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Java Classes Boston

Master the versatile and widely-used programming language, Java, with a range of expert-led classes. From beginner to advanced, learners will gain hands-on experience and practical skills to excel in web development, software engineering, and more.

Unfortunately, no classes in-person in Boston have spots left, but 5 classes live online are available.

Java Private Tutoring

Noble Desktop

Students in this course learn Java, one of the most powerful and high-level programming languages in the world. In fact, Java is the language most emphasized by universities within their computer science major.  This is a beginner course and is tailored for people who have little to no programming experience. Our instruction starts at the basics but quickly transitions into high-level programming topics such as object-oriented programming...

Friday, Feb 23rd, 10am–1pm Eastern Time

Java Programming Summer Program (High School)

NextGen Bootcamp @ Live Virtual

Get a head start in computer science! Join our live online summer program for high school students and learn Java, the most powerful programming language. No experience is required, just a strong interest in coding.

Thursday, Jun 27th, 10am–1pm Eastern Time

 (15 sessions)


15 sessions

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Java Programming Summer Program (High School)

NextGen Bootcamp - Virtually Online

Get a head start on the AP Computer Science exam with our Java Programming Summer Program. Tailored for high school students with little to no programming experience, this beginner course covers everything from the basics to high-level topics like object-oriented programming. Join us and create a portfolio-ready product using Java.

Monday, Jul 22nd, 10am–4pm Eastern Time

 (9 sessions)


9 sessions

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Explore Coding Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Coding Private Group Events
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Java Programming Level 1: Introduction for Non-Programmers

ONLC Training Centers - Virtually Online

Learn the fundamentals of Java programming and gain a strong foundation to further your skills in this introductory course for non-programmers. Explore Java syntax, control code, data types, and object-oriented principles, as well as GUI development and database connectivity. Ideal for new developers or those looking to transition to the Java platform.

Monday, Mar 11th, 10am–4:45pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

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Introduction to Programming with Java

Borough of Manhattan Community College @ Live Online

Become a skilled programmer with our comprehensive course on Java. Develop fundamental skills and create mobile and web applications using the Java platform. Enroll now for a virtual learning experience delivered via Zoom.

Tuesday, May 14th, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

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Intro to Java Programming: 2-day Bootcamp

General Assembly @ 125 Summer St, Boston, MA

Java is one of the most widespread and popular programming languages yet is one of the harder ones to get started with. This workshop is meant as an intro to the language as well as the Spring framework as related to building modern web applications. We will also briefly touch on object oriented topics and design patterns as they relate to Java. This is a very hands on workshop and students will leave with a working API built using Spring as well...

No upcoming schedules

Fast Track Core Struts 2.0

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

Created in collaboration with several leading JEE and Struts authors and industry experts, Fast Track to Core Struts 2.0 Developer's Workshop is a lab-intensive, hands-on struts 2 training course that will provide students with the skills required to design and build scalable, secure, maintainable web applications - leveraging our team's extensive experience in the delivery of scalable enterprise applications with complex web interfaces based on...

No upcoming schedules

Java EE Development with JSF, EJB, and JPA

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE/JEE) is a powerful platform for building enterprise applications. This hands-on course is an accelerated course that covers the core technologies of JEE. It includes in-depth coverage of using JSF2 (JavaServer Faces 2), EJB3 (Enterprise JavaBeans 3), and JPA2 (Java Persistence API 2) to design and build your own multi-tier applications, as well as overview of other important technologies such as JAX-WS for building...

No upcoming schedules

Using Java 8's New Features

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

Java 8 introduces a number of revolutionary capabilities - many of them centered on lambda expressions and functional-style programming. These capabilities add powerful new programming techniques to the language, but also add complexity. This concise course is focused on introducing the new capabilities and how to use them. It includes numerous code examples and programming labs that illustrate all of the new capabilities.The course is hands on,...

No upcoming schedules

Java Programming Best Practices - 3 day

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

This course provides the intermediate-level Java programmer with techniques and tools, but more importantly with the ability to recognize coding pitfalls and to take the opportunity to apply a variety of best practices when developing enterprise-class software. We review Java exception handling and logging APIs and discuss best practices for error handling, logging, and tracing in Java.  We consider modern Java threading and concurrency solutions...

No upcoming schedules

JavaServer Pages Programming with Eclipse

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

This course teaches developers how to write Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) applications using JavaServer Pages version 2.x and related technologies. Audience: This course is designed for content developers and programmers who will write JEE applications Topics: Introduction to the Course Web Architecture Review Introduction to J2EE Introduction to JavaServer Pages The JSP Expression Language and JSTL JavaBeans and JSPs Java Standard Tag...

No upcoming schedules

Groovy for Java Developers

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

This course teaches experienced Java developers how to write programs in Groovy thatsimplify, enhance, and expand their existing systems.

No upcoming schedules

Securing Java Web Applications 7

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

This course shows experienced developers of Java web applications how to secure those applications and to apply best practices with regard to secure enterprise coding. Authentication, authorization, and input validation are major themes, and students get good exposure to basic Java cryptography for specific development scenarios, as well as thorough discussions of HTTPS configuration and certificate management, error handling, logging, and auditing.Perhaps...

No upcoming schedules


ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

Servlets and JSP (JavaServer Pages) are key server-side Java technologies for building web applications. Servlets are programs that run on a web server; they can respond to client requests and create dynamic content. JSPs are useful for displaying dynamic data, and allowing Java developers and Web page designers to work together easily. The JSTL is a tag library for JSP that encapsulates the core functionality common to many Web applications using...

