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Soap Making Classes Houston

Learn the art of soap making with classes in Houston and discover the joy of creating handmade, natural soaps. Master the techniques to design and craft unique soaps for personal use or as thoughtful gifts.

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Melt & Pour Soap-Making Workshop

Love & Make @ 2516 Times Blvd, Houston, TX

Discover the art and science behind creating beautiful and nourishing handmade soaps with the Melt & Pour Soap-Making Workshop at Love & Make. Learn the fundamentals, techniques, and design possibilities using quality ingredients and customizable options. Unleash your creativity and indulge in a hands-on experience that will leave you with personalized soaps infused with luxurious skincare elements.

Sunday, Mar 3rd, 12–2pm Central Time

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Natural Soapmaking Workshop

Chamak Academy @ 4501 Cartwright Rd, Missouri, TX

Making your own hand, body or face soap allows you to customize a soap that is filled with natural, healing and organic ingredients instead of the harsh chemicals inside of traditional soaps. Its affordable, easy and truly allows you to be creative!​ Class Includes: hands on learning of hot process, cold process & melt & pour learn all about about soap making learn about skin loving ingredients, herbs, botanicals, essential oils...

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Body Butter & Scrub Making

Chamak Academy @ 4501 Cartwright Rd, Missouri, TX

Learn how to make your own made from scratch body butter with fresh, nourishing healing ingredients instead of the harsh chemicals inside of traditional commercial lotions. Its affordable, easy and truly allows you to be creative! Class Includes: create a body butter & body scrub from scratch learn about skin loving ingredients, herbs, botanicals, essential oils understand how to scent properly color & scent it with natural plant...

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Bath Bomb Making

Chamak Academy @ 4501 Cartwright Rd, Missouri, TX

Learn how to make bath bombs and/or shower steamers. Its incredibly popular and makes for the cutest gift and a quick way to start your own brand! create some basic formulas of bathbombs and or shower steamers experiment with ingredients, scents, texture and color set them in classic molds set them in unique creative molds Big News!! We've moved out of our Sugar Land location  Aug 1st. Our new space will have both indoor and outdoor...

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Discover the Best Soap Making Classes in Houston

Do you love the artful baskets of handmade soap at markets and boutiques? There is magic in the chemical reaction that produces soap, but it’s simple enough for anyone to make at home. Soap is a straightforward combination of oils or fats with an alkali, such as sodium hydroxide, that results in a chemical reaction called saponification. The result is a luxurious cleansing product, whether it’s a simple unadorned bar or a market-ready work of art.

Soap is named after an ancient Roman legend about Mount Sapo. According to the story, rain washing down the mountain would mix with animal fat and ashes to produce a clay mixture that made cleaning easier. An ancient Babylonian clay tablet described using fats and ashes for cleaning as early as 2800 BCE. A 1500 BCE Egyptian medical document called the Ebers papyrus describes combining animal and vegetable oils with alkaline salts to form a soap, which was used for treating skin diseases and washing.

Soap attaches to particles that don’t dissolve in water, like fats, so they rinse away. When you wash your hands with soap it removes the pathogens that are carried in grease and dirt. Dirty, greasy dishes that feel oily after a rinse in water are squeaky clean after a soapy wash. Soap is widely available in stores, but enthusiasts still love to hand-craft unique bars from luxurious natural ingredients in their kitchens and workshops.

Why You Should Learn Soap Making in Houston

Many people love to make and use handmade soap. Soap made by hand is produced in small batches using natural, skin-loving products, unlike commercial products which may contain synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals. When you create handmade soap you have full control over the formula – select skin-nourishing oils and butters, choose your favorite scent, and express your creativity with colors and textures. Mold your soap into unique shapes or make rustic bars that tell the world they are one of a kind. 

Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S. with a population of over two million people and is known for its diversity and cultural mix. The creative economy in Houston employs more than 146,000 people and had an economic impact of more than $9.1 billion. A thriving network of local craft fairs and boutiques and over 30 farmer’s markets provide avenues for soapmakers to sell their products and connect with other artisans. Houston Soap Making Meetup Group lists 83 members and hosts demonstrations for anyone interested in the soap making process. Soapmaking is a growing industry globally, valued at $147 million in 2021 and expected to reach $228 million by 2028. The average annual income for handmade soap makers is $28k. 

Learning to make soap opens the doors to a fun hobby that relieves stress and provides the satisfaction of a finished product you can enjoy. Explore classes, craft stores, and local markets to connect with other soap makers who share your new passion.

In-Person Soap Making Classes in Houston

Explore the many in-person soap-making classes in Houston offered through Coursehorse.

