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Kole Hainz

Teaches at General Assembly

Kole Hainz is a Senior Interaction Designer at Devbridge Group where he helps solve complex problems for Fortune 500 clients through intuitive interfaces and compelling digital experiences. He takes a lean, iterative approach to his user experience work—collaborating directly with stakeholders, developers and users to rapidly concept, test and refine his solutions. When not obsessing over usability and design strategy, he’s often seen at concerts or biking around the city.

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2-Day Product Design Bootcamp

Apri M.

Attended: 2-Day Product Design Bootcamp

I really enjoyed this class. It was very enlightening and informative of what product design is. I loved the instructor, Carm. She had neat ideas to get us warmed up the 1st day. I also enjoyed the research exercise we did out by the Riverwalk. I recommend this for anyone who wants a better understanding of UX and Product Design. I would be interested in attending other classes in the near future.

User Experience Design Bootcamp


Attended: User Experience Design Bootcamp

Class was an excellent starting point for getting a grasp of UX!

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