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Art Classes Houston

Unleash your creativity with a wide range of art classes in Houston. From painting and drawing to sculpture and ceramics, explore your artistic talents and gain new skills in a supportive and inspiring environment.

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Corporate Creativity Experience: Art Blast Package (2.5 hours)

Shot of Art Houston @ 1917 Silver St, Houston, TX

Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in a personalized art experience that will leave you inspired and amazed. Let Shot of Art HOU LLC take your next party to the next level with their Corporate Creativity Experience.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 6–8:30pm Central Time

Houston Pottery Throw Down: Intro to Handbuilding

The Fire Gallery @ 1520 Silver St, Houston, TX

Unleash your creativity and learn the art of hand-building pottery at The Fire Gallery. Join us for an exciting workshop where you will learn how to shape and design unique cups using clay. Don't miss this opportunity to create your own masterpiece!

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 1–3pm Central Time

All Day Private Digital Photography (Houston) Deal

All Day Private Digital Photography (Houston)

Digital Photo Academy @ Cross Streets TBA, Houston, TX

Capture stunning images and develop your photography skills with a personalized, full-day private session in Houston. Learn camera techniques, explore various photography categories, and master post-capture editing with expert instruction tailored to your needs. Discover the art of composition and unleash your creative potential in this exclusive photography experience.

Monday, Feb 26th, 10am–4pm Central Time

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Explore Art Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Art Private Group Events
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Shooting and Spinning Experience

Shot of Art Houston @ 1917 Silver St, Houston, TX

Unleash your creativity and experience the thrill of shooting paint-filled balloons to create stunning abstract art at Shot OF Art HOU LLC. Get ready to spin your paint-splashed canvas and watch as a masterpiece comes to life. Bring your friends for an unforgettable artistic adventure.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 7–7:45pm Central Time

Fluid Art Experience

Shot of Art Houston @ 1917 Silver St, Houston, TX

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing creative process as you explore the world of fluid art. Unleash your artistic expression using acrylic paints, silicone, and a torch to create stunning patterns that will leave you captivated. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will awaken your inner artist.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 7–7:45pm Central Time

Spinning Experience

Shot of Art Houston @ 1917 Silver St, Houston, TX

Unleash your creativity with an abstract painting technique that combines color, movement, and spontaneity. Join us for an immersive art experience that will leave you with a unique masterpiece. Book now and let your imagination spin!

Friday, Feb 23rd, 3–3:45pm Central Time

Perfume Making Workshop

Love & Make @ 2516 Times Blvd, Houston, TX

Discover the art and science of perfume creation with our Perfume Making Workshop, where you'll gain an awareness of perfumery concepts, indulge in a variety of scents, and craft a unique fragrance tailored to your preferences. Join us for an aromatic adventure and follow your nose to create something distinctly yours!

Thursday, Feb 29th, 12–1:15pm Central Time

Half Day Private Digital Photography (Houston) Deal

Half Day Private Digital Photography (Houston)

Digital Photo Academy @ Cross Streets TBA, Houston, TX

Enhance your photography skills with a personalized learning experience tailored to your specific camera equipment and interests. Join our instructors for an immersive in-the-field shoot and discover the art of post-capture editing. Schedule your private session today and take your photography to the next level.

Monday, Feb 26th, 10am–1pm Central Time

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Simple Sterling Silver Stacking Rings

Multiplicity @ 1210 Avenue A, Katy, TX

Learn the art of creating beautiful and unique silver rings in this beginner class at Multiplicity. From measuring metal to safely using a torch, you'll master the techniques needed to construct stunning stacking rings. Discover the joy of filing, sanding, polishing, and adding texture to your creations.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 10am–1pm Central Time

DIY Candle or Reed Diffuser

Love & Make @ 2516 Times Blvd, Houston, TX

Discover a world of over 75 customizable fragrances in an immersive weekday afternoon experience. Design a signature scent and create a unique eight-ounce candle or four-ounce reed diffuser with Love & Make. Perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your space.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 12–12:45pm Central Time

Floral Arranging

Multiplicity @ 1210 Avenue A, Katy, TX

Discover the art of creating stunning floral masterpieces with the guidance of seasoned instructors at Multiplicity. Unleash your creativity as you learn to arrange seasonal flowers, incorporating greenery and wire embellishments. Let your imagination flourish as you craft unique and breathtaking arrangements in each class.

