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Social Media Classes Coming up in New York

From Kickstarter or Indiegogo to Facebook and Twitter, most independent filmmakers are turning to crowdfunding and social media as engaging models for raising money and awareness for their films, at all stages of production. Learn how to find, establish and connect with your online audience, run a persuasive campaign with attractive incentives, reach...

Th.   Mar 26th, 6:30pm
All levels

You’ll learn how to structure your social media efforts, deploy your resources, and ultimately launch a social media campaign that is professional and provides results you’ll be able to interpret and understand. Social media initiatives don’t start when you register a Facebook or Twitter account and start posting announcements, it begins much...

M.   Dec 29th, 10:30am
All levels

At the end of this course, the students will learn how to create adwords campaign.In order to run a successful AdWords campaign, you need to understand how to set up the account, understand the dashboard, define campaign goals, monitor, optimize and measure your efforts to ensure your achieve the maximum results.In this course, you'll learn how to...

T.   Feb 17th - Mar 10th, 6:45pm
All levels

During this Social Media & Online Marketing Training we will be approaching the basic concepts behind the content for main Social Media Tools/Networks, being those WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and how -to make a Social Media Online Marketing Strategy based on them. You will be learning about: Facebook: How- to create fan...

Su.   Jan 11th, 11am
All levels
Sunday January 11 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Sunday February 8 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Sunday March 8 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Sunday April 12 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Sunday May 10 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Saturday June 13 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Saturday July 11 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Saturday August 8 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Saturday September 12 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Other Dates (9)

Social Media Marketing: An Introduction to Platforms, Tactics, and ToolsThis course is designed to provide an introduction to the operational mechanics and key marketing and communication strategies associated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Students will no longer be confused by all the hype associated with social media...

Sa.   Jan 17th - Jan 31st, 9am
All levels

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Are you having trouble with your email? Don't know how to cut and paste? Curious about Twitter? Bring your technology questions and get one-on-one assistance.

F.   Dec 19th, 3:30pm
All levels
Friday December 19 3:30pm - 4:30pm 1 Session Free
Monday December 22 10:15am - 12pm 1 Session Free
Monday December 22 4pm - 5pm 1 Session Free
Tuesday December 23 1:15pm - 2:15pm 1 Session Free
Tuesday December 23 3:30pm - 4:30pm 1 Session Free
Tuesday December 23 4:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session Free
Tuesday December 30 4:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session Free
Wednesday January 7 4pm - 5pm 1 Session Free
Tuesday January 27 3:30pm - 4:30pm 1 Session Free
Tuesday January 27 4:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session Free
Other Dates (10)

Learn about the online social network Twitter.Skill prerequisites: Internet for Beginners and an active email account

W.   Dec 24th, 10:30am
Wednesday December 24 10:30am - 12:30pm 1 Session Free
Tuesday December 30 6:30pm - 8:30pm 1 Session Free
Tuesday January 20 11:30am - 1pm 1 Session Free
Other Dates (3)

Social Media Marketing II: Advanced Strategy, Execution, and MeasurementAs businesses, brands, professionals, and not-for-profit organizations increase their participation in social media marketing, it has become even more critical that social media strategies be effectively integrated into the overall marketing mix. In this course we will examine...

T.   Feb 3rd - Mar 3rd, 6:30pm
All levels

Learn strategies and tips on how to utilize your LinkedIn account in your job search, including customizing your LinkedIn profile, strategies for determining Linkedin groups to join, performing basic and advanced job search using LinkedIn, and more. Skill prerequisites: Internet for Beginners, active email account.

T.   Dec 30th, 11am
All levels

Learn the latest interactive promotional strategies and tactics.Social Media Marketing utilizes the various tools and techniques for building your brand image, retaining customers, and marketing your offerings online through social networking sites. Topics covered include an understanding of social networking, how to connect with and utilize the various...

Th.   Jan 22nd - Apr 2nd, 6:15pm
All levels
Thursday January 22 6:15pm - 8:45pm 11 Sessions $614
Saturday February 21 9:30am - 4:30pm 3 Sessions $614
Other Dates (2)

Are you having trouble with your email? Don't know how to cut and paste? Curious about Twitter? Bring your technology questions and get one-on-one assistance. Note: First come, first served

M.   Jan 5th, 12pm
All levels

This course will include an introduction to social networking, managing e-mails, online shopping,downloading files, and utilizing search engines.

F.   Jan 23rd - Mar 27th, 11:45am

In this course, you will learn the methods, trends, and tools that are transforming today’s digital landscape and how you can utilize digital insights to become a better strategist. Technology has evolved our lives. It’s also transformed the definition of a big idea. Planners need to understand this rapid change to thrive in the digital age. This...

M.   Mar 30th, 6:30pm
All levels

Students will learn to leverage social media outlets such as blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube to develop their personal real estate brand. This course will equip students with the skills necessary to enhance their ability to attract new clients, showcase their areas of expertise and improve their professional visibility through...

Sa.Su.   Mar 21st - Mar 29th, 10am
All levels

Discover the techniques for conducting an effective, provocative celebrity interview in broadcasting, social and print media. Learn how to smoothly translate those interviews into stories for magazine, podcast and video.

W.   Apr 8th - Apr 22nd, 6:30pm
All levels

Whether you have a deep understanding of the ?blogosphere? or none at all, this all-day blogging workshop will provide you with invaluable insight into the vast world of online publishing.Food blogging serves as a satisfying creative outlet for many, an income source or even a full-time job for some.Digital strategy expert Ashley Parrish will teach...

Sa.   Jan 24th, 10am
All levels

By the end of class, students will have an understanding of SEO and what gets their website to the top of search engine results as well as how to use social media to drive traffic to your website. Whether you're promoting your company, client, or yourself, it's crucial that your website can be found. If you don't come up at the top of a search, your...

T.   Jan 13th - Feb 17th, 6:45pm

From information gathering to shopping to wanting to connect or be entertained, more and more of our daily interactions take place online. This class will focus on the craft, style, and strategy of writing compelling brand copy for the web.Through weekly assignments, you'll learn how to carry concepts past headlines, recreate real-life sensations online,...

T.   Feb 3rd - Mar 10th, 6:45pm
All levels

In this class you will learn how to brainstorm pop-ups, bus stop environments and Experience Buses, Use the city or town aroun you in inventive new ways for outdoor advertising. Gather information about your site visitors from analytics data. Create branded games for groups of people. Create brand pranks for video + social media. Use existing businesses...

W.   Feb 4th - Feb 11th, 6:45pm

This WordPress group class concentrates on how to get a WordPress up quickly and efficiently. When you are finished with this class you will be able to create a website using WordPress, add posts and pages, customize existing templates, and feel comfortable updating your site. This class is perfect to those seeking to build and maintain a website easily,...

W.   Jan 7th, 10am
All levels
Wednesday January 7 10am - 5pm 1 Session $299
Thursday January 22 10am - 5pm 1 Session $299
Tuesday February 10 10am - 5pm 1 Session $299
Thursday February 26 10am - 5pm 1 Session $299
Other Dates (4)
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