Student Spotlight: Samantha Tharler, Artist Extraordinaire

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This week we feature Samantha Tharler, fashion designer and budding artist. 


Tell us about yourself!

Hi! I’m Samantha, born and raised in NYC. I’m in the process of transitioning from a career in fashion to a career in art in NYC. I currently run a small online boutique, but recently started teaching at an after-school art enrichment program and love it. Teaching art made me want to brush up on my own art skills.

What do you do in your free time?

I love creating things and experimenting with techniques and materials. Usually I sew and make clothes for myself, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of abstract painting. I’ve been in NYC my whole life, but after doing so much art and spending time in art studios here,  I feel like I’m discovering a new part of the city.​

What skills are you working on now? Any pics to share?

I am working on sculpting, and painting at the moment. CourseHorse makes it really easy to improve!


What have some of your favorite classes been and why?

I really like the free drop in drawing events at The MET that CourseHorse listed and I otherwise wouldn’t know about. I’ve also discovered these really great art studios in Brooklyn that I never would have known about otherwise.


What’s on your learning wish list?

I would love to learn encaustic painting, although it’s hard to find affordable options in NYC. My next class in line is one of The Art Students League plein air workshops, I would love to take one of those.


What’s your learning philosophy?

It’s never too late. I thought my experience working with clay and watercolor was done after middle school. I feel so much more alive now that I’m doing art again – it definitely changes the way you see the world. I also used to hate going to museums and would get serious museum fatigue, but now I understand why people can stare at a painting for 15 minutes. So I would say go for it at any time in your life ​and try something new!

You can find Samantha on Pinterest – @Samantha Tharler (stharler)

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