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IT Classes Coming up in Denver

QuickBooks Pro for Windows

at CFU CompuSkills - Lowry
7653 E 1st Pl, Denver, Colorado 80230

QuickBooks Pro is the world's most popular double-entry accounting software. In the Introduction course, track income and expenditures, reconcile checkbooks, budget and monitor expenses, manage accounts. This is a hands-on class intended for desktop software and not QuickBooks online software.  Prerequisite: Basic Windows and...

Computer Security for the Home Use

at CFU CompuSkills - Lowry
7653 E 1st Pl, Denver, Colorado 80230

Reports of cyberattacks against companies and the government are becoming the norm, but what many don't realize is that the threat against individuals is increasing at a much faster pace. When determining the root cause of these incidents, a majority is attributed to the user performing unsafe computing practices. This class, taught by an industry...

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2018 Cyber Symposium: Hope for the Future

at National Cybersecurity Center - Colorado Springs
1 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

The National Cyber Symposium is the flagship event of the NCC. The 2017 event was amazing and 2018 is shaping up to be even better! The 2018 Symposium will feature world-class speakers, topic-specific breakout sessions, killer entertainment and the sort of cuisine you can only get at the Broadmoor Hotel. Please Note: The price includes keynotes, break...


2 sessions

Monday Oct 8th, 7am

Using Microsoft Windows 10

at CFU CompuSkills - Lowry
7653 E 1st Pl, Denver, Colorado 80230

This course will help you become more comfortable with the Windows 10 user interface and its basic capabilities. Explore the basic tools and features of Windows 10; learn how to create documents, send email, browse the Internet, and share information between applications and with other users. Prerequisite: Previous exposure to personal computers,...

Cyber Security Principles

at Silicon STEM Academy - University Hill
4201 E Yale Ave Ste 130, Denver, Colorado 80222

The world of Cyber Security is vast, mysterious and critical to our global safety.  In this 18-hour course, students will transition from pure coding to a course about Digital Citizenship, including key security topics such as: What is Digital Citizenship and Cyber Hygiene The ABCs of Cryptography Networking Fundamentals Software Security...


12 sessions

Monday Oct 29th, 6pm

Crafting Stories with Data

at General Assembly - Northern Denver
3858 Walnut St, Denver, Colorado 80205

Data visualisations can enable us to compress data and encode them in ways to aid perceptual, cognitive and emotional capacity required to comprehend, retain and make decisions using this data. It is often cited that we are trying to tell stories through them. Is that really the case? How do we ensure that the audience is able to retain, recall and...

Thursday Oct 11th, 6pm

Introduction to Mac and macOS Mojave

at The MacSpa - Lodo
1738 Wynkoop Ste 103, Denver, Colorado 80202

Upgrade recently? New Mac? Understand the Mac and Apple’s newest Operating System. All Classes are Approximately 1 Hour in Length.

Monday Oct 8th, 4:30pm

Digital Product Management

at Imparture - To be determined
You'll receive confirmation of the
course venue location in your 'joining, Denver, Colorado 00000

Book on this two-day workshop and learn how to navigate the product life cycle, from customer research to managing a roadmap and product launch. Learn industry best practice tools & techniques to guide development of your product and measure its success at each step of the journey. Join this intensive two-day workshop to get up-to-speed on how...


2 sessions

Monday Nov 5th, 10am

Other dates (3)

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

at cPrime - Lodo
999 18th St Ste 300, Denver, Colorado 80202

In our interactive and hands on ScrumMaster Certification course, you will learn about the Scrum framework, how to apply Scrum to your projects, and how to navigate the cultural changes necessary to implement Scrum. The focus is on task-level tracking, the use of Burndown Charts to display daily progress, and Daily Scrum meetings, all together giving...


2 sessions

Agile Project Manangement Training using Scrum

at Conscires Agile Practices - Centennial
9290 South Meridian Blvd, Englewood, Colorado 80112

This 1-day course teaches the principles and practices that make Scrum effective at managing project. The course itself uses the principles of Scrum, where the learning outcome is driven by the needs of the participants through a combination of expert instruction and self-directed learning. Opportunities to reflect and adapt the direction of the course...

Friday Oct 19th, 8am

Discover iOS 12

at The MacSpa - Lodo
1738 Wynkoop Ste 103, Denver, Colorado 80202

Learn the basics of using an iPhone or iPad and preview what’s next for these devices. All Classes are Approximately 1 Hour in Length.

Tuesday Oct 9th, 4:30pm

Personal Computer Basics w/ Windows 10: Getting Started

at CFU CompuSkills - Lowry
7653 E 1st Pl, Denver, Colorado 80230

This class is designed for anyone who has never used a personal computer. Begin building an understanding of what a PC is and how it works.  Topics include: defining hardware and software; what's going on inside the computer (RAM, CPU, and the hard drive); and how information gets saved. Hands-on activities include working with a mouse and keyboard,...

Product Management Bootcamp

at General Assembly - Northern Denver
3858 Walnut St, Denver, Colorado 80205

You’re full of ideas, but how do you know which are worth working on? In the first half of the workshop, you’ll learn how to use the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) philosophy to test and validate your ideas with the least amount of work required. The ultimate goal is to get to product/market fit. Take your idea and get moving in the right direction...

Saturday Oct 27th, 10am

PMI-ACP® Certification Training

at Knowledgehut - Lodo
Exact Location TBD, Denver, Colorado 80202

The Project Management Institute-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®is a widely accepted credential in the Agile community, and is a reflection of the holder’s competence in carrying out project management using Agile practices. The certification mandatory requires a combination of agile training, experience working on agile projects and a thorough...


3 sessions

Coding 101

at Silicon STEM Academy - University Hill
4201 E Yale Ave Ste 130, Denver, Colorado 80222

For adults who are interested in learning to code...or think they might be interested in learning to's your chance in a stress-free no-judgement learning environment! This crash course teaches what it truly means to , allowing students to develop their problem-solving skills using a hands-on approach in fun and interactive ways.  Students...


6 sessions

Wednesday Nov 7th, 6pm