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Corkbuzz Restaurant & Wine Bar

Corkbuzz Restaurant & Wine Bar

Union Square, New York, New York
(105 Reviews)

Corkbuzz Restaurant and Wine Bar is located in NYC's Union Square. Our menu is built for guests to experience the magic of a perfect food and wine pairing.

Corkbuzz is guided by a simple philosophy: wine is meant to be enjoyed. Co-founder and Master Sommelier Laura Maniec views herself less as the proprietor of a wine bar and more as the enthusiastic host of a never-ending dinner party. Her humble approach is inspired by rich memories of family gatherings filled with laughter and storytelling (and wine, of course).

Maniec and the entire Corkbuzz Staff are generous with their knowledge, welcoming every chance to deepen someone’s appreciation for wine. The classes are unique and engaging. The wine selection is dynamic, smart and approachable. The food is deeply satisfying and built for guests to experience the magic of a perfect pairing. Corkbuzz offers the wine enthusiast and the adventurous novice a chance to experience one of life’s great, intangible treasures: discovery.

Reviews of Corkbuzz Restaurant & Wine Bar

(105 Reviews)
USQ | In Depth: Wines of Piedmont

Aaron M.

Attended: USQ | In Depth: Wines of Piedmont

Great intermediate level course - and an excellent selection of wines for tasting!

If You Like This You'll Love That: Obscure Grapes


Attended: If You Like This You'll Love That: Obscure Grapes

It was dull. Too much background info on the regions and winemaker. Lots of mind numbing history. Very little tasting. Zero interaction with others taking class. Shouldn't be a lecture. Should be fun. Social. And at price freely flowing wine. Very disappointed.

Raid The Cellar with An Ms-Tuscany

Alexandra G.

Attended: Raid The Cellar with An Ms-Tuscany

Fun facts and GREAT wine. There weren't enough seats for everyone, so it was a bit awkward to taste, find a place to take notes, get snacks, etc. Would go again though!

Wine Dinner with Winemaker Antonio Benanti

Jenine L.

Attended: Wine Dinner with Winemaker Antonio Benanti

It was wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Intro to Blind Tasting

Randi P.

Attended: Intro to Blind Tasting

Thoughtful presentation and thorough education. Great class for a beginner.

Intro to Blind Tasting


Attended: Intro to Blind Tasting

Very informative. Enjoyed the atmosphere and instructor was fun and knowledgeable.

Whiskeys of the World

Richard S.

Attended: Whiskeys of the World

Enjoyed the whiskey selection but think the teacher was wrong or uninformed on several points.

All About Bubbles


Attended: All About Bubbles

Great course, very interesting and informative. Great wines as well :-) Sommelier got distracted too easily by questions, getting off topic, but very knowledgeable.

Whiskeys of the World

Chelsea S.

Attended: Whiskeys of the World

Could have been amazing but didn't really learn much. The whiskey selection was clever but too much historical details and not enough what we should look for in a whiskey. Teacher was a nice guy, but didn't answer the questions. I asked about triple distilled as was on one of the forms, but he didn't understand or elaborate. I would recommend the restaurant, but not the actual class.

A Tour of France


Attended: A Tour of France

Instructor let himself get distracted by two people asking redundant questions he had previously answered. The result was that we had to cover the 6 wines in 30 minutes instead of 90 minutes. Didn't feel like we learned anything insightful / applicable to the next time we try the wines. Could have asked them to save their questions for after the session.

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13 E 13th St, New York, New York 10003
Corkbuzz Restaurant & Wine Bar
Union Square, Manhattan
13 E 13th St
Btwn 5th Ave & University Pl
New York, New York 10003

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