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Five Animals Kung Fu Academy

Five Animals Kung Fu Academy

Inner Parkside, San Francisco, California
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Five Animals Kung Fu Academy was founded by Sifu Alexander Cardenas and Sijeh Cindy Hom in September 2013. Both Sifu Alex and Sijeh Cindy are the Chief Instructors at the academy. Our Chief Instructors studied the kung fu style of Choy Lay Fut under the world-renowned Grand Master Tat Mau Wong for many years, and had taught for Grandmaster Wong at the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy in the San Francisco Bay Area prior to starting Five Animal Kung Fu Academy. ​ 

Both Sifu Alex and Sijeh Cindy are high level black belt instructors dedicated to teaching and motivating students of all ages to reach their goals. The school was started with the combined purpose of teaching health preservation exercises for the general public, as well as to pass on tradition of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu to anyone that is willing to dedicate their efforts to training their mind and body, to learn discipline, self control, determination, and enrich their life.​ 

Five Animals Kung Fu Academy is named after one of our Choy Lay Fut hand forms Ng Ying Kuen which translates to Five Animals Fist Form. It is also named after the five main animals used in our system: Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Panther, and Crane.  

Though there are also other animal techniques we use in Choy Lay Fut system.

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2408 19th Ave, San Francisco, California 94116
Five Animals Kung Fu Academy
Inner Parkside
2408 19th Ave
Taraval St
San Francisco, California 94116