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NYC: Private Trivia

Get ready to flex your mental muscles as you face off in a friendly trivia competition with your work team! In our exciting game of trivia, you and your crew will laugh, answer tough questions, and bond through four rounds of various questions, including music, history, and other surprise topics.

  • Live professional host
  • Instantly bookable
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Location New York, At your Location
Price $550 for up to 15 people; $20 per person thereafter  (see price details)
Duration Up to 1 hour
Group Size Up to 80 people
Materials None required
Limited Time Promotion: FREE $30 CourseHorse Gift Card for each event participant! How it Works


Not in NYC? Contact us to find a host in your area.

Participate in an exciting game of trivia. Topics include music, movies, history, ice cream flavors, pop culture, sports, global cuisine, dog breeds, and many other surprises. 

We at CourseHorse love our sixty-minute trivia extravaganzas! Through four varying rounds of play, participants will laugh and compete fiercely with other teams in a format that emulates the bar trivia events we've all come to know and love.

In our Private Trivia, we'll divide your group into teams and confront them with a mixed bag of seasonal trivia that requires the breadth of knowledge only a team could summon. Our trivia style changes every round, so your team will need their ears, their eyes, and maybe even their dancing shoes to make it through. Get ready to flex those fun facts and face off in a friendly competition that will engage the most trivial corners of your colleagues' minds!

What your group will do: 

  • Our facilitator will welcome the group, go over the rules of the game, and start the event with high energy
  • The facilitator will then take the group through four rounds of different style trivia, splitting participants into teams so they can finalize their answers before submitting
  • The rounds consist of a traditional round, a music round, an image round, and a surprise round
  • Games are typically sixty minutes but can be modified based on your team's specific needs and goals
  • Half of the time will be spent in the mini-teams and the other half will be the whole group together
  • Your group will laugh a lot along with our host and feel challenged but not hopeless. 

What's Included: 

  • Entertaining & engaging host to facilitate a smooth, fun, and unique experience
  • Game platform with interactive elements and scorecard for participants
    • Access to our event fulfillment team
    • After you book the event, we will send you a confirmation email and all the details needed for the event
    • Our event fulfillment team will be able to answer any questions you have before, during, or after the event

Please note, you will be able to choose from the following trivia themes:

  • Standard (General Trivia)
  • Movie Trivia
  • Music Trivia
  • Cuisine Trivia
  • 2023 Wrap Up Trivia
  • 90's Cartoon Trivia
  • Crypto Trivia
  • Human History Trivia
  • Reality Trivia
  • Wine & Spirits Trivia
  • Marvel Universe Trivia
  • Sports Trivia
  • Customized Theme (additional $200 fee)

To specify your theme, please select it from the customization dropdown at checkout.


  • $550 for up to 15 people
  • $20 per person thereafter
  • For customization, there is a $200 charge & we'll connect you with an expert to cater to your groups needs.

If you don't know your group size, select the minimum to pay the minimum deposit and secure your date. We'll finalize your payment when you've finalized your headcount.

Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy

Reschedule or cancel your event by emailing us at [email protected].

Days before event 3 days or less 7 days or less 30 days or less More than 30 days
Reschedule Days before event: 3 days or less No reschedule allowed 7 days or less $150 fee More than 7 days Reschedule for no fee
Cancellation Days before event: 30 days or less No cancellation allowed More than 30 days 15% fee

Rescheduled events must occur within 1 year of the original event.

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Reviews of This Event

(5.0-star rating across 3 reviews)
Kim D.
It was GREAT!!!!! Yael was big hit and a pleasure to work with.
Anuradha N.
We had a wonderful time yesterday. Andrew was great and kept everyone really entertained. We had a much smaller group than anticipated but he really made sure that everyone had fun!
Joy S.
Thank you so much! Clare was fantastic!