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Drawing Classes Houston

Unleash your artistic talent with a variety of drawing classes in Houston. From beginner sketching to advanced figure drawing, discover new techniques, refine your skills, and bring your imagination to life with these hands-on courses.

Unfortunately, no classes in-person in Houston have spots left, but 20 classes live online are available.

Online Drawing with Graphite 101

Pastimes for a Lifetime @ Live Online via Zoom

Discover the beauty of graphite drawing in this engaging course that teaches the fundamentals of measuring, shading, and creating dimensions. Perfect for beginners and those returning to art, students will develop their skills while honing their hand-to-eye coordination. Unleash your creativity and bring your drawings to life in this unique online class.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 5:30–6:30pm Pacific Time

 (4 sessions)

Online Pen and Ink 101

Pastimes for a Lifetime @ Live Online via Zoom

Discover the power of the pen as you delve into the intricate art of Pen and Ink. Unlock your creativity and learn the techniques needed to create stunning black-and-white illustrations. Perfect for aspiring illustrators and those seeking to enhance their artistic skills.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 5:30–6:30pm Pacific Time

 (4 sessions)

Online Drawing with Charcoal 101

Pastimes for a Lifetime @ Live Online via Zoom

Master the traditional classical medium of drawing with charcoal in this online course at Pastimes for a Lifetime. Learn the fundamentals of sketching and creating illustrations with incredible depth and tone, with valuable tips and tricks from the instructor. Perfect for aspiring fine artists and commercial or book illustrators.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 5:30–6:30pm Pacific Time

 (4 sessions)

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Online Drawing with Graphite 102

Pastimes for a Lifetime @ Live Online via Zoom

Take your drawing skills to the next level with an intermediate online drawing class at Pastimes for a Lifetime. Develop your measuring, sketching, and shading skills with challenging subject matter. Explore still-life set-ups, tinted paper, and larger formats for a more advanced drawing experience.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 5:30–6:30pm Pacific Time

 (4 sessions)

Drawing with Pastel

92nd Street Y

Unlock the vibrant world of soft pastels in this online course. Discover color theory and enhance your drawing skills as you explore classic still-lifes, figures, and photographs. Receive individual feedback and guidance from instructor Eva Nikolova along the way.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 10:30am–1pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)

Figure and Portrait Drawing Combined

92nd Street Y

Explore the art of capturing the human form and face with precision and depth in this immersive drawing course. Master the intricacies of anatomy and bring your figures and portraits to life using a variety of drawing mediums. Join a community of artists online as you work with live models and engage in class discussions and demonstrations.

Monday, Feb 26th, 10am–12:30pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)

Fear-Free Beginners Drawing 101

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Unlock your inner artist and discover the joy of drawing in this inspiring and non-judgmental beginner drawing class at The Art Studio NY. Learn a variety of techniques, from charcoal and pencil use to shading and composition, as you create and finish many drawings to feel proud of. Join our supportive art community and experience the lasting health benefits of drawing!

Saturday, Feb 24th, 2:30–3:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

Essential Drawing Course for Beginners

Prima Materia Institute @ Virtual Classroom

Discover the essential drawing techniques that will help you create realistic and convincing artwork. Join the live online classes every Tuesday at Prima Materia Institute and learn how to draw portraits, still lifes, landscapes, and more using various mediums. Develop your skills and receive expert feedback for a well-rounded beginner artist experience.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 5:30–7pm Pacific Time

 (12 sessions)


12 sessions

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Portrait and Figure Painting (All Levels)

92nd Street Y

Develop your skills in figure and portrait painting from observation of live models. Learn color mixing, structure, proportion, and light and shadow theory in gouache and oil mediums. Capture the model's gesture, likeness, and expression in this comprehensive course.

Monday, Feb 26th, 1–3:30pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)

Portrait Drawing: Black & White to Color Pencil

92nd Street Y

Unleash your artistic expression and master the human form with this dynamic online course that takes you from graphite to vibrant colored pencils. Join us for an immersive experience in portrait drawing that will sharpen your skills in capturing the essence of the human face.

Wednesday, Apr 3rd, 4–6:30pm Eastern Time

 (7 sessions)

Caricature Drawing Class

BrushCapades @ Online Classroom

Unleash your creativity and master the art of caricature drawing with just a pen and paper! Join us at BrushCapades and learn how to bring out the unique features of your subjects in a fun and engaging way. No experience required, just bring your imagination and a highlighter if you're feeling fancy!

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 6–7pm Central Time

Drawing for Beginners

92nd Street Y

Discover the art of drawing with expert guidance at 92nd Street Y. This course provides a solid foundation in the basics of drawing, from lines and shapes to shadow and perspective. Perfect for beginners and intermediate-level students seeking to develop their drawing skills.

