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CocuSocial Cooking Classes

CocuSocial offers a range of social cooking, baking, and wine tasting courses at local hotels and restaurants. They can teach you how to cook for host private events for birthdays, bridal showers, and corporate team-building.

CocuSocial Cooking Classes

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1033 6th Ave, New York, NY 10018
CocuSocial Cooking Classes
Midtown, Manhattan
1033 6th Ave
Btwn W 38th & W 39th Streets
New York, New York 10018

The Bryant Park Lounge @ The Residence Inn Marriott Times Square

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At CocuSocial, you can participate in a variety of social cooking, baking  and wine tasting events at local hotels and restaurants. Making pasta, rolling sushi, cooking dumpling, baking pizza, decorating cakes and etc.

We also host private events from birthday parties and bridal showers to corporate and team-building events. We partner with local restaurants and hotels to provide easy accessibility for our customers.

We invite you to come with friends, cook a dish, grab a drink, and have fun!

Reviews of CocuSocial Cooking Classes

( 4.6-star rating across 1728 reviews)
  • French Macaron

    Reviewed by Monica B. on 2/21/2024
    The class and the instructor were great. I only wish there was more to do. It felt like most of the work was done for us and we didn't get the real baking experience. At one point there were 4 people all taking turns mixing. Over all I had fun and got to talk to some cool people but just wish there was more hands on work.
  • Spanish Paella

    Reviewed by Shannon H. on 2/17/2024
    We really enjoyed the class. Chef Vic was not only an excellent instructor but also a great person. We look forward to additional courses with Chef Vic.
  • Better than takeout: Thai Green Curry

    Reviewed by Yasmin L. on 2/16/2024
    Great class :) our chef Saruj was very knowledgeable and attentive. The meal we cooked was delicious and the instructions Saruj gave us makes it easy to prepare it at home!
  • Italian Date Night: Fresh Handmade Pasta

    Reviewed by Trina L. on 2/12/2024
    Ambra was an absolute joy!
  • French Macarons

    Anonymous review on 2/12/2024
    It was a great class, instructor was excellent! The only thing I would recommend is a better workspace.
  • Homemade Pizza Party (For Two!)

    Anonymous review on 2/12/2024
    Sandro and Alessandro were great!
  • Better than Takeout Pad Thai

    Reviewed by Rosemary P. on 2/11/2024
    We got to the class in plenty of time and at the end of the table. when it came to cook there was no burner for us so we had to wait till the other people who were at the end of the table cooked and then we had to wait until their pan was cleaned so that we could start our cooking
  • The Art of French Pastry

    Anonymous review on 2/4/2024
    I really loved learning the basics of this French pastry class. We learned pâté a choux, and made eclairs and cream puffs. The instructor, Jasmine, was lovely and I could follow her instructions clearly, so I felt confident and comfortable in my attempts. The only irritation was the class size. There were far too many people to really utilize the equipment in an effective way (i.e. ovens and heating needed to be rushed without the necessary timing for taking the temperature down, as is traditionally needed). I enjoyed myself, but I would have paid twice the tuition if they cut the registration cap in half. Hopefully will take another class with this instructor with a smaller class size! We were cramped!
  • Make Your Own Dumplings

    Reviewed by Kevin K. on 2/1/2024
    Great class, chef Mike did a great job making the class a lot of fun, looking forward to potentially taking another class from him in the future!
  • Asian Dumplings

    Anonymous review on 1/29/2024
    It was difficult to hear the instructor and I wish we were able to make the ponzu sauce ourselves.
  • Classic and Creative Cocktails

    Reviewed by Brian B. on 1/28/2024
    I was unable to attend due to an emergency. I tried to reschedule but was under the threshold due to the cancellation policy. The good news, possibly ... seems I may be able to reschedule for another class with a fee of $20. It hasn't been confirmed yet. So, if your offer of $15 for a review is real, then I could apply that $15 toward the rescheduling fee. That would be nice. Please let me know.
  • Make Your Own Dumplings

    Anonymous review on 1/27/2024
    Had a fun time and the dumplings were delicious!
  • Classic and Creative Cocktails

    Reviewed by Louisa G. on 1/16/2024
    Informative and lots of fun
  • Asian Dumplings

    Reviewed by Sheila H. on 1/15/2024
    Although the class was enjoyable and an unique experience, very concerned about the lack of sanitary enforcement. Attendees were given the option of wearing gloves and washing their hands. This should be strict compliance. After sitting down all guest were instructed to begin prepping their vegetables. Once completed the facilitator gathered all the vegetables in one bowl and cooked them in the same pot. In a post COVID world, all attendees should have been instructed to wear gloves if this was the process that was going to be taken. I do want to say that the final cooking of the dumplings (steamed) was done separately and clearly marked to isolate each guests food. I was completely turned off by the prep process therefore I did not eat the final product due to being extremely concerned. Not certain if your concept was once food reaches a certain temperature it kills off all germs, but you should really rethink the need for all to wear gloves just to ensure sanitary conditions are being maintained by all.
  • Asian Dumplings

    Reviewed by Kati B. on 1/15/2024
    This was such a fun class. Dumplings are harder to make than I had expected. I would recommend this class to anyone that loves food, enjoys a challenge, and wants to try something new. The dumplings were so yummy and the instructor was kind, knowledgeable, and had a great personality.
  • Hand-Rolled Sushi

    Reviewed by Barbara O. on 1/1/2024
    It was a delightful evening. Well prepared and informative. I turned out to be a less than accomplished sushi maker, but I loved trying.
  • French Macaron

    Reviewed by Nicole P. on 12/30/2023
    Felix was very knowledgeable and friendly. He made the class enjoyable and accesible!
  • French Macaron

    Anonymous review on 12/30/2023
    I enjoyed the class as it was both engaging and informative. However, I would like to share a small concern. Typically, I attend workshops solo, and I noticed that most workshops are open to individuals coming alone. Unfortunately, during this workshop, I observed that others attended with someone, and I found myself feeling a bit uncomfortable as I was unexpectedly placed in a group. If this group dynamic was known beforehand, I would have either brought someone along or made a different decision about attending.
  • Fresh Mozzarella and Burrata

    Anonymous review on 12/19/2023
    carolyn was amazing!!! the class was fun and easy. I would definitely do it again.
  • Spanish Tapas

    Anonymous review on 12/11/2023
    I went with 2 friends and we had a great time learning the recipes. I enjoyed the format of the class of cooking one dish and then eating it before moving onto the next rather than sitting down to one big meal. The chef shared good tips and the recipes he selected were straight forward but delicious. We’ll be back!
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Review Summary by CourseHorse

Students at CocuSocial Cooking Classes have positive things to say about their experiences. They commend the instructors for their teaching abilities. Students appreciate the opportunity to learn new recipes and cooking techniques, with one individual mentioning that the class gave them the confidence to try cooking a specific dish at home. Others mention that they enjoyed the hands-on experience and the chance to make their own food. Many students enjoyed their classes and would recommend them to others. Quotes: 1. "It was wonderful. Gave me confidence to try cooking... at home." 2. "Amazing experience!!!!... the chef was great and showed us how to do everything easily." 3. "Instructor was wonderful... makes it a comfortable, fun experience!"

Teachers at CocuSocial Cooking Classes

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