Friday, Feb 23rd, 10:30am–12:30pm Central Time

Glass Pipes (18+)

Juggernaut Glass @ 1710 Burnett St, Houston, TX

Discover the art of crafting borosilicate glass pipes in this introductory class. Create your own unique chillum, spoon, or steam-roller-style pipe under the guidance of experienced instructors. Unleash your creativity and master the technique of pipe-making with Juggernaut Glass.

Friday, Mar 8th, 6:30–8:30pm Central Time

Master Your Digital Camera Controls (Houston) Deal

Master Your Digital Camera Controls (Houston)

Digital Photo Academy @ 6100 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX

Unlock the full potential of your digital camera with our comprehensive workshop. Learn how to make simple and creative changes to your pictures using the functions of your camera. Perfect for beginners and those looking to enhance their photography skills.

Saturday, Mar 9th, 2:30–4pm Central Time

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Textured Dangle Earrings

Multiplicity @ 1210 Avenue A, Katy, TX

Discover the art of metalsmithing at Multiplicity, where you'll learn how to add stunning texture to metal using a Durston Rolling Mill. From designing your jewelry to sawing out shapes and creating artisan-grade ear wires, this introductory class covers all the essential techniques for creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Join us and unleash your creativity in this hands-on studio experience.

Wednesday, Feb 28th, 2–5pm Central Time

Heart Pendants (1 Hour)

Juggernaut Glass @ 1710 Burnett St, Houston, TX

Discover the art of creating stunning glass jewelry as you learn the techniques of flameworking at Juggernaut Glass. Craft exquisite heart pendants using borosilicate clear and color glass, and master the art of shaping and color application. Unleash your creativity and create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces in this introductory class.

Sunday, Mar 10th, 10–11am Central Time

Heart Pendants (2 Hours)

Juggernaut Glass @ 1710 Burnett St, Houston, TX

Discover the art of creating stunning glass heart pendants with borosilicate clear and color glass in this engaging flameworking class. Master the fundamentals of shaping, gathering, and applying colors using stringers, frits, and other techniques. Unleash your creativity and craft beautiful pieces that capture the essence of your heart.

Saturday, Mar 9th, 5:30–7:30pm Central Time

Introduction to Flower Design

American School of Flower Design @ 1313 W 20th St, Houston, TX

Discover the art of flower design and explore ten different styles in this hands-on course at the renowned American School of Flower Design. From American to European to bridal designs, learn how to create stunning floral arrangements and gain insights into the wholesale flower market. Join us and unleash your creativity with beautiful blooms.

Monday, May 13th, 9:30am–4pm Central Time

 (2 sessions)

Turtle Pendants

Juggernaut Glass @ 1710 Burnett St, Houston, TX

Discover the art of crafting elegant borosilicate glass sea creatures while mastering fundamental techniques in glass flameworking. Ideal for both novice and experienced glass artists, this course offers a unique opportunity to create stunning turtle pendants.

Saturday, Mar 16th, 10am–12pm Central Time

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Art Classes in Houston are rated 4.7 stars based on 360 verified reviews from purchasers.

Discover the Best Art Classes in Houston

Houston is home to theaters and museums that celebrate various arts. According to Greater Houston Partnership, “Houston is internationally recognized as a performing and visual arts mecca with hundreds of institutions across the region dedicated to artistic expression through a multitude of mediums.” When living in Houston, you’ll have access to hundreds of different options to enjoy art in the area. 

Because Houston is culturally rich, it’s a great place to learn art. CourseHorse lists dozens of classes and schools that offer art classes in the area. You’ll be able to find drawing classes, painting courses, clay sculpting boot camps, and other art classes to help you get the best experience possible. Keep reading to learn more about the best art classes in Houston. 

Why You Should Learn Art in Houston

There are many reasons why learning art in Houston is a great idea. First of all, while learning art in Houston, you’ll find various class options and schools. This ensures that you get the best experience since you can choose between in-person classes and remote classes. 

Another reason is taking art classes in Houston is to network with others interested in art. By taking art classes, you’ll be able to meet new people, join groups, attend events, and connect with a larger community. Whether you’re interested in networking with artists or making friends, taking art classes is a great choice. 

If you’re interested in starting an art career, then taking an art class is a great way to start. Art classes start from the basics and work to give you advanced techniques. In addition, since there are so many art classes in Houston, you’ll be able to find a range of classes that fit the skills you’re trying to learn. 

