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Meditation Classes Coming up in Nashville, TN

Naam Yoga & Meditation

at Kundalini Rising Yoga - Downtown/The District
1218 Wedgewood Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37212

Naam Yoga is the practice of opening the heart, increasing intuition, and stimulating self-healing of the body and mind. Naam Yoga brings together many of the world's oldest and finest traditions. Yoga, meaning to yoke or to bind, is a system of uniting one's individual consciousness with Universal consciousness. Naam Yoga is a unique culmination of...

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Meditation: Mixed Level

at Sanctuary - Downtown/The District
2002 Richard Jones Rd C-102, Nashville, Tennessee 37215

Relax. Calm the mind. Find Peace. Heal your life!  This class provides a foundation for creating or expanding a meditation practice. Each class is structured with mental exercises designed to improve brain function and expand understanding of the meditative state of mind. There will be guided visualizations, along with free-flowing states acquired...

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Beginner Yoga

at Liberation Nashville - Downtown/The District
2907 12th Ave South, Nashville, Tennessee 37204

Beginner’s Mind In this beginner’s class, we focus on learning basic seated, standing, and balancing postures while incorporating proper alignment, yogic breathing, and mindfulness meditation. This class can help you establish a sadhana (regular spiritual practice) to support your entire life.

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Aerial Hammock

at Miss Fit Academy - Downtown/The District
265 Hermitage Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37210

Aerial hammock is similar to aerial silks; however, the fabric is folded in half and the ends are tied at the ceiling, creating a hammock-like apparatus. Aerial Hammock combines Yoga, Pilates, flexibility, hammock tricks and meditation into one gravity defying workout. The perfect mix of fun, challenging and relaxing! The easy inversions allow for...

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Yoga and Trauma w/ Kenneth Robinson

at Liberation Nashville - Downtown/The District
2907 12th Ave South, Nashville, Tennessee 37204

Refine your consciousness as a teacher. Through lecture, discussion and simple experiential practices, Kenneth will guide students in an exploration of types of trauma, causes and effects (on mind, body and spirit), and compassion through presence, language, boundary and attuned physical contact. About Kenneth: Kenneth Robinson, M.S., M.T.S. has...

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