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Acrylic Painting Classes Washington, D.C.

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Unlock your creative potential with acrylic painting classes in Washington, D.C.. Learn the techniques and skills to create stunning masterpieces while gaining confidence and artistic expression.

7 results

Online Painting with Acrylics 301

Pastimes for a Lifetime @ Live Online via Zoom

Unleash your creativity and learn the techniques of 20th-century masters with the Online Painting with Acrylics 301 course. Discover how to mix colors, prepare the canvas, and execute styles such as impressionism, contemporary realism, color block, and abstract. Take your painting skills to the next level with this flexible and vibrant medium.

(20) All levels 7 and older

4 sessions

+1600 pts
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Acrylics Painting

BrushCapades @ Online Classroom

Unleash your inner artist and discover the joy of acrylic painting in this captivating class. Immerse yourself in the world of colors and brushstrokes as you create your very own masterpiece under the guidance of a skilled and lively instructor. Unleash your creativity and unlock the secrets of professional painting techniques every week!

(10) All levels 21 and older
+650 pts
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Dare to Paint: Advanced Oil & Acrylic Painting

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Discover your authentic artistic voice and explore advanced oil and acrylic painting techniques in this inspiring online class. Express yourself through painting and deepen your artistic journey with expert instruction and personalized feedback. Join a community of fellow artists and unleash your creativity in this popular fear-free NYC painting class.

(639) Advanced 18 and older

2 sessions

+1490 pts
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Acrylic Painting for Absolute Beginners

92nd Street Y @ Live Interactive Online Classroom

This class provides personalized instruction from expert teaching artists in the beautiful and flexible medium of acrylic paint. Working from direct observation, you’ll learn to render what’s in front of you and create depth and luminosity as you explore the use of textures and different surfaces. Beginning with basic forms, the class progresses from still-lifes to the live model and covers perspective, value and tone as well as the basics of...

(1088) Beginner 18 and older

7 sessions

+2850 pts
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Fear-Free Beginners Acrylic Painting

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Unleash your inner artist and discover the joy of acrylic painting. Learn techniques, express yourself, and create beautiful artwork in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment. Escape the every day and find your weekly oasis in this fear-free painting class.

(639) Beginner 18 and older

4 sessions

+1490 pts
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Abstract Acrylic Painting Class: Color, Texture and Self-Expression

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Unleash your creativity and explore the world of acrylic painting with expert guidance in a nurturing environment. Discover the joy of self-expression through color, texture, and artistic techniques in a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Embrace the therapeutic benefits of art while honing your skills and unleashing your inner artist.

(639) All levels 18 and older

4 sessions

+1490 pts
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Dare to Draw, Paint & Create: Advanced Art Class for All Mediums

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Unleash your artistic potential and express yourself through painting in this inspiring online art class. Develop your unique style, master advanced techniques, and create stunning artwork that you will be proud to display. Join a supportive community of fellow artists and receive personalized feedback to enhance your skills.

(639) Advanced 18 and older

4 sessions

+2490 pts
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Reviews for Acrylic Painting Classes in Washington, D.C.

Acrylic Painting Classes in Washington, D.C. are rated 4.5 stars based on 1,757 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Online Painting with Acrylics 301

    Reviewed by Claudia G. on 3/9/2024
    Linda is a joy to have as an instructor! Learning many basics missed in other classes I’ve taken and finding it very valuable.
  • Acrylic Painting for Absolute Beginners

    Reviewed by Vivian D. on 10/9/2020
    Having had the instructor in a previous class, I was given different direction from the rest of the attendees. It helped tremendously to grow my skill a little more.
  • Acrylic Painting for Absolute Beginners

    Reviewed by Vivian D. on 9/2/2020
    Vic is fantastic and his patience level is commendable. I look forward to taking his next class.
  • Acrylic Painting for Absolute Beginners

    Reviewed by Muhammad Q. on 4/8/2020
    The class was amazing. In particular our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and patient. To add complexity to the matter we ran into the COVID-19 social distancing protocol. So 4 out of 5 sessions were held using online conference. Of course the online version is never a substitution for in person session. However, the instructor did his best and gave us enough feed back and instruction that the course ended up being useful. I highly recommend the class but in person is definitely better than online.
  • Fear-Free Beginners Acrylic Painting

    Reviewed by linda g. on 1/9/2018
    Terrific, relaxing way to ease into learning to paint. Jacob is a patient, knowledgeable instructor and my classmates were a super encouraging group. Had a great time!

Discover the Best Acrylic Painting Classes in Washington, D.C.

Acrylic paints, which are used in acrylic painting, were developed from acrylic resin in the early 1900s. Acrylic paints were popular among house painters because they were less toxic than other paints being used at the time. Artists were using acrylic paints by the 1960s. They realized that not only were acrylics easy to use and clean up, but they could also be used to mimic watercolors and oil paints. 

