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Life Skills
Upper West Side, New York, New York
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Think of people who are the best. Tiger Woods, Joe Dimaggio, Michael Jordan, David Beckham. Now imagine playing next to anyone of them. If you have just a passing proficiency it would be difficult to tell the difference between the two of you. Except where the ball landed. The difference between Pavoritti or Itzhak Perlman and the number two in opera or violin can only be measured in very small fractions. But what a difference that fraction makes.

The Bliss Philosophy is built around the idea that if you are already engaged in a relationship you are like the number two guy. Working harder is not going to get you the results you desire. However, slight small changes, that in sports or music will produce remarkable results are similarly true in marriage and parenting. Using his training as a stand-up comedian at the Improv in LA, Rabbi Baars has developed a knockout, modern, multi-media presentation that gets you rolling in the aisles from laughter. Built on the principle, that a great parent is also a great spouse, this innovative, non-denominational seminar demonstrates key skills and simple techniques that transform any relationship. Loving relationships are a product of loving people, and once the participants master the skills, their parenting and spousal roles improve tremendously. Couples quickly learn the art of communication to produce a more successful, satisfying and nurturing marriage or relationship.

In 2006, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF) awarded BLISS a grant under the administration’s Healthy Marriages Initiative. With this grant, Bliss has been able to partner with leaders in local government agencies, community organizations and houses of worship in Washington, DC, to increase awareness of the importance of healthy marriages and in offering the seminar to members of their sub-communities.

Reviews of Aish Seminars

(22 Reviews)

Maria E.

Attended: The New York Bliss Marriage Seminar

Amazing class, I highly recommend!!!

Caitlin F.

Attended: Think Like a Winner

Great, though provoking class. I have alway been interested in the the so called "self help" world and a believer in manifestation, thoughts creating things. I thought this class would be very repetitive to things I have already heard and read, however I was pleasantly surprised. Stephen is great at delivering the message and structures his class as such with interesting videos and examples. I have learned a lot of small tweaks that have made a big difference. Highly recommend it.

Tom C.

Attended: Think Like a Winner

It is really a great class and Stephen does a terrific job presenting the information. The one hour class goes by very quickly as the class consist of a combination of lecture, visuals, film clips, etc.. The material is extremely interesting and very well thought out. It truly makes you think outside the box. Stephen has a great sense of humor and you truly have a sense that he really cares about his students and wants to see them succeed. I highly recommend this class to anybody that is open to new ideas.

Luis C.

Attended: Think Like a Winner

Great class, Stephen has put together a lot of valuable material to teach in this class. Fully recommended.


Attended: The DC Bliss Marriage Seminar

We *love* this course and the instructor, Stephen Baars! We were first intrigued by the unique approach that differed from traditional marriage/couples therapy. My partner appreciated that it took a lighthearted/comedic approach instead of very serious counseling where someone might be singled out. Additionally, it is a class format, so no one has to talk! It's actually entertaining because funny clips are incorporated into the material. We are always amazed how the lessons take everything you have ever learned (or heard) and turn it on its head. The approach we take with our kids and our partners/spouses should often be reversed! While some couples can glide through life effortlessly, we are part of the group that needs assistance. We decided to make a commitment to going to save our relationship and learn the tools to allow us to have a loving and stable relationship. And little by little I feel like we are getting there. Even with the cost of a babysitter, the price of the course (which you can repeat as much as you want for free) can't be beat, so there is little to lose by trying it. And you can attend classes whenever your schedule permits (Thursday nights for us in Rockville) because there is no set order. All in all, it has been a revelation for us, and we really enjoy going. We come out of every session with renewed hope that we are getting closer to having the relationship we want despite all of our differences and issues. We are even willing to travel from Capitol Hill to Rockville in rush hour to attend. :-) We plan to keep going back until the message becomes second nature. Give it a try -- you have nothing to lose!

Yoel Gilman

Attended: Think Like a Winner

As a Personal development addict, it goes without saying that my exposure to the subject is vast. I’ve spent the past few years learning, developing, and expanding my knowledge connecting with and talking to numerous experts on the subject. My goal in this review is to convey what I think about Stephen, without exaggerating. Although with Stephen, even if I would exaggerate it would still probably be true, but I say this because as an online review reader, I like the facts. I want to read what I need to know and nothing else. So here it is: Since the moment mine and Stephen’s paths crossed, not only did my view of the world transform, but my entire idea of what personal development was, gained a whole new perspective. Amongst many things, one of my favorite Stephen moments was during one of our weekly study session when It suddenly hit me and I realized “Everything has an answer, there are just some things we don’t know the answer to”. I believe it is the small little tweaks we tweak our brains with that make all the difference. that moment for me was one of my most memorable. As small and quick as that moment was, very meaningful none the less. It’s the way Stephen can relay a message/point across in the most meaningful and simplistic way. Recommending his course would be an understatement, but if that’s all this review was designed for, I’ll take it. JOIN the club! In closing, I’ll just say this. Ultimately, it’s not what you do for yourself that determines how much you grow, but what you do for others. I’ve yet to meet anyone who truly understands this sentence better than Stephen. Best, Yoel

Kelly S.

Attended: The New York Bliss Marriage Seminar

Amazing! My husband and I have taken so much useful material from this class. My husband was reluctant at first, but after the first class he was very thankful he gave in. We are so happy we went! I highly recommend it regardless if you are newlyweds or have been married for years. You think you have it all figured out and you come to the seminars for a real dose of real marriage. Rabbi Baars makes the class fun and engaging. All the material is extremely helpful. Take the will not regret it!


Attended: The New York Bliss Marriage Seminar

My husband was reluctant to attend a class like this at first, but after the first one he thanked me. He and I have learned so much and have so many take aways from the seminar. I think it was money well spent and even a few friends and family that are located in different states wish they could participate just from telling them about the things we've learned. Rabbi Baars makes it a point to make the class enjoyable, but doesn't have to try too hard as the material keeps you engaged. It is fun, extremely informative, and worth it. If you are debating on whether to take it...this class is for newlyweds (like ourselves) or much longer married couples. There is a take away for everyone and you won't be disappointed.


Attended: The New York Bliss Marriage Seminar

Excellent as always!


Attended: Think Like a Winner

I'm a sales professional and liked the 1st class quite a bit. It gives you a different perspective at life and allows you to see things differently. As we all know, many negatives can be turned into a positive and it all depends on how your eyes see things. Would highly recommend this class for anybody

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