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Virtual: Adobe XD Corporate Training

Enhance your team's design skills and streamline your UI and UX processes with Adobe XD corporate training. Help your team learn how to create and optimize graphics, design responsive webpages, and turn wireframes into finished designs, all in one powerful app.

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Limited Time Promotion: FREE $30 CourseHorse Gift Card for each event participant! How it Works


Adobe XD is an app that was built with the specific needs of a modern web designer, UX designer, or app designer in mind. Unlike image editing programs such as Photoshop—which were originally created for print, photo retouching, or illustration—the entire focus of Adobe XD is on designing user interfaces and user experiences. You can craft the visuals and turn them into working prototypes all in a single app!

Adobe XD uses artboards, so you can efficiently design web layouts for mobile, tablet, and desktop (or screens for apps). It's vector-based, so you can easily scale for various screen sizes, as well as export hi-res (Retina) graphics for the web or apps. You'll find tools and features specifically relevant to UI (User Interface) design and UX (User Experience) design, such as symbols, repeat grids, built-in prototyping tools, and much more.

Why Learn Adobe XD for UI & UX Design?

  • With artboards and layout guides, you can design on popular grid systems (like Bootstrap), making it easier to design responsive webpages
  • Turn your designs into clickable prototypes quickly and easily. You can create prototypes directly in XD and share them with users or developers
  • Export specs to give your web developer so they can inspect a layout for size, colors, fonts, spacing, copy CSS code, and more—all from a web browser without having to own XD
  • One of XD's unique features is the repeat grid. This lets you quickly repeat a design component in columns and rows. You can then customize the content in each copy while still being able to update the design across all of them quickly

What You'll Learn at a Glance

  • Use Adobe XD to create and optimize graphics for web and user interface design
  • Create wireframes and turn them into finished designs that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens
  • Design on grids, extract image assets, create hi‑res 2x graphics, and more

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