Tuesday, Apr 2nd, 7–9pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)

Cartooning for Beginners

92nd Street Y

Unlock your creativity and learn the art of cartoon design and graphic novels at 92nd Street Y. From mastering anatomy to applying ink, this course will guide you through the essentials of cartooning, helping you bring your imagination to life on the page. Don't miss the chance to build your vocabulary as a cartoonist.

Sunday, Apr 7th, 2–4pm Eastern Time

 (7 sessions)

Fear-Free Beginners Drawing: All Levels

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Unlock your inner artist in this inspiring drawing class at The Art Studio NY. Learn to express yourself through drawing in a fear-free and non-judgmental environment, guided by expert instructors. No experience is necessary - all levels are welcome!

Sunday, Feb 25th, 2:30–3:45pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

Drawing & Painting (Intermediate/Advanced)

92nd Street Y

Take your drawing and painting skills to the next level with this intermediate/advanced level course. Learn new techniques, explore the work of master artists, and receive individual feedback to enhance your creative practice. Join from the comfort of your own home and develop your observational skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

Thursday, Apr 4th, 10am–12:30pm Eastern Time

 (7 sessions)

Drink & Draw Online

The Gallery Girls

Explore a creative and social experience from the comfort of your own home with The Gallery Girls. Join us for an online session where you can interact with friends and artists while drawing a lively costumed model. Unleash your artistic side and have some fun.

Sunday, Mar 3rd, 4–7pm Pacific Time

Teen Ages 12+: After School Online Weekly Portfolio Drawing: How to Draw Portraits and Figures

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Calling all teen artists! Join NYC's #1-rated art studio for an engaging and fun drawing class that teaches our fear-free method of drawing portraits and figures. Develop your artistic skills and express yourself authentically through life drawing. Limited spots are available, so sign up now!

Saturday, Feb 24th, 1–2pm Eastern Time

 (16 sessions)


16 sessions

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Abstraction for Drawing and Painting

92nd Street Y

Discover the secrets of creating captivating abstract art in this engaging course that combines traditional and contemporary approaches. Unleash your artistic voice, gain confidence in your abilities, and impress yourself and others with your newfound skills. Get ready to experiment, explore, and create stunning works that will leave a lasting impression.

Tuesday, Apr 2nd, 10am–12:30pm Eastern Time

 (8 sessions)

Online Gray Colored Pencil 101

Pastimes for a Lifetime @ Live Online via Zoom

Learn to create stunning gray-scale works of art using colored pencils in this unique course. Explore the three Gray Families - Cool, Warm, and French - and discover techniques for achieving rich tonal values and depth. Perfect for colored pencil enthusiasts who prefer working in tone rather than color.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 5:30–6:30pm Pacific Time

 (4 sessions)

Ages 9-12: After School Online Weekly Portfolio Drawing: How to Draw Portraits and Figures Part 1

The Art Studio NY @ Online Classroom

Unlock your child's artistic talent with an engaging and fun online drawing class! Join NYC's #1-rated art studio for step-by-step instruction, personalized guidance, and exciting group discussions. Your child will learn how to draw portraits, figures, and more while building a portfolio they'll be proud of.

Wednesday, Feb 28th, 4:30–5:20pm Eastern Time

 (17 sessions)


17 sessions

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Drawing Classes in Houston are rated 4.5 stars based on 1,793 verified reviews from purchasers.

Discover the Best Drawing Classes in Houston

Drawing has provided people around the world with a fun and engaging experience that helps them capture their emotions and produce attractive artwork. Learning to draw in Houston can include self-directed video courses, as well as guided in-person and online learning. These latter two options work the best because you’ll get a more personalized experience with a live professor. Here’s what you need to know about this experience.

Why You Should Learn Drawing in Houston

Learning to draw in Houston can provide more than just a fun new hobby. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that professional artists can make an average of $24.02 per hour or $49,960 every year. This earning level fits in well with Houston’s average salary of around $47,000, meaning you can live comfortably here as an artist.

Even if you don’t become a professional, learning to draw provides many other benefits. For example, this skill can help you join Houston’s active and engaging art scene. In this way, you can find new friends and make a real difference in your community. Furthermore, studies show that creating art reduces symptoms of some mental health issues, such as depression.

In-Person Drawing Classes in Houston

Mastering drawing skills in Houston may be easier to handle with in-person courses. That’s because these programs provide a live, hands-on professor who can guide you through the learning process. They’ll teach you important skills, such as sketching, shading, texturing, and even coloring your drawings to give them more depth.

If you’re interested in in-person drawing classes in Houston, you’re in luck because there are several options available for you. These courses cover a very broad range of subjects, including mastering basic drawing skills, producing ‘zines, and even creating abstract artwork. As a result, you should have plenty of interesting courses to choose from when learning to draw. 


