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Armed with entrepreneurial spirits and the vision for a new kind of nite out, Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail created Paint Nite, and Plant Nite followed soon after. Their mission was to encourage creativity, empower communities, and inspire connections (away from the screen), all while offering a new way to go out and have fun.

Paint Nite is invading local bars and restaurants across the US and Canada with a new way to go out, have fun, and feel good. It’s everything a great nite should be—friends, drinks, and laughter. Plus, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind painting (we make it so easy!) along with the memory of a unique nite out.

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Plant Nite: Hanging Glass Globe w/ Large Black Rocks


Attended: Plant Nite: Hanging Glass Globe w/ Large Black Rocks

Plant Nite was well organized and the host, Alexa, was wonderful and really helpful. She introduced everyone and set a great tone for the Rest of the night. It was a really good group of people, and we actually ended up making friends with some of the other people who came separately. It was a relaxing evening and I would definitely recommend it.

Plant Nite: Hanging Glass Globe w/ Large Black Rocks

Bronte N.

Attended: Plant Nite: Hanging Glass Globe w/ Large Black Rocks

Wonderful fun! Thanks for a great and relaxing night.

Paint Nite: End of Summer II


Attended: Paint Nite: End of Summer II

We went as s family and had so much fun. We will do it again.

Paint Nite: Foggy Forest Flight


Attended: Paint Nite: Foggy Forest Flight

Solid class, and a lot of fun.

Paint Nite: Tropical Ocean Villa


Attended: Paint Nite: Tropical Ocean Villa

Instructor was fun and friendly. Good sense of humor and good rapport with everyone! God bless!

Candle Maker: Mix your Signature Scent


Attended: Candle Maker: Mix your Signature Scent

Really friendly and helpful staff who knew exactly what they were doing. The rest of my group was late, but the instructors still let them in and helped them have the same great experience anyway. There were a bunch of different options for the colors, scents, and decorations of your candle.

Paint Nite: GasWorks Park Seattle View


Attended: Paint Nite: GasWorks Park Seattle View

So much fun- loved the instructor and the winery!

Paint Nite: Cascading Autumn

Patricia V.

Attended: Paint Nite: Cascading Autumn

It was a great class. I wish the curium was easier for thrninstructor to show the students what he was doing. He tried to improvise by picking up his canvas and walking around so everyone could see! Had fun!

Candle Maker: Rustic Candles


Attended: Candle Maker: Rustic Candles

The class was amazing and the person who taught the class was very informative. She was absolute fun !!!

Paint Nite: Wading Elephant

Tanuja G.

Attended: Paint Nite: Wading Elephant

Loved the class, instructor made is easy to follow and create a beautiful piece of art. Thank you

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Upcoming Classes at Yaymaker

Paint Nite: Purple Mountain Magic
Paint Nite: Purple Mountain Magic
Next start date:

Wednesday Oct 16th, 7pm - 9pm

Paint Nite: Midnight Pumpkin Patch IV
Paint Nite: Midnight Pumpkin Patch IV
Next start date:

Wednesday Oct 23rd, 7pm - 9pm

Paint Nite: Zombie
Paint Nite: Zombie
Next start date:

Wednesday Oct 30th, 7pm - 9pm

Paint Nite: Fox In The Fall
Paint Nite: Fox In The Fall
Next start date:

