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Sales Training NYC

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Sales Training Coming up in New York

Line Sheets, Look Books and Sales Collateral

The most important aspect of establishing your brand is providing sales materials that convey the image you are trying to create. From line sheets to look books, this seminar will present strategies to increase sales while preventing unnecessary duplication of your valuable design concepts. From models and photographers through stylists and printers,...

Th.   Oct 20th, 6pm
All levels
Promoting Sales

Sales promotional communications are employed for a pre-determined, limited time, to increase customer demand, stimulate market demand, or improve product availability.  Examples include: contests, sweepstakes, point of purchase displays, rebates, coupons, free product samples, etc. Sales promotions targeted to the "consumer are called consumer...

12 sessions
W.   Sep 21st, 6:15pm
All levels
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A View from a Retail Buyer & Sales Rep

This seminar gives you the opportunity to hear about the fashion business from a buyer's and sales rep's perspective. A discussion on how your product will be received at the two levels, insight into getting your product into a boutique, and how to properly merchandise your line to get maximum sales using a sales rep will be the focus. Note: Check...

Th.   Nov 10th, 6pm
All levels
Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approaches

Gain a basic understanding and knowledge of the residential sales comparison and income approaches.  Course includes the valuation principles and procedures applicable to both approaches. Students will enhance their market analysis skills through the hands-on application of principles of both approaches through the use of exercises and case studies. ...

11 sessions
T.F.   Nov 1st, 6pm
All levels
Negotiation and Persuasion

In this practice-based course, you will improve your ability to negotiate and persuade employers, colleagues, and clients.  You will build your confidence and negotiation skills while focusing on communication strategies, language choice, and vocal delivery.  Prerequisites: Professional Selling and Advanced Selling Note: Classroom location...

3 sessions
Sa.   Nov 5th, 9am
How To Produce A Fashion Show/Sales Event

This 2 hour workshop is hands on, and a great place to network, meet, and learn. It gives you all the knowledge you'll need to organize a fashion show, whether large or small scale! In fact, you are not likely to find all of this information in any one place. We produced numerous Fashion Shows & Special Events for designers,...

Sa.   Aug 27th, 6:30pm
All levels
The Negotiating Bootcamp

You will learn how to effectively negotiate.  Topics include: Overview of excellent negotiations vs. ordinary negotiating ability, How much more you can earn by being a Top Producer, Pre-Negotiating Tactics, Partnership Negotiations, and Negotiating with Banks and Financial Institutions. Note: Classroom location listings are also posted...

Sa.   Dec 10th, 9am
All levels

Get Artsy

Unleash Your Sales Greatness

In this sales training course you will learn how customer service is key. A clear understanding of your duties to each individual client and how to keep your clients happy and most importantly coming back for more. Utilizing your interpersonal abilities,  you will learn how to quickly build rapport with prospect clients via phone or in person....

Su.   Aug 28th, 1pm
All levels
Other Dates (17)
Sales, Marketing, and PR

Score free publicity and get your product in the spotlight. From fashion editorials and the “what’s hot” pages to morning television spots and celebrity endorsements, this seminar will show you where these opportunities are and how your company can benefit. Industry experts will teach you how to write press releases and how to send your product...

Th.   Nov 3rd, 6pm
All levels
New York Salespersons' License Pre-qualifying

This is a 78-Hour Salespersons' License Pre-qualifying Course.  School exam is given during the final three hours. Students must also pass the New York State Department of State licensing exam and obtain Real Estate Broker sponsorship for licensure. Prerequisite: None  Text: New York Real Estate for Salespersons, 5th Ed., by Marcia Darvin...

20 sessions
Th.T.W.   Sep 8th, 5:45pm
All levels
Other Dates (4)
Professional Selling

Start a career in sales or improve your current sales performance by learning all the basic concepts of professional selling. This course will provide a starting point for additional in-depth courses or can be taken as a one-time course to gain an overview of professional selling.  Topics include: selling as a profession, relationship marketing,...

11 sessions
M.W.   Sep 26th, 6:15pm
All levels
Prospecting and Lead Development

Learn how to increase sales by prospecting for qualified leads.  Emphasis will be placed on building relationships with prospects and developing qualified leads. Topics include understanding lead generation, defining your best lead, lead generation ROI, value proposition, building the lead generation plan, and synergies in tactics such as lead...

11 sessions
T.   Sep 27th, 6:15pm
All levels
NLP and Sales Mastery

NLP is a method for modeling peak performance and excellence. In this 12 hour NLP and Sales Mastery course being offered on Four Monday Evenings- November 17 and 24, December 1 and 8, 2014 (7pm-10pm) you will learn to become a peak sales performer, incorporating the core NLP skills and techniques into your repertoire. By applying the cutting edge strategies...

2 sessions
Sa.Su.   Sep 17th, 10am
All levels
Advanced Selling Methods

This course focuses on advanced concepts in professional selling. It is designed to enhance your ability to improve client relationships and generate additional sales. Topics include: consultative sales strategies, how other people really see you, understanding and changing your customer relationships, understanding and adapting to buyers, building...

11 sessions
W.M.   Nov 9th, 6:15pm
(84) Administrator

A student in this class will learn how to administer Salesforce, configure Salesforce, and develop new applications utilizing the platform. This class is delivered by a senior instructor with many years of real-world Salesforce experience. The instructor will cover all the basic administration concepts within Salesforce in addition to sharing...

5 sessions
M.T.W.Th.F.   Sep 12th, 10am
All levels
Other Dates (3)
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