Drawing is a Michaels-Houston class on old Katy Road that teaches basic drawing methods. You’ll learn how to use pencils and erasers, including proper pencil-holding techniques. Then, you’ll practice crafting lines, shapes, textures, and shadows to create depth and perspective for your artwork. This course accepts all skill levels, including out-of-practice artists.

The Drawing Lab

The Drawing Lab is a Susanne M. Glasscock Continuing Studies learning program on Main Street in downtown Houston. It bills itself as an “exploratory lab workshop” and teaches you how to draw using charcoal and silverpoint materials. You’ll quickly sketch unique artwork and blend it with your charcoal to produce depth and shadowing.

Architecture Drawing 

Architecture Drawing is a Houston Art Lessons course on Shepherd Drive that covers advanced skills. You’ll learn how to draw buildings to produce unique and often personalized designs. This course includes pens, pencils, paper, and erasers, which are all provided for you. When you’re done, you’ll be able to craft gorgeous house drawings for personal or commercial use. 

Teen Zines: DIY Publications for Teens

Teen Zines: DIY Publications for Teens is a Houston Center for Photography class that teaches teens how to produce simple black-and-white ‘zines for personal use. You’ll learn how to use photos, drawings, texts, and other unique artwork to produce engaging and interesting ‘zines. This three-session course is perfect for indie bands who want to advertise their music.

Absolutely Abstracts: The Art of Color

Absolutely Abstracts: The Art of Color is a Multiplicity program on Avenue A in Katy on the outskirts of Houston. This weekend workshop teaches abstract artwork techniques with a skilled professor. They’ll help you understand the art beyond abstract drawing and painting and make it easier to express yourself through this often misunderstood medium. 

Portrait Drawing 

Portrait Drawing is a Watercolor Art Society-Houston class on West Alabama in downtown Houston. It’s designed for anyone who’s interested in drawing the human head to produce attractive and engaging portraits. During this course, you’ll learn how to draw human eyes, noses, ears, and lips, as well as necks and shoulders. 

Figure Drawing 

Figure Drawing is an Archway Gallery learning program on Dunlavy Street that teaches beginner and advanced artists how to draw live models. Each session utilizes a different model, which gives you a unique experience each time you visit. This inexpensive course does require you to bring pencils, charcoal, and sketch pads.

Virtual Drawing Classes 

What if in-person classes don’t appeal to you? For example, you may not want to fight through Washington’s notoriously terrible traffic or don’t have the time to travel to in-person programs. In this situation, online drawing classes may work best for you. You can take them wherever you want, they often cost less than in-person classes, and you can attend courses from all around the nation. 

That said, virtual learning programs do have some downsides. For instance, you get less personalized attention from the professor and often have to pay for materials yourself. Thankfully, learning to draw doesn’t require expensive investments, meaning it shouldn’t cost you much to get started in an online course. 

Regardless, online courses are an excellent alternative to in-person learning that can make it easier for you to master drawing. The following three courses are just a sampling of what’s available for you. If you’re interested in other classes, there are multiple options from which you can choose that may work well for your personalized learning needs. 

Online Drawing With Graphite 102

Online Drawing With Graphite 102 is a Pastimes for a Lifetime program that provides intermediate drawing lessons for people interested in graphite drawing. It covers measuring, sketching, and shading, and introduces you to more challenging subject matter, such as still life. You must take Online Drawing with Graphite 101 before attending this course.

Drawing With Colored Pencils 

Drawing With Colored Pencils is a Chicago Botanic Garden course that teaches up to 12 people beginner-level drawing techniques. You’ll learn the “heightened drawing” method to produce attractive artwork on toned paper. This unique practice also helps you produce more attractive clouds, water, and foliage, typically in a personalized outdoor environment. 

Online Monthly Drawing Class Package 

Online Monthly Drawing Class Package is a Pastimes for a Lifetime class that covers graphite drawing for beginners. It also works well for more advanced artists who need to touch-up on their fundamentals. You’ll produce highly personalized drawings and receive expert support from a live, online professor who can help improve your skills. 

Private Group Drawing Classes in Houston

Do you want to try drawing classes for private groups in Houston for your next teamwork experience? CourseHorse has many learning options that may work well for your needs. These private group programs often cover up to 100-500 people and include 24-hour confirmation, no booking fees, adjustable class sizes, and multiple covered platforms. 

What kind of subjects are covered in a typical CourseHorse private group drawing class? Virtual Cartooning & Doodling Workshop is a beginner-level course that teaches your team how to draw attractive and unique cartoon-style artwork. Virtual Group Drawing & Sketching teaches your employees how to sketch using graphite techniques like hatching and crosshatching. 

If you can’t find a class that interests you on CourseHorse, use their contact form to learn more. They can help you set up a program that works for your team’s needs. Furthermore, they can carefully research each class and professor to ensure that they provide the highest-quality experience possible to improve your potential success in learning drawing.

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