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Joffe Emergency Services

Joffe Emergency Services

Santa Monica, Santa Monica, California
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Our school is an all-in-one provider of emergency response training, event safety, and disaster supplies for individuals, non-profits, small businesses, and corporations throughout the country. Our goal is to save lives and prevent emergencies through expert response training that builds trust, demonstrates respect, and empowers learners to apply life-saving techniques to any individual in need, under any circumstance. 

As a foremost leader in event safety, we are guided by our commitment to excellence in customer service by providing highly specialized and culturally sensitive on-site care from the state's top EMT's, paramedics, and doctors. We empower our staff with cutting-edge technology, and advanced, state-of-the-art emergency-avoidance techniques in order to ensure that any event, large or small, runs safely and smoothly. 

All of our disaster preparedness supplies - from our emergency and first aid kits to our AEDs - are hand -picked to ensure maximum protection for our clients. We hold firmly to the principal that utility and affordability are not mutually exclusive - that's why we work one-on-one with our clients to ensure affordable, high-quality products without exception. 

We'd love to partner with you to save lives. 

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1454 Cloverfield Blvd, Santa Monica, California 90404
Joffe Emergency Services
Santa Monica, Beach Cities
1454 Cloverfield Blvd
At Broadway
Santa Monica, California 90404

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