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Most popular jewelry classes in New York

Learn to take professional quality photos of your jewelry without the full professional studio set up. We will teach you how to utilize every object and light source to showcase your jewelry in the best possible way.Required Material: Bring your own DSRL camera equipment.

+1900 pts
Sa.   Aug 23rd, 11am
All levels

In this class we'll explain why and how jewelry tarnishes and walk you through a few different techniques for refining, distressing, texturing, darkening, and coloring brass, bronze, copper, and silver. Metal for samples will be provided, but feel free to bring along any old jewelry or pieces that you've made in our casting or hand stamping class.

+850 pts
W.   Oct 15th, 7pm
All levels

We will discuss how to develop a coherent line for production, promote sales, protect individual designs, and develop presentation skills. We will be talking about small scale production of a few pieces in a home studio, outsourcing locally, nationally and internationally. We will discuss topics such as production resources tips & tricks, whole

+1200 pts
Su.   Sep 21st, 11am
All levels

An intensive one-session workshop for those who would like to dive into the world of jewelry soldering. We will begin by reviewing the components of a jewelry soldering setup and torch safety. Next you’ll practice soldering, working your way from simple wire joints used in jump rings and chains to longer seams in sheet metal, such as those in wi

+2000 pts
Su.   Sep 7th, 12pm
All levels
Sunday September 7 12pm - 5pm 1 Session $200
Sunday October 12 12pm - 5pm 1 Session $200
Other Dates (2)

Promote your jewelry collection. Develop an understanding of the consumer’s frame of mind. Gain experience in creating displays, portfolio and showcases. Jewelry Merchandising is both a skill and an art. Thought about placement, display and packaging must be well planned for the jewelry to effectively convey quality and value. This class combine

+4950 pts
Th.   Sep 18th - Nov 6th, 6:30pm
All levels

Jewelry has been an important part of human culture since time immemorial. An understanding of the aesthetics, ethos and technology surrounding antique jewelry can provide surprising insights to the greater history of the world. Or perhaps you’d just like to understand the difference between carats and karats.This class will explore the history o

+110 pts
W.   Aug 20th, 8:30pm
All levels

The students will explore the relationships between inspiration, design, and the final piece. Image and materials research will be taught in tandem with technical processes. The goal is to help you develop and strengthen your work. Developing your ideas is as important and informative as getting to know your materials. One informs the other. This c

+3600 pts
M.   Aug 11th - Oct 6th, 11am

In this 8 session course students will create a series of brooches that experiment with its distinct front and back format, its relationship with the body, and its mechanisms.Through experimentation and trial and error, students will explore traditional and nontraditional methods towards the making of the object and mechanical fasteners. Basic fabr

+3600 pts
M.   Aug 11th - Oct 6th, 6:30pm
All levels

Students are familiarized with basic studio tools and fabrication techniques for working in sterling silver. Soldering, sawing and filing shapes, forming and joining, ring sizing, polishing and basic stone setting will be practiced in class. Students are encouraged to explore creativity within design parameters while learning the fundamentals of te

+4500 pts
T.   Sep 9th - Oct 14th, 6pm
Tuesday September 9 6pm - 9pm 6 Sessions $450
Wednesday November 5 6pm - 9pm 7 Sessions $450
Other Dates (2)

Students will learn to make amazing mixed-media statement pieces which combine chunky metal chain with simple crochet trimming in colorful cotton yarns. You’ll learn everything you need to know to create your own designs. No previous experience in jewelry making or crochet is required.Note: Class fee includes all the necessary materials to make o

+550 pts
W.   Aug 20th, 6:30pm

Basic skills such as soldering, stone-setting and fusing are learned by students in our regular classes, through ongoing work on projects incorporating multiple techniques, rather than in courses devoted to a single topic. All our classes are taught through one-on-one instruction geared to each student’s skill level and interests. Since students

+8000 pts
T.   Sep 9th - Oct 28th, 11am
All levels
Tuesday September 9 11am - 2pm 8 Sessions $800
Tuesday September 9 3pm - 6pm 8 Sessions $800
Wednesday September 10 11am - 2pm 8 Sessions $800
Wednesday September 10 3pm - 6pm 8 Sessions $800
Thursday September 11 11am - 2pm 8 Sessions $800
Thursday September 11 3pm - 6pm 8 Sessions $800
Friday September 12 11am - 2pm 8 Sessions $800
Saturday September 13 11am - 6pm 4 Sessions $800
Other Dates (8)

An intensive one-session workshop for students who have taken our Jewelry Soldering Workshop and would like to learn the basics of bezel setting. You'll leave with a finished setting or two and all of the knowledge you need to make custom settings on your own. The course fee includes all stones, silver, brass, solder, and other materials used in t

+3000 pts
Su.   Oct 26th, 12pm
All levels

Charles Lewton-Brain invented fold-forming, a completely new way of forming sheet metal quickly into wonderful 3-D shapes and textures, most from single sheets of metal without any soldering.

+8750 pts
M.Sa.Su.   Jul 26th - Jul 28th, 10am
All levels

Draw and render faceted gemstones and cabochons. Illustrate surfaces, shapes and textures in white and yellow metal. Make realistic renderings by understanding the behavior of light and shade. Students will leave with renderings for their portfolio. One of the most critical aspects of jewelry design is to render your image in such a way that its st

+4950 pts
W.   Oct 8th - Nov 26th, 6:30pm

This is a class that helps kick start your confidence, develop your own personal drawing fingerprint and gives a step into jewelry design and presentation. If you can write your name, and make a mark, you can draw. Like your own signature, everybody has his or her own drawing style. Some people find it difficult and to others, it comes easier.Draw

+4400 pts
Su.   Aug 17th - Sep 21st, 2pm
All levels
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