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​Well, you made it. You're here, looking to take a striptease class. Deep breath.
We women need to feel free to confidently express ourselves sexually and sensually, without ANY shame!

Why do we yearn to take these classes, secretly desire to be strippers for a day? Is it the mystique of the unknown, the forbidden? Is it the glamour, the way we feel strippers are perceived, the way they carry themselves? Is it for the reactions we get when we tell people we are taking stripper class? Is it the desire to change our body, to be at ease with our body, with our sexuality? Is it to have power over our men, to have men want us, to leave 'em with jaws on the floor. It is to look sexy, to feel sexy? Is it to feel more confident, to not focus on our flaws, but embrace our bodies with pride and positivity? Is it the killer stripper shoes?

To be honest, we haven't quite figured that out yet. All we know is that when we look in the mirror, when we watch our bodies flow, when we touch ourselves in ways society has deemed "inappropriate," when we let go... we feel alive. We feel freakin' on fire!

So we dance. We dance for our lovers, for our bodies, for our spirit, for our mental well being, for ourselves. We dance to feel youthful, fit, confident, sexy, powerful, desired, envied, feminine, pretty. We dance because it just looks and feels so damn good.

So muster up your courage and strap on your heels. We'll see you in class.

"Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it." - Lt. John B. Putnam Jr.

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Need help finding a class? Contact us!
Need help? Contact us!