Today, acrylic paints are a popular medium among painters of all skill levels. They’ve garnered a reputation for being low-maintenance because they’re fast-drying and considered easy to use. Acrylic paints are also inexpensive. All you need to start acrylic painting is acrylic paints, paintbrushes, a painting surface like canvas or paper, and water. You can learn tips on painting with acrylics on the internet, in books, or by taking an acrylic painting class.

Why You Should Learn Acrylic Painting in

Acrylic painting can provide you with several benefits. Painting is often used as a form of therapy to help regulate a person’s emotions. Painting is a useful distraction against the stressors in your life. It can therefore help reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression. Painting requires you to focus on what you’re creating, so it also can help you improve your patience and attention to detail. 

When you begin painting with acrylics, you’ll need to determine what you want to paint and how you can effectively do so on your chosen surface. You’ll need to brainstorm, use your imagination, and be creative. Painting will also allow you to work on your problem-solving skills, as it’s likely you’ll run into problems or make mistakes.

In-Person Acrylic Painting Classes in

If you’d like professional instruction in acrylic painting, you can sign up for an in-person acrylic painting class in the area. Your instructor will provide you with in-depth demonstrations and provide one-on-one support as you work on your projects. Classes are typically offered by art studios and schools. Taking a painting class also gives you the chance to meet others with similar interests. 

You can find new and returning acrylic painting classes on CourseHorse. Classes are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level painters and cover a range of topics and techniques. If you know of a studio or school in your area, you might consider reaching out to them and seeing if they’ll be teaching any acrylic painting classes in the future. 

Previous acrylic painting classes taught in the DC area have taught the nuances of painting with acrylics and guided students through their exploration of abstract artwork using acrylics. Check back to CourseHorse frequently to see if acrylic painting classes are being taught near you. 

Virtual Acrylic Painting Classes 

For anyone who can’t attend an in-person painting class, whether it’s because none are being offered or if it’s because they can’t make the commute, there are virtual acrylic painting classes they can sign up for. 

You can take a virtual acrylic painting class remotely, from the comfort of your home or office. You’ll receive instruction from a professional who will also be available to answer your questions and give you personalized feedback. Although these classes are taught online, many of them still provide students with the opportunity to socialize. 

Online classes will typically require you to purchase all the necessary materials yourself, or they’ll suggest a materials kit that contains most if not all supplies. You can check the class page for a supply list or reach out to the instructor about what you’ll need to purchase. 

Sign up for Painting with Acrylics, an online class taught by an instructor at the Evanston Art Center, for an introduction to acrylic painting. By the end of the class, you’ll understand color mixing, painting techniques, and composition, as they all pertain to acrylics. You’ll receive one-on-one instruction and be encouraged to work on developing personal themes through your work. Students will be required to purchase all necessary supplies, which are listed on the class supply list. 

Newbies to acrylic painting are welcome to take The 92nd Street Y’s class, Acrylic Painting for Absolute Beginners. This class will teach you to explore textures and surfaces to create depth and luminosity in your art. Direct observations will be done to achieve this through basic forms before moving on to still-lifes and live models. No prior experience is necessary to take this class. 

Acrylic fabric art is common among hobbyists who like to work with paints and fabrics. You too can learn how to paint on fabric with acrylic paint in La Pittura Art Studio’s tote bag painting class. Participants will be sent a DIY kit by the studio. This kit will include paints, brushes, a disposable apron, and a canvas tote bag. The only items you’ll need to supply yourself are paper towels and a cup of water. 

Private Group Acrylic Painting Classes in

Are you looking to book a private group acrylic painting class? CourseHorse can deliver classes to you that are fun activities to do with a group of friends on the weekend or can serve as a team-building activity among coworkers. 

If you’d like to schedule a stress-free painting class, book their virtual Acrylic Painting workshop. Your group will be led by an instructor through the reproduction of an image on canvas using acrylic paints. At the end of the class, your group can show off their work and compare how your styles differed. 

A less traditional method of acrylic painting is pour-painting. This method uses pourable acrylic paint to produce uniquely painted canvases by pouring the paint on top. Various designs can be achieved depending on how you choose to pour your paint. If this interests your group, you can book CourseHorse’s Acrylic Pour Art class

You can contact CourseHorse through the contact form on their website to learn about more acrylic painting classes that they can offer you. You’ll be able to discuss your group’s learning needs and goals and have the option of scheduling a 20-minute demo of a class for $100. 

CourseHorse does not charge booking fees. They’ll also allow last-minute rescheduling for a $150 fee if you’re rescheduling less than 48 hours before your class. Cancellations are free if done up to two weeks before the class is scheduled. 

CourseHorse accommodates several online video platforms. Zoom is the preferred platform; however, you can choose to take your class over Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx if you supply the meeting details.

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