Kristen A.
Great event, super easy to book and execute!
Host was helpful and informative, great time had by all!
Seth T.
It went amazingly well!! A ton of fun. We have only heard positive responses from our employees.
Katy Y.
Everything was great at the event! Our hosts were wonderful and checked in with teams as we were nearing the end. Instructions were clearly conveyed and they kept us on time :).
Our group had a great time participating in the Virtual Escape Room: Halloween Haunted House with Erin. It was challenging, but we managed to escape in the allotted time which is always satisfying. The challenges and overall experience were well thought out and kept us busy and thinking throughout the event. Thanks for a fun virtual group activity!
Nicholas G.
Everything was wonderful! Kate was incredible as usual.
Dawn K
It was fun and the team had a good time. I’ll share the picture that Andrew took of the group.
Andres G.
The event went really well. Holly was a great host and the challenge was just the type of analytical and team building exercise activity I wanted for our team. We are looking forward to taking on more challenges in the future and recommending you to other teams in our company for virtual activities.
Ghasem A.
It was a lot of fun playing the scape room. Everybody had fun. The event was 10 out of 10. Thanks for your great service.
Alexandra Q.
The hosts were very nice and down to earth, and the escape room was challenging and fun, and the cost was very reasonable.