your very own soaps by hand in this class.

Virtual Candle Making is a beginner-friendly class in soy candle-making. You’ll learn to make beautiful, environmentally friendly soy and beeswax candles to enhance your home or give to lucky gift recipients. You’ll love your candles and be proud to say, "I made it myself!"

The class includes a candle-making kit shipped to your participants which has everything you'll need in it, including a small melting/pouring pitcher, stir stick, wax chips for two candles, two candle tins, two wicks, two clothespins for centering wicks, wick adhesive and candle labels, and fragrance oil.

In Virtual Macramé Workshop you’ll create plant hangers using knot patterns with this trending technique. The art of tying knots to create beautifully patterned textiles is believed to have originated with 13th-century Arab weavers. You can endlessly customize these simple knots into beautiful designs, and you’ll complete a beautiful hanging planter to display for your favorite plant. All needed materials are shipped to participants, including cord to make three plant hangers.

If you don’t see the class you’re looking for, Coursehorse can provide a customized class for your group. Use the “Contact Us” button on the website to learn about the options available. Booking with Coursehorse is easy. Simply estimate your group size, pay the minimum deposit, and reserve your date. You’ll receive a confirmation within 24 hours. They recommend using the Zoom platform but can accommodate Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx if you provide the meeting details.

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