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Our Promise

We vow that CourseHorse will always be free, safe, and comprehensive.

Free. Every price listed on CourseHorse is the guaranteed lowest price you’d pay for the class. In fact, every time you buy a class on CourseHorse you earn points towards additional class purchases.

Comprehensive. We want to be with you forever (excuse our forwardness). We want to help you find that painting class you’ve been dying to take, that accounting program you need for work, that ridiculously challenging bootcamp that’ll help you fit into your suit/dress, or that perfect kids cooking class for your little one.

Curated. One of the hardest things about finding local classes is knowing who to trust. How can you be confident that when you sign up for a dance class, it's not just going to be some middle-aged single guy that's looking for a new way to meet women? (True story there.) We centralize class information only from established class providers and display verified student reviews.

Our Guarantee

We’ve carefully vetted each one of these schools—spoken to them personally, researched them on our own and even taken some of their classes. You can be certain that when you’re buying a class on CourseHorse, you’re not getting scammed, taken, hoodwinked, sandbagged, double-crossed, swindled, or bamboozled. In the words of Henry Lipkin (Good Will Hunting): “No more shenanigans, no more tomfoolery, no more ballyhoo.”

If you do have an experience that you feel was unfair, tell us about it and we’ll refund your money. A few healthy disclaimers:

  • If you take all 20 sessions of a class and then tell us it was awful, you can understand if we’re a little skeptical—it’s like cleaning your plate at a restaurant and then claiming there was glass in your food.
  • If you were out partying all night and missed the 6am yoga class you signed up for, we leave it up to the school to decide whether they’ll owe you one—after all, someone probably missed out on that class because you bought their ticket.

We trust you guys to keep it real—and thanks for that!

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Why CourseHorse?
Several months ago, back when we (Katie and Nihal) both had full time (paying!) jobs, we embarked on a search to find a cooking class. Tired of the continually growing stack of empty Chinese takeout cartons and Artichoke pizza boxes growing within our respective apartments, we decided it was time to hone our culinary skills and take a class to get ourselves going.
It was then that we realized that finding a personal interest class in New York City today is painful. You’re stuck having to search each individual provider’s site for a similar set of key information. “What about Google?” you might say. And we would reply, “Sure, but searchingin Google just gives you a million different websites to slowly and painfully scan in order to finda class that:
Teaches what you want to learn
Fits your busy schedule
Happens in a neighborhood near you
Falls within your price range"
Well, search no more! CourseHorse’s goal is to make it easier for you to find and enroll in the best classes in New York City. We partner with local providers of classes to create a single site that people can go to when they want to find and enroll in classes.  Can't find a class? Let us know, and we'll do our very best to find it and add it to our catalog within 30 days.
Thanks for using CourseHorse!