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Stepping Out Studios

The school originally opened in 1985 as a small, boutique studio with big ideas and big dreams. From its inception, the school's mission has been to introduce and spread the joy of partner dancing far and wide. To that end, it has grown and developed into the most internationally acclaimed and well respected of partner dance schools. The school offers a full range of classes in which course curriculum aspire to the highest quality, being innovative and diverse, while preserving the traditional aspects of partner dancing. Providing the ideal atmosphere for learning while having a great time, the school's objective is to inspire students to express themselves creatively, challenge themselves and grow, and have the utmost fun doing it in a dynamic way.

As a trailblazer, the school was the first partner dance school to cultivate and offer a palette of different dance styles to the public. To name a few, Argentine Tango was first re-introduced to New Yorkers and west coast swing introduced to the East Coast dance community. The school as instrumental in building and reviving the Latin, swing, and country Western phenomenons that have swept New York in the last decade.

The school becomes involved with every facet of partner dancing. It has launched and produced dance competitions for professionals and amateurs alike; its own Salsa and international dance companies (which perform in and out of house) the teachers' training program (which enhances professional instructors' skills at the most advanced levels; and develops teaching skills at the grassroots level for endeavoring, promising, non-professionals). The school offers periodic specialized workshops; dance weekends; dance trips abroad; and evening outings to local venues. The extensive repertoire caters to wedding services, competitive and social dancers alike at every level, and the "party animal" who wants to cut loose with a night out of dancing at any of our many parties. The dancing program was created to offer the LGBT community a place to come and dance with a same-sex partner; and its offshoot dancing performance company travels and performs locally and out of town.

Through its dedicated endeavors, the school has developed educational outreach program specially designed for tri-state area schools and school club affiliates; instructional videos; etc. In addition to teaching in-house, the school also dispatches its world renowned instructors to outside engagements to teach, choreograph, and perform shows. The school has taught at hospitals, corporations (such as Sony and MetLife), health clubs, arts institutions, colleges and high schools, etc. The school has been featured in, and intrinsic to, an infinite number of multi-media projects, including television (for instance, "dancing with the stars") radio, stage and film.

The school's credo is one of integrity, quality, and warmth. Students of all backgrounds, professions, cultures, and walks of life flock to the studio because of its cutting-edge, upscale reputation wrapped in a fun, friendly environment. 

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