Never drew before and drew a recognizable cup! Highly recommended
Andrea A.
It was great thank you! I think my team had a wonderful time and Kiya was great.
Katie L.
Thanks so much for checking in! Everyone was feeling very relaxed and mellow afterwards.
Excellent class!Teacher very helpful and encouraging.
kimberly p.
Paulette M.
Niko S.
Teacher was encouraging and gave great tips. I felt very inspired to create. Wish the class was longer and the zoom meeting less laggy but that's not the teacher's fault.
Kristen M.
The instructor gave great information that I’m already using. Enjoyed the class so much I already sign up for another one!
Very goodinstructor. Only issue was that it was difficult to listen and watch the instructor at the same time trying to produce a drawing, class was only one hour so there was really not enough time to draw and watch, excellent suggestions, though!