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LifeLabs NY

LifeLabs New York is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in New York City. We are an incubator for ideas on living wisely and well, offering courses, labs, and events for the common good.

How it all started, We were wondering: What if there were a school for adults, but instead of algebra and spelling lessons, you could join expert courses on the real stuff of life.... Laboratories for great ideas, practice sessions on the art of marriage and science of a good job, a gym for bad day 'vaulting' skills. What if the photography teacher can show us new ways of looking and our music teacher can show us new life harmonies?

We noticed:

Most of us already know what makes life good, but have trouble remembering to do those things often enough. Great teachers are people who inspire us to try something new and see life from unique angles Sometimes you can learn one tiny little trick that leads to big new ideas.

So, we created the LAB as a place for all of the above.

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