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Get to Know Your Backyard Birds

at Chicago Botanic Garden -

Get ready for this year’s Great Backyard Bird Count, February 18 – 21! Learn about the event, how to participate, and all about the birds in your backyard. Find out which birds live in your neighborhood year-round and which ones come to nest during the summer. Discover identification techniques, bird behaviors, and tips to attract more birds to...

Wednesday Feb 9th, 7pm - 8:30pm Central Time

The Science of Tree Communication - Online

at New York Botanical Garden -

This class will take place online. Registered students will receive login instructions. Trees may appear to be strong and silent, but they can "talk"—to one another, to other plants, and to animals and insects. Discover how trees communicate via chemical signals in the air (to warn each other of insect attacks), as well as through complex fungal...

Thursday Mar 3rd, 6pm - 8pm Eastern Time

  (3 sessions)

3 sessions

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Oaks, Elms, Beeches: A Natural History

at Chicago Botanic Garden -

Oak, elm, and beech once dominated midwestern forests. Discover ways humans, birds, animals, and insects have used and treasured these revered trees. Explore native habitat, historic uses, appearance in folklore, and contemporary species and cultivars available in the Chicago area today. This class will be taught online via Zoom. All registrations...

Wednesday Feb 16th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm Central Time

  (3 sessions)

3 sessions

The Art of Gardening at Chanticleer

at Chicago Botanic Garden -

Join the executive director of Chanticleer Garden, Bill Thomas, for a visual tour and behind-the-scenes look at what the Washington Post calls “one of the most interesting and edgy public gardens in America.” Chanticleer, once the home of the Rosengarten family, is known for residential-scale plant combinations featuring foliage textures and colors,...

Thursday Mar 31st, 6:30pm - 8pm Central Time

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Energetic Anatomy: Take a Tour of Your Energy System

at New York Open Center -

Energetic Anatomy: Take a Tour of Your Energy System & Receive a Deep Healing Note: This workshop will be offered online. Sessions of all our online programs will be recorded and shared with registrants after each is completed for a limited time only. There is a wondrous system of energetic centers and pathways in the human body that allows us...

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

Bird Buffet: Top 25 Backyard Birds

at Chicago Botanic Garden -

Get to know your feathered outdoor dining guests. Learn about common resident and migratory birds. Bird feeding basics such as feeder and food selection, care, and the importance of offering water will be covered. Bird migration, citizen science, and other tips will be discussed. Note: This class will be taught online via Zoom.  All registrations...

No upcoming schedules

The Art of Nature

at Chelsea Drawing & Painting Workshops -

This is a Zoom Workshop to teach how to draw & paint the natural world. Just as mystics have sought meditative peace in the woods deep quietude, the natural world has also inspired artists of all cultures. They have applied their artistic skills to capture it with the techniques of sketching. The act of sketching requires concentration....

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Pollination Ecology - Online

at New York Botanical Garden -

Study the crucial role birds, insects, and bats play in local ecosystems. Using gorgeous photographs taken over years of field study, expert naturalist Alan Wells discusses the many different types of pollination, as well as how the roles played by a plant's flower structure, nectar production, and fragrance.

No upcoming schedules

3 sessions

Literary Left Bank Virtual Tour

at Coucou Los Angeles -

Coucou is partnering with Women of Paris to offer you a very unique Literary Left Bank virtual tour! Join Heidi, Paris tour guide and creator of the Women of Paris Walks for an immersive, online jaunt through the lives and achievements of female Parisian writers like Colette, George Sand, Simone de Beauvoir and more… Set...

No upcoming schedules

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Spotlight on Bird Songs - Online

at New York Botanical Garden -

This class will take place online. Registered students will receive login instructions. Did you know that Blue Jays can mimic the cry of a Red-tailed Hawk? Train your ear to find them as well as other talented mimics, comical improvisers, brilliant songsters, and heart-throb spring soloists. The vocalizations of our native birds are many and vary...

No upcoming schedules

Gardens of the Philadelphia Area: Online

at Chicago Botanic Garden -

There is an amazing cluster of public gardens in Philadelphia and the adjacent Brandywine Valley, such as Longwood, Chanticleer, and Winterthur. You will enjoy a virtual tour of these gardens and take inspiration for your own home by examining exciting plant combinations and fun design ideas. This class will be taught online via Zoom. Registered...

No upcoming schedules

Revisioning the Moments for End-of-Life Ceremony

at One Spirit Learning Alliance -

Revisioning the Moments for End-of-Life Ceremony and Ritual As American families have become more religiously/spiritually mixed and diverse, a call for new language and ceremony has emerged around the end-of-life period. How can we better acknowledge change and loss, honor the dead, and pull ourselves together at times when sadness seems all there...

No upcoming schedules

Video Game Writing Level I: 6-Week

at Gotham Writers' Workshop -

Video games have exploded into our culture (sometimes literally), earning double the annual revenue of movies. They have also become wondrously diverse, ranging from shoot em’ ups like Call of Duty to sophisticated stories like Bioshock Infinite to offbeat indie games. Simple ideas like “avoid ghosts” have evolved into complex storytelling not...

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

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