In addition, learning art gives you a great way to relieve stress and be productive during your free time. With art, you can create homemade gifts for family and friends or use it to create home decorations. 

In-Person Art Classes in Houston

In-person art classes are the best way to learn art. There are dozens of art classes offered for those living in the Houston area. On CourseHorse, you’ll find drawing classes, jewelry-making classes, painting classes, and more. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular art classes in the Houston area. 

A great class to consider taking is 4-Day Mixed Media Summer Art Camp from Multiplicity. This class includes four class sessions that each last for a half-day. During the class, you’ll cover how to use resin, poly shrink, beads, mixed metals, canvas, flowers, painting, and paper.

Since you’ll be working with a wide range of tools, it’s recommended to wear closed-toe shoes, pull back long hair, and to avoid wearing loose clothing that could get caught in rotary tools. In addition, the classes are fairly long, so they recommend that you bring a snack to eat during the class. 

If you’re interested in jewelry-making, consider taking Petals and Metal Bracelet from Multiplicity. This class meets once and lasts for three hours. During the class, you’ll learn various techniques to create a sterling silver and Czech bead bracelet. According to the class listing, some of the techniques that you can expect to learn include: 

  • Measuring and cutting sterling silver sheets and wire 
  • Texture/embellish metal using various methods 
  • Wire wrapping technique 
  • Filing, sanding, and polishing 
  • Chemically oxidizing non-ferrous metals 
  • Using a flex shaft rotary tool

This class teaches you to work with sterling silver while applying beautiful beads to create a stunning and unique bracelet. During the class, the students will each have time to make one bracelet. However, you can purchase materials at the end of the class to make additional bracelets. 

If you’re interested in photography, consider taking All Day Private Digital Photography (Houston) from Digital Photo Academy. The class starts at 10:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm. The class is completely private, so you’ll have 1-on-1 instruction with a professional photographer. They will walk you through everything you need to know about photography, starting with a discussion about the student’s specific camera equipment and photographic needs, then leading into an in-the-field shoot that coincides with the photography goals of the student. 

You will learn landscape, portrait, and architecture photography. In addition, since the class is private, your instructor will focus on what you want and need to learn. You will discuss your camera and then practice in-the-field shooting. 

Another great class is Houston Pottery Throw Down: Intro to Pottery from The Fire Gallery. The class lasts three hours and is a first-time introduction to pottery throwing with a pottery wheel and clay. You will learn to use the pottery wheel and center the clay. You can make a bowl, cup, or plate during class. 

Virtual Art Classes 

Virtual art classes are a great option for those who can’t take in-person classes. Rather than commuting to the class, you can take the course from the comfort of your home. In addition, online art classes offer many of the same benefits as in-person classes. You can ask real-time questions, receive feedback, and participate in critiques with your classmates. 

A great class is Beginners Art Journaling from The Art Studio NY. Over four sessions lasting one hour and 15 minutes each, this transformative course teaches you how to express your inner world through art journaling. Explore a variety of materials, colors, layers, and subjects, combining mediums and using unique techniques to create art pieces that resonate with you.

Unlock your creativity in a safe and encouraging environment. Beginners Art Journaling provides a space where you can freely explore and express your feelings through color, texture, words, and art. Feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready to learn as you embark on this fear-free journey of self-expression and self-discovery.

Another great class to take is Abstract Painting from the Richmond Art Center. The class lasts for two hours and includes four sessions. During the course, you will explore abstract painting and develop your vision. In addition, you can choose your medium, so you can work with what you’re comfortable with from the beginning. 

Private Group Art Classes in Houston

Are you a business seeking an engaging team-building activity that combines fun and creativity? By scheduling art classes for your business, you provide a stress-relieving outlet while also enabling employees to acquire new skills. CourseHorse offers a fantastic selection of art classes for private groups in Houston.

One excellent option to consider is the Virtual Group Drawing & Sketching Class, which lasts for an hour. Accommodating groups of up to 255 people, this class focuses on teaching your team the art of creating graphite still-life drawings. It's a wonderful opportunity to ignite their creative spark. The class covers essential techniques such as hatching and cross-hatching to develop value and depth and use basic shapes to construct objects.

Participation in the class requires only a pencil and paper. Additionally, you can choose from various subjects, including still lifes, landscapes, botanical drawings, faces, or even custom topics, ensuring the perfect fit for your group's interests and preferences.

CourseHorse offers a wide variety of other classes that are perfect for groups. Make sure to check out CourseHorse’s website today.

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