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Eva Rosales

Teaches at Hyperfluent

Eva began her love affair with traveling when she was four-years-old and has not stopped ever since. She has lived in 14 countries and traveled to over 50 such as Iran and Tanzania. After obtaining her Bachelor at the University of Florida in French and Political Science and her Master of International Affairs at Columbia University, she studied in France, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Morocco, Italy, and Germany. She tutors over 9 languages to high school and college students at Riverdale, Collegiate, Regis, Sacred Heart, Deerfield Academy, The Browning School, Allen-Stevenson, Fieldston, Spence, Elon University, and Yale University and provides training for AP, ACT and SAT II French, Italian, and Spanish Tests. Throughout her career, Eva has worked as a personal translator, interpreter, celebrity mentor, and language trainer for institutions ranging from the World Bank to UNESCO to Bloomberg LP. As a tutor, she has worked with everyone from government agencies to professional NBA players.

Reviews of Eva Rosales

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Italian 1 Fundamentals (Private)

Ms. Cocco

Attended: Italian 1 Fundamentals (Private)

Prior to a trip to Italy, I thought it best to take a refresher course in Italian. Eva provided me with fantastic tools to assist me with my upcoming visit to Italy. She is patient, kind, and her teaching ability is spot on. She knew exactly what I wanted to review and we conversed from the moment our FaceTime lesson began. I highly recommend Eva as she is a pleasure to work with and a highly accomplished instructor!

Italian 2 Fundamentals (Private)

Donna C.

Attended: Italian 2 Fundamentals (Private)

I loved my online Italian course! The instructor Eva was fantastic! I highly recommend this course!

Portuguese 1 Fundamentals (Private)


Attended: Portuguese 1 Fundamentals (Private)

Eva is one of the most authentic, unique and incredible individuals I have ever met. She not only understands people and what it means to teach (a foreign language) -- but uses her own experiences and difficulties that she encountered during her own education to help and relate to others. I hired Eva to teach me Portuguese [with bits of Spanish in between] and have been nothing but satisfied and pleased with the results. She is patient and has deep inside knowledge of the subjects that she teaches. She is exceptionally personable. Eva is always willing to step up to the plate and take on any challenge that comes her way. Whether this is teaching someone who has no prior knowledge of a subject or traveling to the other end of the world for the betterment of her education. I highly recommend Eva and her work to anyone looking to learn a new language, educate themselves on a new culture or requiring an employee in the security and international relations sphere. As a master of nine languages, a citizen of the world and highly educated individual, Eva is a gem."

French 1 Fundamentals (Private)

Jeanette L.

Attended: French 1 Fundamentals (Private)

If I could add additional stars to this testimonial, I would. The daughter of a friend of ours had to complete one semester of French II over the summer in preparation for the new school year. I was desperate to find someone who came highly recommended, but who could also work at an accelerated pace with this young woman. To our great good fortune, we found Eva. Eva systematically went through the entire coursework with an emphasis on grammar and conversational French, which helped our friend achieve her goal. The girl completed French II and passed the entrance test to French III with flying colors. This major accomplishment would not have been possible without Eva. Eva’s level of professionalism, impressive education, linguistic acumen, and her knowledge of French is that of a native speaker. She clearly works well with any age group and all levels including highly advanced focused areas.

French 1 Fundamentals (Private)

Sherman Reid

Attended: French 1 Fundamentals (Private)

Eva and Hyperfluent helped me take my fundraising to a whole new audience. I’ve been a mentor for the last 8 years with iMentor helping FirstGen college students, many of whom English isn’t their first language. During our annual iMentor Challenge, Eva helped me connect with many different communities of people with a social media outreach in Spanish, French and Portuguese. Thank you Eva! In a global economy, the next generation will greatly benefit in their professional careers from speaking multiple languages. The world will literally be theirs to connect with on many levels.

Spanish 1 Fundamentals (Private)


Attended: Spanish 1 Fundamentals (Private)

Eva is one of the most enthusiastic individuals I have ever met. She is willing to go outside her existing paradigms to better herself both professionally and personally. Eva is always willing to step up to any challenge and is always dedicated. She has exceptional people skills with an uncanny rapport building ability. I highly recommend Eva to anyone looking for someone that is sincere and genuine.