Limited Time Promotion: FREE $30 CourseHorse Gift Card for each event participant! How it Works

Virtual White Elephant Team Gift Experience

Get in the holiday spirit with a classic white elephant gift exchange! Unwrap gifts virtually, participate in a holiday trivia contest, and steal gifts from your teammates in a festive event led by our high-energy and engaging hosts. You'll build camaraderie and bond with your group, then leave with a virtual gift that will be mailed to you afterward.

  • Live professional host
  • Materials & shipping included
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Location Zoom Conference
Price $70 per person  (see price details)
Duration Up to 75 minutes
Group Size Up to 200 people
Materials All materials provided
Materials Shipping Shipping to the contiguous United States is included in the price. Shipping to Canada and certain international locations is available at an additional cost. Contact us for details.
Limited Time Promotion: FREE $30 CourseHorse Gift Card for each event participant! How it Works


Get in the holiday spirit with this classic gift-giving (and stealing) virtual game. 

What your group will do: 

  • Our facilitator will welcome the group, go over the rules of the game, and start the event with high energy
  • There will be a set of wonderful, quirky, and diverse gifts that each participant will get a chance to virtually "unwrap" 
  • The order of the gift unwrapping will be chosen via a fun-and-fast-paced one round virtual holiday trivia contest. All participants will then take turns unwrapping a new gift or stealing a gift from someone else
  • By the end of the game, each team member will leave the game with a virtual gift that will be mailed to them after the event
  • The whole event will happen via a Zoom conference and our custom-built White Elephant game app

What's Included:

  • An engaging game host who will ensure the group has a great time
  • Game platform with interactive elements and scorecard for participants
    • Access to our event fulfillment team
    • After you book the event, we will send you a confirmation email and Zoom details for the event
    • Our event fulfillment team will be able to answer any questions you have before, during, or after the event
  • One gift shipped to each participating team member

How do gifts/delivery work?

  • CourseHorse has curated an extensive and varied list of available gifts for the event 
  • CourseHorse will collect the addresses of participants before the event so that gifts can be delivered once gifts have been selected

We offer three different gift options. This is our Standard Package priced at $70 per person. Other packages are:

  1. Premium Package: $150/person 
  2. Send Your Own Gifts package: $500 for up to 20 people and $15/person thereafter.

The only difference between the standard and the premium package is the price of the gifts. For the "Send Your Own Gifts Package," we will share the format that you will need to share over the photos and descriptions of the gifts so we can put them in the game. If you'd like to see the actual gifts that might be included in the game, reach out, and we'd be happy to share some more specifics!

Virtual White Elephant Standard Gift Examples:

Below, find some examples of gifts in our standard white elephant experience. Gifts & shipping to participants is included in the price.


  • $70 per person, $700 minimum
  • The minimum covers the first 10 people
  • We will collect the minimum at checkout as a deposit and then we'll finalize your payment when you've finalized your headcount

For customization, there is a $150 charge & we'll connect you with an expert to cater to your group's needs.

Are you booking multiple events or do you have a very large group? Contact us for special pricing.

Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy

Reschedule or cancel your event by emailing us at [email protected].

Days before event 3 days or less 7 days or less 30 days or less More than 30 days
Reschedule Days before event: 3 days or less No reschedule allowed 7 days or less $150 fee More than 7 days Reschedule for no fee
Cancellation Days before event: 30 days or less No cancellation allowed More than 30 days 15% fee

Rescheduled events must occur within 1 year of the original event.
There are no cancellations for events with materials once materials have been shipped.

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Event Reviews: Virtual White Elephant

(5.0-star rating across 75 reviews)
Karisa B.
It was fantastic!
Andrea A.
Everything was great, thank you. We were so entrenched in the trivia I forgot to grab a photo of us!
Tamila G.
Thank you! The event was great and we enjoyed it!
Laura Lee L.
It was wonderful! And Holly, our host, did an incredible job!! She kept everyone engaged and made it really enjoyable.
Anju K.
Thank you CourseHorse and Ashley for hosting such a fun event for us!
Kristi C.
This event was great! It is a big hit with our employees and I really appreciate you offering it!
Sean K.
It went great. I appreciate your help.
Lawrencia C.
Our Virtual White Elephant Team Gift Experience was wonderful. Robert was so good with the team and led us through the game with ease and fun times. Attendees seemed to enjoy the surprises and I loved witnessing a little "ruthless stealing" in action from my team. BIG THANKS to the Course Horse team for organizing a seamless and enjoyable way to have a virtual holiday celebration.
Myke Q.
The event was fun and everyone had a great time! Our team is excited to receive their gifts! Have a great week and Happy Holidays to you and team!
Jennifer S.
Friday’s event went so incredibly well, and we could not have had a better time. I’ve received awesome feedback from the participants and want to thank you and your team for everything you did to bring this to life.