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Marco C.

Teaches at NYIM Training

Marco has extensive experience in teaching Microsoft Office Suite and his main focus is in Excel and PowerPoint. Marco has seen the evolution of different spreadsheet software such as Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Symphony, Excel and the Calc. As Excel is widely used in today’s business environment, to master it and able to utilize this skill is certainly a must have for anyone who wants to advance in their career or stay competitive in the job market. His teaching style is extremely student-oriented. Whether he is teaching a large class, a small class, or a one-on-one teaching session, Marco always focuses on deciphering difficult concepts and applies them into real world examples by providing hands-on exercises. The students get to learn what they need most and the class is always fun. Marco is a Certified Excel Expert, Sun Certified Java Programmer and CompTIA A+ Certified Professional.