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History Lessons Coming up in New York

Altered States: Augmented Reality (AR) and the Politics

at Pioneer Works - Red Hook
159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, New York 11231

Whose stories dominate urban memory? Who is “allowed” to participate in the process of placemaking? How do we construct alternative modes of engaging with a public space? Locative media, or location-aware interactive environments or technologies, include everything from mobile games to responsive installations to maps that use geospatial data....


2 sessions

Spotlight on Icelandic Design

at Artists and Fleas - Williamsburg
70 N 7th St, Brooklyn, New York 11249

As part of Taste of Iceland 2017 in New York City, Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn is pleased and honored to be hosting a pop out event featuring some of the most talented emerging Icelandic designers. Stay tuned for more details. Iceland's famous cultural festival Taste of Iceland comes to Brooklyn Sept. 28 - Oct. 1. The...


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Mesopotamia: The Land Between Two Rivers

at Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights
190 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238

Mesopotamia, the “Land Between the Two Rivers” in present-day Iraq, is often referred to as the Cradle of Civilization. The ancient peoples of this region developed the first cities and multicultural societies, invented writing and the wheel, and left behind incredible works of art and a rich and varied literature. Yet despite their...


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Basic Feng Shui

at New York Institute of Technology - Upper West Side
1855 Broadway, New York, New York 10023

This course will provide an introduction to thePrinciples of Feng Shui. Students will learn how the interiors professional may apply basic correctionsand adjustments according to FS principles. Included will be a general history; discussion of schools and methods of practice; use of color,form and materials, to give a solid foundation and understanding...


10 sessions

What is Liberalism?

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Brooklyn
432 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238

While for many in the United States liberalism is understood as a loose category of political identification – whose definition has shifted significantly and not always transparently over the past century – fewer people are familiar with liberal political philosophy despite its overwhelming influence on political discourse both left and right....


4 sessions

American Museum of Natural History: Family Tour

at Museum Hack - Upper West Side
Central Park W , New York, New York 10024

DINOSAURS! SCIENCE! ADVENTURE! Break out your pith helmet as we embark upon a brazen expedition through the halls of New York City's world-famous American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Join your maverick tour guide as we deftly navigate this massive 27-building, 1.6 million square foot landmark cultural institution. Learn the science...


Politics of the City: Plato’s Republic

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Midtown
247 West 37th St 5th Fl, New York, New York 10018

From the ancient world to contemporary debates, the work of Plato is foundational in Western philosophy. As Alfred North Whitehead once quipped, “The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.” In particular, Plato’s Republicremains a vital touchstone...


4 sessions

Genealogy: Finding our Ancestors, Finding Ourselves

at Queensborough Community College - Bayside
222-05 56th Ave, Bayside, New York 11364

This workshop will explain how to get started in this fascinating hobby and how to grow a family tree from just a few "seeds". Learn the tools of successful genealogical research, and start on the path toward creating a well-documented family tree and family history.  Discussion includes the obstacles beginners face in genealogical research and...


4 sessions

On Ulysses S. Grant

at 92nd Street Y - Upper East Side
1395 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10128

The inner lives of great people are often more mysterious and fascinating than their public lives. Dr. Gail Saltz, the author, psychoanalyst and contributor to the Today show, invites experts and brings her own expertise to bear as she examines the psychology of people who have shaped history. In his time, Ulysses S. Grant was routinely grouped with...


Greetings from Coney Island Walking Tour

at Brooklyn Brainery - Coney Island
1215 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11224

The history of Coney Island is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. From prostitutes living in a giant tin elephant, to the invention of the hot dog, to a ride that’s so scary it actually made its riders pee themselves, and we’ll tell you all about it!  Join New York Local Tours as we explore the engaging history of Coney Island’s...


Who Will Lead Us: Hasidic Dynasties in America

at 92nd Street Y - Upper East Side
1395 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10128

Hasidism, a movement many believed had passed its golden age, has had an extraordinary revival since it was nearly decimated in the Holocaust. Hasidic communities, now settled primarily in North America and Israel, have reversed their losses and are growing exponentially. Join us, with scholar Samuel Heilman, to explore the fascinating story of five...


Thomas Paine and the Flame of Revolution

at Think Olio

This Olio examines the life and writing of Thomas Paine at the end of the eighteenth century. Starting with Common Sense and The Crisis Papers, the talk focuses on Paine’s role in the American Revolution and the creation of an “American” political ideology.


The Evolution of Beauty: Darwin's Theory of Mate

at 92nd Street Y - Upper East Side
1395 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10128

Full Course Name: The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin's Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World – and Us In the great halls of science, dogma holds that Darwin’s theory of natural selection explains every branch on the tree of life. However, after 30 years of fieldwork, Professor Richard Prum has seen numerous display traits...


The Sumerians: History's Innovators

at Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights
190 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238

This class seeks to shed some long-overdue light on these people whose legacy we are still surrounded by. Together, we will follow the Sumerians as they climb the heights of achievement in art, literature and government, from their mysterious origins around 3500 BCE to their disappearance circa 1200 BCE. We’ll hear Sumerian poetry and music, see...


The African Burial Ground: Black Archaeology

at Brooklyn Brainery - Brooklyn
1233 Prospect Ave Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, New York 11218

For two hundred years they waited beneath lower Manhattan, entirely forgotten. Even after their recent rediscovery – which occurred by accident during the construction of a new office building –their importance was denied, debated, and almost destroyed. Who are ‘they’? The thousands of African-Americans who lived in New York City during the...