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Virtual Feud Frenzy

Experience the excitement of Virtual Feud Frenzy, a digital twist on the classic game show that will have your team strategizing their way to victory. Engage in fast-paced rounds, compete against other teams, and enjoy a fun and unique experience that will enhance team building and creativity.

  • Live professional host
  • Instantly bookable
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Location Zoom Conference
Price $400 for up to 10 people; $15 per person thereafter  (see price details)
Duration Up to 1 hour
Group Size Up to 100 people
Materials None required
Limited Time Promotion: FREE $30 CourseHorse Gift Card for each event participant! How it Works


Introducing "Virtual Feud Frenzy" – a digital twist on the classic game show, Family Feud! Get ready for a showdown of quick thinking and on-the-spot creativity that will have your teams laughing, guessing, and strategizing their way to victory.

In Virtual Feud Frenzy, multiple teams face off in a series of fast-paced rounds, each centered around survey-style questions. Just like in the original game, participants aim to guess the top answers to these thought-provoking questions, earning points for their team with each correct response. The catch? The clock is ticking, adding an extra layer of excitement and urgency to the game.

What your group will do: 

  • Our facilitator will welcome the group, go over the rules of the game, and start the event with high energy
  • We will then kick off our feud rounds, cycling through different team representatives to compete against the other team reps in survey style questions. We'll work to ensure all participants get a chance to compete.
  • We'll complete 3 action packed rounds and a lightning round
  • In the end, we'll announce results & winners!

What's Included: 

  • Entertaining & engaging host to facilitate a smooth, fun, and unique experience
  • Game platform with interactive elements and scorecard for participants
  • Access to our event fulfillment team
    • After you book the event, we will send you a confirmation email and Zoom details for the event
    • Our event fulfillment team will be able to answer any questions you have before, during, or after the event


  • $400 for up to 10 people
  • $15 per person thereafter
  • For customization, there is a $200 charge & we'll connect you with an expert to cater to your group's needs.

Pay the minimum as a deposit at checkout & we'll finalize your payment when you've finalized your headcount!

Are you booking multiple events or do you have a very large group? Contact us for special pricing.

Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy

Reschedule or cancel your event by emailing us at [email protected].

Days before event 3 days or less 7 days or less 30 days or less More than 30 days
Reschedule Days before event: 3 days or less No reschedule allowed 7 days or less $150 fee More than 7 days Reschedule for no fee
Cancellation Days before event: 30 days or less No cancellation allowed More than 30 days 15% fee

Rescheduled events must occur within 1 year of the original event.

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Reviews of This Event

(4.8-star rating across 8 reviews)
Lori C.
The team had a great time and Ashlynn was amazing! ?
Katie B.
Victoria N.
We had a great time playing and Taylor was a great host! We had so much fun!
Vicky J.
It went well. Everyone said they had a great time.
Kimberly V.
It went well. Everyone had a great time.
Kelly B.
We had a blast! Nik did a great job and we plan on doing something like this once a quarter and would love to utilize your company again!
Offprem T.
We had a blast! I had really positive feedback that everyone had a great time. It was engaging with a lot of laughs. Both the hosts were great as well. Overall, very happy with how it turned out!!
Ben W.
We had a great time! The host did a great job of keeping people engaged. It’s always hard to do events that are fully virtual because only one person gets to speak at a time, but the host did a great job keeping up the mood. Lots of great feedback from my team after the event…folks said they’d want to do this again next year!

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