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New York Jazz Workshop

The New York Jazz Workshop mission is to create opportunities for musicians of diverse backgrounds and abilities to learn and play jazz and related forms of modern music under the guidance of a world‐class faculty. Our goal is to further develop the school in fully fledged Jazz Center for learning, rehearsing, and performing music. The New York Jazz Workshop was created by tenor saxophonist and educator, Marc Mommaas, and jazz aficionado and entrepreneur, Marco Chelo.The Company began operations in the summer of 2009 with the first “Summer Summit” featuring two “workshop” classes, the Improvisation and Rhythm Workshop with Marc Mommaas and Tony Moreno, and a Guitar Workshop lead by Vic Juris.

In 2013, the Company is entering its fifth year of operations. We have earned a strong reputation in the jazz community, and many of our teachers are world‐renowned and highly respected musicians and educators in their own right.Most of our faculty members are also associated with renowned conservatories and universities such as NYU, New School, Columbia University, Manhattan School Of Music and Julliard.

Our Services:

Ongoing Workshops: The ongoing workshops offer students the ability to get together, learn music and play in a band setting under the guidance of a seasoned working musician. The workshops are organized by the skill level of the students and musical style.

Summer Summit Workshops: The Summer Summit Workshops are intensive full time workshops lasting 4 consecutive days with each day’s sessions lasting for 6 hours.

Teen Jazz Improvisation Summer Camp: Like the summer summit workshop the teen jazz summer camp are four day intensives tailored especially for students 13 to 17 years old.

Private Lessons: The New York Jazz Workshop has built a network of world‐renowned musicians. We are carefully expanding this network to reach a broader audience. Most importantly, our main goal is to establish and sustain a high quality faculty.

Master Classes: The New York Jazz Workshop offers periodic master classes. The master classes focus on a particular aspect of music, such as rhythm, harmony, composition, the study of a particular style of music (e.g. Be‐bop) or the work of a particular artist (e.g. Monk, Coltrane, Parker, etc.).

Concerts: We have organized public concerts featuring our students to establish and strengthen the atmosphere of a social community through our programs. We are proud of our collaboration with Smalls, a prestigious jazz club located in the West Village section of Manhattan. Smalls is known across the globe for its excellent programming of first‐rate jazz music. All students that are active in regular ongoing classes regularly perform in these concerts. These concerts not only function as an incentive for students to stay connected with our program and persevere in their own practice, but also strengthen our connections in the larger jazz community.

Outreach Music Programs: 

The New York Jazz Workshop offers ad hoc oureach programs, for school, corporations, university, community groups and other institutions.

Music enhances the process of learning. The systems they nourish, which include our integrated sensory, attention, cognitive, emotional and motor capacities, are shown to be the driving forces behind all other learning. ~ Konrad, R.R., Empathy,Arts and Social Studies, 2000

Teaching through the arts motivates children and increases their aptitude for learning. ~ EricJensen, Arts with the Brain in Mind, 2001

The New York Jazz Workshop has been researching and working with various curriculums for these types of programs, including Jazz at Lincoln Center “Jazz For Young People” and the Midori & Friends Foundation. We are confident in our ability to offer competitive programs that positively influence children’s lives. We have named our program “Jazz Encounters” and we intend to bring a variety of different artists to inspire and educate different audiences about jazz.

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