Melt & Pour Soap-Making Workshop at Love & Make in Houston, Texas is a fun-filled workshop where you’ll learn the basics of melt and pour soap making. The class covers the basic techniques you’ll need to know and even a little history. We'll go through the use and benefits of the ingredients and learn about different design techniques. You will be able to choose the type of soap you want to make using a glycerin soap base, fragrance, mold, and colors. You can also infuse your soap with your favorite luxurious skincare ingredients like oils, clays, and botanicals.

Bath Bomb Workshop at Love & Make in Houston, Texas will teach you how to create and customize bath bombs using the freshest, premium ingredients. Your bath time will be a nourishing and relaxing spa-like experience with these fizzy and fun treats.

Bring your favorite fragrance to any room in DIY Candle or Reed Diffuser. You’ll get to explore over 75 fragrances when you customize your eight-ounce candle. You’ll make one custom soy-wax candle or 4 oz reed diffuser in this weekday afternoon experience. Love & Make offers classes and team-building activities in Houston making creative products for the home and bath. 

In Natural Soapmaking Workshop at Chamak Academy in Missouri, Texas you’ll make your own hand, body, or face soap that is filled with natural, healing, and organic ingredients instead of the harsh chemicals inside of traditional soaps. It's affordable, easy, and truly allows you to be creative​. You’ll learn about the hot process, cold process, and melt and pour methods, explore skin-loving ingredients, herbs, botanicals, and essential oils, and understand how to add scent properly. You’ll go home with handcrafted soaps and a handbook with detailed instructions and basic recipes to get started. Chamak Academy offers professional and amateur classes in makeup artistry, organic cosmetics making, botanical perfume making, and aromatherapy.

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Virtual Soap Making Classes 

If you can’t find the soap-making class you’re looking for in Houston, explore these online soap making classes. It’s the ultimate convenience to attend classes from home and save yourself the time and stress of a commute. You’ll need to have a web-enabled device with a microphone and a space where you can attend class undisturbed.

Virtual Bath Bomb Making from Love & Make is available as a live, virtual workshop. This class explains the sometimes-tricky process of making your own bath bombs. You’ll use the Love & Make Bath Bomb DIY kit, which is available to order in their online shop. If you want to use your own materials, have your recipe and tools ready before the workshop begins.

Virtual Melt & Pour Soap-Making Workshop covers the basics of melt and pour soap making. You’ll learn general soap making techniques and learn about the history of soap. You’ll get to explore how and why to use various ingredients and try different recipes that you can use at home or that make great gifts. This workshop is designed for the Love & Make DIY Soap-Making Kit, which you’ll need to purchase prior to the class along with a funnel pitcher melting pot, stir sticks, soap molds of your choice, and an alcohol spray bottle.

Soap Making from El Camino College is a fun class that teaches you to make luxurious bath products. You’ll get to make bar soaps, cleansing gels, and bubble baths using different techniques and recipes, and create specialized products for people with sensitive skin. Create soaps for the ultimate home spa experience or for gift-giving.

Private Group Soap Making Classes in Houston

Are you planning a team-building event for your business or organization? Consider a fun soap-making class or another crafty project from Coursehorse. Coursehorse offers soap making classes for private groups in Houston, along with other engaging crafts for the home and bath. Classes are planned and delivered directly to your group. 

Virtual Soap Making Workshop introduces you to the art of melt-and-pour soap making. You’ll learn about materials, basic techniques, the benefits of making your own soap, and different recipes. The class also covers how to use botanicals and other additives to personalize your soaps. You’ll make your very own soaps by hand in this class.

Virtual Candle Making is a soy candle-making class for beginners. You’ll make beautiful, environmentally friendly soy and beeswax candles from the comfort of your home or office. Participants will receive a candle-making kit shipped directly to them which has everything they’ll need, including a small melting/pouring pitcher, stir stick, wax chips for two candles, two candle tins, two wicks, two clothespins for centering wicks, wick adhesive and candle labels, and fragrance oil.

Virtual Macramé Workshop creates beautiful, on-trend plant hangers using knot patterns. This newly current art of tying knots to create beautifully patterned textiles is believed to have originated with 13th-century Arab weavers. Simple knots quickly turn into beautiful designs that you can endlessly customize. You will finish your class with a beautiful hanging planter to display for your favorite plants. All needed materials are shipped to participants, including cord to make three plant hangers.

If you don’t see the class you’re looking for, Coursehorse can create a custom class for your group. Use the “Contact Us” button on the website to learn about the options available. It’s easy to book with Coursehorse – just estimate your group size, pay the minimum deposit, and reserve your date. You’ll receive a confirmation within 24 hours. They recommend using the Zoom platform but can accommodate Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx if you provide the meeting details.

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