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Ike Ilkiw

Teaches at Q.E.D.

Ike was born on the Lower East Side of New York City in the early 1960′s…his family moved to Brooklyn in 1963, and he grew up in the Brooklyn Cypress Hills neighborhood. He worked at various jobs, but was appointed to the to the NYC Transit Police in 1982, and was promoted to the rank of Detective in 1986. It is from his experiences of growing up in New York City and being a NYC Police Detective that he decided to start the NYC Adventure Tours web site.

Ike is a licensed New York State Private Investigator, and has worked with every level of law enforcement, from the New York City to the Federal level, including FBI, and The DEA.

Ike has assisted in Television Show development and story ideas from “Amsterdam” (2007) and his first screen credit with “Pelham 123″ in 2009.

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