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Byte Academy

Murray Hill, New York, New York
(7 Reviews)

Byte Academy offers industry-oriented technology curriculum in full, part-time, and remote formats.  It is headquartered in New York City with additional locations in Singapore and India.  Byte Academy's full-stack Python software development bootcamp is the first in New York City.  It's FinTech (financial technology) coding curriculum is the first of its type worldwide. Current offerings include full-stack Python software development, FinTech, Data Science, Blockchain, C++ and MedTech (Medical Technology).  Byte Academy offers scholarships for women and veterans.  For more information please check out and/or email [email protected]

Reviews of Byte Academy

(7 Reviews)


Attended: Data Sci 201: Data Visualization with Python

Amazing instructor! The lectures were very detailed and comprehensive and the instructor was very well informed with the material and explained it in an easy manner.


Attended: Data Sci. 109: Intro to Data Sci. & Statistics using R

Their Intro to R workshop was awesome, but the bootcamp at $15000 is way too much to justify enrolling in the course.


Attended: Data Sci 210: Natural Language Processing w/ Data Sci.

Great class! Very knowledgable teacher.

Will C.

Attended: Data Sci 201: Data Visualization with Python

The geospatial data analysis workshop was phenomenal! I didn't even know that tools like plotly and geojsonio existed at all. The curriculum was really well developed and the instructor (Ms. Cordero) did a great job at teaching the concepts and walking through the code. Would recommend to anyone looking to go into data science!

Gracie Han

Attended: Python 101: Data Science Prep

Leslie is a diligent teacher, who has enormous knowledge on Python. I definitely would recommend her.

Riana E.

Attended: Python 101: Data Science Prep

Riana E. gave this class 4 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.


Attended: Data Sci 201: Data Visualization with Python

Anonymous gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.