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History Lessons Coming up in New York

Gershom Scholem: Kabbalah, Messianism, and History

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Union Square
15 W 16th St, New York, New York 10011

Gershom Scholem (1897–1982) may be the best known scholar of Jewish Studies in the twentieth century. Above all he is associated with launching the modern academic study of Jewish mysticism. However, Scholem’s study of mysticism was only part of his much broader, far more engaged and systematic thinking about questions of contemporary politics...


4 sessions

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Ban This Book (If You Can)

at Think Olio - Greenwich Village
828 Broadway, New York, New York 10003

For many of the greats of literary Modernism, including James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, Djuna Barnes, e.e. cummings, Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos, the ultimate cat and mouse game with the censors was played on a global scale. More than a decade before the Nazi book burnings turned public opinion against the obscenity laws, writers and their publishers...


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Joseph Rodriguez's El Barrio in the '80s

at Museum of the City of New York - Public - East Harlem
1220 5th Ave, New York, New York 10029

When Brooklyn-raised photographer Joseph Rodriguez first debuted his body of work shot in Spanish Harlem in the 1980s, it truly captured the spirit of the neighborhood. At that time, El Barrio was confronted with some of the city’s most endemic problems including crime, drugs, AIDS, and chronic unemployment. Despite this grim prognosis,...


A History of Ghost Hunting

at Q.E.D. - Astoria
27-16 23rd Ave, Astoria, New York 11105

Ghost hunting has been part of our fictional and historic narratives since the Ancient Greeks. This lecture will take you on a historical paranormal investigation starting with Homer’s The Odyssey to the Middle Ages to 19 th century spiritualism to present day ghost hunting techniques.  The second half of the lecture will involve...


Urban Tantra®: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century

at New York Open Center - Flatiron
22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

Urban Tantra® is a radically updated Tantra practice for modern sexual/spiritual explorers that can be used by everyone. Tantra is not only a sexual practice; it is a way of life and a path to spiritual growth. On the Tantric path, pleasure, vision and ecstasy are celebrated and can be found in both everyday life and in peak sexual experiences. We...


Queens Then and Now

at Q.E.D. - Astoria
27-16 23rd Ave, Astoria, New York 11105

The borough of Queens has seen many historical and geographical changes throughout its illustrious history. Marshlands, woods, and farms gave way to factories, thriving communities, and the nation's premier arterial highway system.  Queens: Then & Now offers a rare historical look at New York City's largest borough, featuring many never-before-seen...


Asteroids Approaching: Delivering Life & Death

at Think Olio - Crown Heights
899 Bergen St, Brooklyn, New York 11238

They’re coming! They’re coming! It’s not if but only when that rocks from space collide with the Earth. There are tens of thousands of these potential missiles roaming the Solar System. The majority orbit the Sun between the paths of Mars and Jupiter. Most behave; however, there is a special group known as Near Earth Objects (NEOs) which occasionally...


A Contemporary Introduction to the Frankfurt School

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Midtown
247 West 37th St 5th Fl, New York, New York 10018

In 1930, Max Horkheimer became the director of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany. Along with his colleagues and a broader orbit of external scholars, he inaugurated the first wave of what came to be called “critical theory.” This course is an introduction to some of the key works and concepts of the Frankfurt School, including...


5 sessions

The Eleusinian Mysteries

at Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights
190 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238

Course Name: The Eleusinian Mysteries: Occult Secrets of the Ancient Greeks Every year in the Ancient Greek city of Eleusis, people gathered from far and wide to worship the power of nature with a series of religious rituals called the Eleusinian Mysteries. Although it was kept secret from all but the initiated, the cult of the Mysteries...


Michel Foucault: Biopolitics and Beyond

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - East Harlem
1216 5th Ave, New York, New York 10029

In a lecture given at the Collège de France in 1976, Michel Foucault declared, “One of the basic phenomena of the nineteenth century was what might be called power’s hold over life.” This observation—that modern states derive their force from controlling biological life—is the basis of biopower, a theory of politics that has since spread...


4 sessions

History Series: Presidential Leadership

at Queensborough Community College - Bayside
222-05 56th Ave, Bayside, New York 11364

We will look at four crises of the Eisenhower administration: The Army McCarthy Hearings, The Suez, Hungarian Revolution of 1956, The U-2 Incident; Ike's Farewell Address. These crises defined The greatest of Eisenhower as President of the United States. What can we learn about leadership from how Ike handled these situations? Come to the class to...


2 sessions

Lower Manhattan History Walk

at Brooklyn Brainery

When it comes to historical neighborhoods in New York they don’t get much more older than Lower Manhattan. Join us for a two-hour walk through the Financial District where we’ll learn about some of it’s most famous landmarks. We’ll see Alexander Hamilton’s gravesite, talk about the actual wall of Wall Street, and walk the oldest streets of...


Critical Global Health

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - East Harlem
1216 5th Ave, New York, New York 10029

Global health is at once a philanthropic enterprise, a driving force behind certain forms of global pharmaceutical research and development, a way of bringing order to disorderly regions and populations, and an increasingly central component of human rights work. Scholars in the emerging field of critical global health have begun to question and investigate...


4 sessions

Ghosts of the Boroughs

at Q.E.D. - Astoria
27-16 23rd Ave, Astoria, New York 11105

Boroughs of the Dead Tour Guide Marie Carter is thrilled to present “Ghosts of the Boroughs”. In this eerie, illustrated lecture you will learn about the haunted mansions of the boroughs, a ghostly monastery, a creepy story involving murder and a spooky doll, former insane asylums, grisly murders, and many other ghastly NYC stories!  And...


Reading Herodotus

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Williamsburg
167 Bowery , New York, New York 10002

Since antiquity, Herodotus has been proclaimed the Father of History and the Father of Lies; and others have found in Herodotus the origins of western ethnographic writing. In our course, we will read and discuss the entirety of Herodotus’ Histories, with particular attention to the dialogic variety of narratives—historical, anthropological,...


4 sessions