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CourseHorse Experiences

CourseHorse Experiences offers a wide range of team-building adventures, from '90s nostalgia to culinary escapades, creative workshops, and holiday-centered events. With options like competitive games, arts and crafts, mixology, and more, they handle all the arrangements while you and your team enjoy memorable bonding experiences. CourseHorse Experiences provides hassle-free event planning, customizable activities, and engaging hosts to ensure a fun and stress-free team-building experience for groups of all sizes, with a track record of satisfaction from thousands of attendees and clients.

Reviews of CourseHorse Experiences

(4.8-star rating across 3,884 reviews)
  • Sara R.
    Attended: Virtual Escape Room: Escape from the 2000s
  • Ashlyn P.
    Attended: Virtual Escape Room: Pirate Hunt (45 minutes)
    Our team had so much fun in the escape room! We will be booking again.
  • Anonymous
    Attended: Virtual Modern Wall Terrarium (Kit Included)
    Lovely host and a great class!
  • Andy S.
    Attended: Virtual Trivia: Pride Month
    The event went well and the company had a great time. Please give our thanks to Nik.
  • Trisha Crawford C.
    Attended: Virtual Escape Room: Marvel Avengers
    It went really well!
  • Bridget M.
    Attended: Virtual Rough Day Recharge
    We had a great time with the Rough Day Recharge. The instructor for the yoga/stretching portion was great and our host was very personable.
  • Rachel F.
    Attended: Virtual Escape Room: Murder Mystery
    Nik was a stellar host and the set up of the event was easy and accessible. Our participants had a wonderful time and are looking forward to returning to do another themed escape room in the future.
  • Seth T.
    Attended: Virtual Escape Room: Jumanji
    Attended: Virtual Game Show Bingo
    We had a great time! Kate was a wonderful host and kept everyone engaged!
  • Jill A.
    Attended: Virtual Escape Room: Murder Mystery
    The event was great - and our host was awesome. Thanks so much for a fun, interactive and challenging activity!