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Improv Classes Houston

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Unleash your creativity and boost your confidence with improv classes in Houston. Learn to think on your feet, improve your communication skills, and unleash your inner performer in a fun and supportive environment.

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Tuesday Improv - Daytime Special (Class + Coaching)

Kissin Improv

Learn the art of improv from one of the country's most experienced performers at Kissin Improv. Gain valuable skills for presentations, public speaking, and social situations while having a great time. All levels are welcome, with personalized instruction from a renowned master of improvisation.

(66) All levels 16 and older
+990 pts
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Online Improv

Actor's Improv Studio @ Virtual Classroom

Discover the power of spontaneity and creativity in our Tuesday night class. Join us at Actor's Improv Studio and learn to trust your instincts and make strong choices in auditions, on stage, and camera. Unlock your inner improviser and unleash your creativity with us.

(26) All levels 18 and older
+200 pts
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ONLINE Fun with Improv

Fun w Improv. Improv Now. @ Virtual Classroom

Unlock your creativity and boost your confidence with an exciting and interactive course that will transform your public speaking skills. Join us at Fun w Improv. Improv Now. and discover the joy of improv, whether you're an actor, a newbie, or simply looking for a fun and engaging experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unleash your potential!

(45) All levels 16 and older
+50 pts
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Musical Improv - Accompanied by a Professional Pianist

Kissin Improv

Unleash your inner musician and comedic genius in this dynamic class where you'll craft hilarious lyrics and melodies on the fly. With guidance from a seasoned pianist, explore a variety of techniques including rhyming, narrative approaches, and song structure, culminating in the ability to improvise entire musicals from scratch. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a novice, join us for a fun-filled journey into the world of musical improv!

(66) All levels 16 and older
+600 pts
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On-Camera Commercial Improv with Stacy Gallo

Actors Connection New York @ Online Classroom

Learn how to fine-tune your on-camera-commercial audition skills in a fun and relaxed virtual environment with top commercial casting director Stacy Gallo. Previous students have booked national network spots and signed with top NY agencies. Don't miss this new online class at Actors Connection New York!

(323) Advanced 18 and older

3 sessions

+2490 pts
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Zen-prov! Improv Classes

Zen-prov! Improv Classes

Embrace the power of improv to enhance personal growth and mindfulness in a supportive group setting. Join us for experiential exercises, deep discussions, and guided mindfulness activities to unlock your creativity and build confidence. Dive into a transformative journey of self-discovery and connection with others.

All levels 14 and older

5 sessions

+2500 pts
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Reviews for Improv Classes in Houston

Improv Classes in Houston are rated 4.7 stars based on 460 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Tuesday Improv - Daytime Special (Class + Coaching)

    Reviewed by jessica d. on 9/9/2022
    I had a lot of fun making my wall hanging! It was a great way to spend a weeknight and I am planning to decorate my home with my creation.
  • Tuesday Improv - Daytime Special (Class + Coaching)

    Anonymous review on 12/19/2019
    Carl is a very generous, fun and kind teacher. This was my very first improv class and he made it an experience I want to repeat! I learned alot in one class thanks to his dedication to the art. Thank you Carl! Geneviève

Discover the Best Improv Classes in Houston

Improvisational theater, also known as improv, is a popular form of ensemble acting. Improv requires you to be spontaneous and think on your feet to create a scene. Actors engaging in improv (also referred to as players) will come up with dialogue, characters, settings, and scenarios with no prior planning. This requires them to be imaginative and good at problem-solving. 

Improv dates back centuries to ancient Greece, where actors would put on farces where they improvised dialogue. Improv then became popular among street performers before becoming more professional in the 20th century. Improvisational comedy clubs and improv-centered television shows became a staple in the West. These performances propelled many comedians and improvisational actors to household-name status. 

Improv has low barriers to entry. You can perform improv professionally or you can perform scenes with and for a group of friends. This makes it a great activity for professional actors who’re looking to improve their skills and those who are looking for a fun game to enjoy with friends. 

Why You Should Learn Improv in Houston

Improv can be used as a tool for overcoming stage fright and fear of public speaking. Actively engaging in an improv class for 20 minutes has been shown to reduce anxiety. Although you’ll have to get used to performing in front of others, gaining experience with improv can help make you more comfortable and confident performing in front of others. 

Improv can improve your confidence and comfort in front of an audience in part because of the chance of failure. Improv requires you to think on your feet and quickly come up with appropriate dialogue for a scene. You’ll also need to be able to convey the emotions and feelings of a character you’ve only just come up with. This makes improv challenging, but it will ultimately acquaint you with failure. As you practice more and more, you’ll understand how to move on from failure and prevent it in the future. 

Taking an improv class is also a great way to meet and socialize with people in your area. Participants of an improv class all have an interest in improv, so taking a class will expose you to others who have similar interests and can trade tips and tricks with you. 

In-Person Improv Classes in Houston

In-person improv classes are offered in the Houston area for all skill levels. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners can sign up to take an improv class taught by a professional at a local school, theater, or club. The instructor will provide you with valuable feedback and in-depth demonstrations. They’re also available to answer any questions you have. 

You can find new and returning improv classes that are available to you on CourseHorse. Each class’s page will summarize the class’s content and the schedule. Previous classes taught in Houston have introduced participants to improv and taught the basics of long-form improv. Check CourseHorse frequently to see if any improv classes are being taught in your area that you’d like to sign up for. 

Virtual Improv Classes 

If there aren’t any improv classes being taught in your area or if there are, but they don’t fit your schedule, you can sign up for a virtual improv class. 

Virtual improv classes are offered remotely at all skill levels and focus on a variety of improv principles. Like in-person classes, virtual classes are taught by a professional instructor who can teach you the principles of improv and serve as a resource to ask questions. 

Virtual improv classes are taught over an online video platform, which means you can take your class from your home or office so long as the environment is interruption-free, and your internet connection is stable. This is a perfect opportunity if you’re looking to learn improv but can’t make the commute to a class. 

Actor’s Improv Studio offers an online improv class for all skill levels. This class focuses on accessing your creativity and committing to spontaneous yet strong choices through improv that can be applied in your professional and personal life. 

Kissin Improv offers a two-in-one improv coaching class. If you don’t have experience with improv and would like one-on-one instruction before putting yourself in a classroom setting, this class is a good choice. You’ll receive 50 minutes of coaching in the fundamentals of improv before beginning the class. This coaching will be either private or one-on-one. Your instructor will also contact you beforehand to get an understanding of your improv background. 

Private Group Improv Classes in Houston

Is your business or organization looking to book a team-building event to facilitate better communication and teamwork? CourseHorse has private group improv classes that can do both. 

Their Team-Building Improv Workshop is ideal for small to medium-sized groups interested in improving their communication, including listening skills. The group will spend the class working through improv games and exercises that will encourage collaboration among teammates. 

Another option is CourseHorse’s Corporate Improv Workshop. This class can accommodate up to 20 participants, making it ideal for small groups that would like to improve their teamwork. Like the team-building workshop, participants will work through improv games and exercises. This class is dedicated to creating a stress-free environment that will get participants out of their comfort zone while also learning to go with the flow. 

You can contact CourseHorse through the form on their website to learn more about the private group classes they can deliver to you. You can also schedule a 20-minute demo of a class you’re interested in for your team for a fee of $100 to get a better understanding of how the class will go. 

CourseHorse does not charge booking fees. They also allow free cancellations up to two weeks before your class and will gladly reschedule your class with less than 48-hour notice for a fee of $150. Zoom is the recommended video conferencing platform for taking a CourseHorse class. They can also accommodate Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, or WebEx if you provide the meeting details.

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