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Photography Walk around Butler Park

Isla Studio Photography @ 701 W. Riverside Dr, Houston, TX 78704

Please join us on a two-hour, light stroll around Austin's beloved, Butler Park. Whether you are an Austin veteran or a visitor exploring Austin for the first time, the park always has something new to offer. Come with us to capture it in a whole new light! We will teach you how to stop relying on automatic, and get those shots worth framing. You will be able to apply concepts you learned in class like long exposures, depth of field, aperture,...

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2.5hr Beginner's Photography (Houston)

Isla Studio Photography @ 2400 E Cesar Chavez, Houston, TX 78702

Become a better photographer and stop using your camera's "Auto" mode in 1 day. Have you ever wondered why after spending hundreds of dollars on the latest cameras you still can't get photos you're really proud of? We're not talking about the party snapshots you post on Facebook, but stunning landscapes that can be considered fine art and grab attention for longer than 5 seconds. Learn to capture beautiful photos and never miss a memory again....

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National USPAP Update, No. 101c

The Columbia Institute @ 14620 IH-35 North, Houston, TX 78728

This is the Appraisal Foundation's mandatory course (2016-2017) , using the Foundation material; the instructor is AQB-certified. The course content varies from year to year as the materials change. 

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FHA SFR Appraising-Handbook 4000.1, No. 154

The Columbia Institute @ 14620 IH-35 North, Houston, TX 78728

The course is designed for lenders, appraisers, and brokers to give specific guidance on appraising single family residential properties for the Federal Housing Administration under the requirements of HUD Single Family Residential (SFR) Handbook 4000.1, 2015.

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Comprehensive Square Foot Calculations, No. 155

The Columbia Institute @ 14620 IH-35 North, Houston, TX 78728

This 8-hour course explores the most commonly used practices and procedures for measuring and calculating square footage in detached single-family dwellings. The principles and methodology are based on the American National Standard for Single-Family Buildings (ANSI) Guideline, with discussion on unusual situations. The course offers real property appraisers and other professionals a stronger understanding of the complex nature of the topic, and...

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Constructing The Professional Report (From A-Z, No.026)

The Columbia Institute @ 14620 IH-35 North, Houston, TX 78728

This course is designed for use by real property appraisers, financial institutions, underwriters, AMC personnel, and regulatory entities. The focus of the course is to bring awareness of the many common mistakes appraisers make that often lead to disciplinary action to the practicing appraiser and other users of appraisal services. This course is primarily targeted toward residential real property appraisers; however, it does apply to both residential...

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