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Anthesis Holistic Wellness

Anthesis Holistic Wellness

Life Skills
Flatiron, New York, New York
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Anna started her career in the sciences, with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Masters degree in Toxicology. Early in her career, she developed a strong interest in cosmetic ingredients and the potential health effects from their chronic use. Parallel to her exploration of cosmetics and their impacts on health, she also pursued herbal medicine classes with an interest in the natural healing properties of herbs.

In 2009 both of her interests merged and she combined her science background and knowledge of herbs to create her own organic skincare company, Anthesis Organic Skincare, with the intention of creating botanical and aromatherapy products that were devoid of synthetic and harmful ingredients. While deepening her knowledge of herbs and experiencing their healing properties in her botanical skincare line, she discovered the importance of holistic health. She realized that healthy skin went beyond moisturizing your skin from the outside. It was about making conscious lifestyle choices to sustain your overall health as a whole.

During this time she went through some unexpected life changes and decided to close the Anthesis Organic Skincare in order to take some time for herself and to dig deeper in understanding holistic health and the connection between mind, body and spirit for optimal health. After a lot of soul searching, and two life-changing trips to Thailand and India, it was clear to her she wanted to pursue holistic health and wellness as a career. She noticed that when her mind was present and at peace, she experienced a sense of self-awareness, clarity, empowerment from within and alignment with her authentic self. She discovered the valuable interconnection between meditation, healthy nutrition, energy work, physical exercise, cultivating healthy relationships and joy in relation to her inner balance and peace.

Her fervent interest in understanding the mind-body-spirit connection in relation to healing and optimal health led her to expand her horizons and achieve certifications in various modalities of energetic healing, herbal medicine and aromatherapy. She initially pursued these certifications for her own personal growth and development with the intention to unveil the best version of herself and improve her quality of life. After seeing the immense life-changing benefits in her life, she decided that she wanted to share it with others.

Her interest and exploration in the mind-body-spirit connection and its relationship to healing and optimal health continues to expand and develop. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Integrative Health and Nutrition with a specialty in Herbal Medicine. Her ultimate goal is to integrate nutrition, herbal medicine, energy work, aromatherapy, health coaching, meditation techniques and educational workshops to help people achieve optimal well-being.

Despite closing her company in 2013, her passion for creating botanical aromatherapy and wellness products and harnessing the innate healing properties of Mother Nature continues to thrive. She still makes aromatherapy and wellness products upon request and hosts herbal product making workshops.

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38 West 32nd St Ste 1507, New York, New York 10016
Anthesis Holistic Wellness
Flatiron, Manhattan
38 West 32nd St Ste 1507
At Broadway
New York, New York 10016

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