Wednesday Nov 6th, 7pm - 9pm

Teachers at Yaymaker

Abbey Denlinger Adam Lordi Adelaide Petrov-Yoo Adina Sutton Alan Schulman Aleigha Reott Alexa Walker Alfonso Amador Ali Remy Ali Remy Alice Park Alina Waqar Allie Ramirez Alyssa Alyssa Alyssa Wood Amanda Cox Amanda Schiff Amanda Show Andrea Castillo Aneri Dedhia Angela Carlson Anne Woodford Anne Woodford Anne Woodford Anne Woodford Annie Harrington April Thompson Aqil Sajjad Arianna Pagan Ashley Murch Ashley Murch Asia Jones Barbara Turpensock Ben Gorodetsky Bernard Garcia Bernie Hansen Bernie Hansen Bobbi Ross Bobby Ross Bonnie Rose Bonnie Rose Brandi Seaborn Brandon Parker Brandy Royal Brian Kelly Brian Antifonario Brianna Fecarotta Brittnie Brittnie Brittnie Brooke Dahmen Carlene Silva Caroline Golarz Caroline Gaiser Caroline Kotter Carolyn Warner Carrie Wine Casey Reanna Casey Pegram Casey Glynn Cassie VonDoom Cath Arnell Chef Jillian Chef Adrianna Chef Bill Chef Bill Chef Antonio Chelsea Brown Chelsea Hale Chelsea Javier Chris Soto Christel Fajilan Christie Slightam Cinthya Marin Clare Wilderson Crystal Payton Dan Hermann Daniel Barrett Daraja Asili Darlene Valencia David Daykin David Wedge Debbie Dupuis Debbie Ruff Denise Baldwin Devin "Nived" Mclaughlin Devon Gonteski Dezi G Diana Wilson Donna Robinson Donna Crosland eirdis ragnarsdottir Eliana Gurian Elizabeth Grebler Elizabeth Laumann Ella Ortiz Elle Ortiz Ellen Damsky Emily McPeek Emily Quinn Emily McPeek Emily McGowan Emily Hyman Emily McPeek Emma Burke Erin McCarthy Eswar Anandapadmanaban Fuqua Duarte Gabriel Sanchez Gabriel Nazareta Art Gabriel Nazaretasj Gina Baretta Glenna Johnson Greg Skomal Gregory Lanzara Gwen Walsh Hannah Freitag Happy Trees Happy Trees team Heather Stratton Heather Kirkpatrick Heather Renee Howard Gindoff Hugo Aditiana Instructor Enshara Jack Gonzales Jackie Bevacqua Jacquelyn Apostolo Jade Monroe Jannina Ortiz Jason Kwidzinski Jason Good Jason Gonzales Jeanette Alonso Jen Hingle Jenn Fratianni Jenna Miles Jenna Hoffman Jenni Co Jennifer Graham Jennifer Graham Jennifer Montoya Jennifer Graham Jennifer Ashby Jennifer Stombs Jeremiah Dube Jeremy Veldhuis Joey Armao Johanna Skouras John "Sully" Sullivan John "Sully" Sullivan John "Sully" Sullivan Joselin Linder Judy Lin Kandice Harris Kaniya Bridgeman Kari Polka-Dot Kassandra Bunch Katherine Tozduman Katherine Myers Katie Riddle Kayla Brown Kaytie Smith Kelsey Martinez Kevin PrideAlameda Kory Mix Kristen Elizabeth Kristi Concheri Kristin Saber Kristina Elizabeth Kristine Groves Kyshan Wooten Lara Ewen Laura Faccone Lauren Valentin Lauren Tovey Lauren Lewis Laurie Abruzzese Leaf Morales LeDonna Bailey Lexi Panchevre Lindsay Stribling Lisa Local Artist TBA NYC Luc Atangana Lyle Lopez Maeve Camplisson Maeve Camplisson Mallory Pilcher & Harry Doull Maria-Grace Torti Mark Hecox Matthew Yerby Matthew Weinstein Maura Rose Bennett Megan Rhoden Melanie Jewel Melinda Salerno Melissa Toon Melissa Borges Michael Jones Michael Jones Michael Falk Michael Rollins Michael Scarpelli Michael Berndt Michelle Michelle Michelle Tran Mike Morris Mike Morris Miriam Datskovsky Mis Schief Mis Schief Molly Molly Molly Monica Kay Morgan Yeager Morganna Becker Mykel Salerno Nadine Spring Natallia Nate Folsom Nate Folsom Ne-Col Nicole Denis Nicole Dennis Nielle Delayah Nielle Alfred Nikki Brown Oscar Rocha Otman Perez Paul Kahan Paula Catt Pauline Enns PJ "Stache" Minoc PJ "Stache" MInoc Rachael Dinsmore Rachel Jones Rachel Gold-EastBay Rachel Marshall Rachel Sodi Radley - Rebekah Cummings Renee Sarno Ric Yancey Rikasso Art Rob Hogan Robert Pedini Ron Bean Ronald Gallant, Jr. Rose Quartz Ruey-Yah Tang Russ Taylor Ruth Walker Sam Walker Sara Shen Sara Renae Lubin Sarah Benkin Saye Gbatu Shari Gross Shari Djonkam Sharon Byrd Shon Chapman Simosetfu Motsa Sofia Samarah Stanley Senjaya Stephanie Chambers Stephanie Shapiro Steve Wozniak Susan Weeks Susan Susan Talicia Walker Tamara Dissi Tammy Cats Tammy Cats Tanya Nuchols Tattianna Howard Theresa Swanigan-Jones Thomas McLaughlin Tila Hanthaley Tita Hanthaley Tom Colcord Tony Tan Tracy Rowland and Gastore Almonte Travis Ferry Troy Paiva Trudie Magliano Vanessa Rivera Willis Lewis Willis Lewis Willis Lewis Yolanda Castro Zach DeGraba
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