No upcoming schedules

Java 7 Performance and Tuning

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

Java Performance and Tuning is a two-day, lab-intensive course geared for experienced software developers who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the Java world. This course is highly customizable and draws from the extensive knowledge and content base to tune the course itself to the student needs. Prerequisites Students should have skills equivalent to or should have taken a Mastering Java for OO Developers class.

No upcoming schedules

Introduction to Java Testing

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

This course introduces the experienced Java programmer to testing and test-driven development practices using JUnit. We work from the basics of JUnit as a tool, to best practices for writing effective and maintainable tests. The course is not strictly a TDD course, but we introduce TDD and take students through an illustrative case study. We discuss the importance of mocking and explore testing techniques using Mockito. Finally we discuss concerns...

No upcoming schedules

SOA and Java Web Services ( JAX-WS )

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

Web services are designed to allow Web-based access to distributed software and business services. They bring a standard, open service architecture to component development that allows them to be accessed over the Web with standard protocols such as HTTP and standard XML formats for messages and service descriptions. This course will give you a thorough understanding of the current Web services architecture, and the technologies that support Web...

No upcoming schedules

Java Essentials Using RAD v7.5

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

This course will introduce the student to the Java programming language using IBM RAD 7.5. Through hands-on exercises, the student will become familiar with the Java syntax and the object oriented approach that this language utilizes. It is based on the new Java 1.5 Audience: This course is designed for new Java programmers who have not previously programmed in an object-oriented language. The course can also run in RAD, Java EE Galileo Eclipse,...

No upcoming schedules

Java for COBOL Programmers Using Juno Eclipse

ProTech Professional Technical Services @ 25 Burlington Mall Rd, Boston, MA

This course begins with an introduction to JAVA and how JAVA terminology compares to the COBOL programming environment. Emphasis is placed on making the transition from COBOL to JAVA and using existing skills to complement the JAVA programming environment. Particular attention is paid to terminology, good programming practices, and performance. This practical course is excellent for the COBOL programmer that needs to become proficient in JAVA. Prerequisites...

No upcoming schedules
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Best Java Classes in Boston

Java is a powerful programming language designed for object-oriented programming (OOP). This system is based on organizing data into objects, which makes it easy to work with and reuse. One of the key benefits of Java is that updates can be made to individual parts without affecting the overall system. 

Python, C++, and Java are all programming languages that excel at OOP. However, Java has several advantages over other languages. It is fast, efficient, and easy to use, thanks to its English syntax. Additionally, it has a large and active online community that provides support to users. Java is also open source, which means that it is free to use and can be used on any platform. 

Java coding jobs are plentiful and pay well. Learning to code can be challenging, but it is well worth the effort. Taking courses is the best way to acquire Java skills, and luckily, there are plenty of options available. Some people in Boston prefer in-person classes, but if none are available, you can take technology classes online. Learning Java will open up new career opportunities and help you stay competitive in today's job market.

Best Java Classes & Schools in Boston

The Java Programmer Bootcamp from Developer Bootcamp covers the skills needed to work as a Web Developer. This online class combines a self-paced, on-demand model with personal attention from an instructor. Hands-on assignments reinforce skills students need to create a successful coding career. Students have up to four weeks to complete the course. The class covers how to code, compile, and run Java-based programs following best programming practices. Students will gain experience with the Java Development Kit, SOAP and RESTful web services, and database management using Hibernate.

Prerequisites: Students should have basic programming experience with a structured language.

Duration: The class includes 35 hours of instruction.

Cost: This class costs $2,400.

You can continue your Java coding journey with Advanced Java Developer Bootcamp, also from Developer Bootcamp. This course builds on Java foundations and includes Test Driven Development (TDD) with NUnit and Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Students will build unit tests with fakes, mocks, drivers, and stubs. Students will choose either Eclipse, NetBeans, or jEdit to use for hands-on exercises.

Prerequisites: Students should complete Java Developer Bootcamp or a similar course before signing up for the advanced class..

Duration: There are seven courses in this bootcamp.

Cost: This class costs $8,400.

High school students can learn coding in the summer with a Java Programming Summer Program (High School) from NexGen Bootcamps. This multi-session course is designed just for teens who want to explore website coding. The course starts with the basics and then moves on to topics like object-oriented programming and recursion. Class assignments help students build an original programming portfolio and give them an idea of what it is like to take computer science classes in college or work as a Web Developer. This is a live online class with a remote instructor.

Prerequisites: Students age 13 through 18 are welcome in this class for beginners without previous coding experience.

Duration: Take the class in nine full-time or fifteen part-time meetings.

Cost: The cost for this course is $1,995.

Boston Industries That Use Java

Many industries hire Web Developers to create websites and applications. Some of the major tech-related industries in Boston include Arcadia healthcare systems, Klaviyo marketing automation, Tulip frontline operations platform, Benchling cloud-based biotech research and development, Bonterra technology for social good organizations, Moov Financial technology services, Trial Spark pharmaceuticals, Simply Business insurance, and Matillion cloud data platform. 

Java Jobs & Salaries in Boston

Web Developers have many well-paid job opportunities in Boston. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook reports the national median annual salary for Web Developers as $80,000, and the field is expected to grow by 16 percent in the next ten years, a much faster increase than other fields. 

Salaries in Boston tend to be much higher than in other cities across the nation. reports an average annual salary of $72,000 for entry level Web Developers in Boston, with a range between $57,000 and $90,000. Salaries go up with experience, and Web Developers who have been working for four to six years make an average annual salary of $90,000, with a range of $71,000 to $113,000.

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