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Italian Cooking Classes Coming up in Los Angeles

Learn how to prepare step by step popular Italian dishes in this demonstration and tasting class that you can make at home.

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Su.   Apr 27th - May 25th, 10am
All levels

Learn to make pasta from scratch, with sauces. Not for the carb-faint at heart! Class first, nap later...hang in there, because it is too delish for words.

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Sa.   May 3rd, 11am
All levels
Saturday May 3 11am - 2pm 1 Session $65
Friday May 30 6pm - 9pm 1 Session $65
Sunday June 1 12pm - 3pm 1 Session $65
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Learn how to make dishes bursting with authentic Italian flavors for family and friends.

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Sa.   May 10th, 6pm
All levels

You don’t have to be diagnosed with celiac disease to be gluten-sensitive or intolerant.  Many studies show that eliminating wheat-based or gluten-based products from your diet radically improves a number of health and wellness issues. Join our talented professional chefs in learning delicious, nutritious dishes that are completely gluten-free.

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Th.   May 22nd, 6:45pm
All levels

Learn delicious, nutritious dishes that are completely gluten-free.


In this new formula of classes, for the time and price of a meal at a restaurant, you will learn to make a wonderful recipe and enjoy it in less than an hour.


Students attending this class will learn to make hand-made ravioli.


Tonight we thought some homemade bow tie pasta is just the right dish for this Fall evening.


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Get the confidence and skills to create a beautiful meal of fresh pasta any time.


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We will prepare some classic tuscan recipes, and we'll sneak in the famous Ossobucco from Milanese region.


Italian is the language of love, but when it comes to food, sometimes your body doesn’t love the carbs and gluten that come with this amazing ethnicity. So let’s try it RAW. That’s right, come learn healthy versions of your favorite sexy raw dishes!


Imagine yourself strolling through the Venice Canals, exploring the galleries of Florence or touring the countryside of Tuscany as you prepare an authentic Italian Dinner replete with ingredients, aromas and traditions of the most glorious food culture in the history of civilization.


We’ve led three fantastic trips to different regions of Italy, and of course, we’ve collected recipes along the way. Come learn the secrets of great Italian cooking.


Have you given up grains for health reasons or just trying to eat less processed foods? Then this class is for you. We'll make some of our favorite Italian treats grain free and delicious!

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