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Culture Classes Coming up in New York

Contemporary Debates in Race & Ethnicity

at The New School - Manhattan

Through an interdisciplinary engagement with contemporary literature and scholarship on race and ethnicity, this course considers the following questions: How do race and ethnicity organize the social world? What are the historical conditions under which the various definitions of racial and ethnic difference emerge? What is at stake in the institutional...


16 sessions

Tuesday Aug 29th, 6pm


Queer New York

at The New School - Manhattan

This course traverses the geography of New York City, exploring queer life from the 1960s to the present. Through engagement with literature, performance, and film, students look at experiments in the production of queer art and culture.  From Jack Smith's trash aesthetics to Dynasty Handbag's performance of abjection, queer art practice has...


16 sessions

Wednesday Aug 30th, 4pm


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Gifts of the Sun: The Cuisine of the Aztecs

at Brooklyn Brainery - Brooklyn
190 Underhill Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238, Brooklyn, New York 11238

When the first Spanish conquerors arrived in present-day Mexico in the 16th century, they were astounded by what they found. The cultural achievements of the native peoples of Mesoamerica rivaled anything back in Europe: there was great architecture, great literature, and yes, great food. Despite lacking large domestic animals, the Aztecs...

Wednesday Sep 13th, 8:30pm


Human Rights After Hitler

at 92nd Street Y - Upper East Side
1395 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10128

From the 1940s until a recent lobbying effort by author Dan Plesch, the United Nations War Crimes Commission’s files were kept out of public view. What has now been uncovered are thousands of forgotten US and Allied war crimes prosecutions against Hitler and other Axis war criminals based on a popular movement for justice that stretched from Poland...

Friday Sep 15th, 12pm


Edward Said: Culture and Empire

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Lower East Side
178 Stanton St, New York, New York 10002

Few contemporary intellectuals have generated enough interest in their work to achieve simultaneous fame and infamy, yet this distinction undoubtedly applies to Edward Said (1935-2003). In the aftermath of his monumental Orientalism (1978) and his outspoken advocacy on behalf of the Palestinian people, Said became a lightning rod within both academic...


4 sessions

Wednesday Oct 18th, 6:30pm


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Intro to Capoeira

at RB Capoeira Brooklyn - Park Slope
316 7th St 2nd Fl, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable & give you the proper foundation for entering our ongoing classes. The Intro to Capoeira Series will introduce you to the art of Capoeira: an exciting and original workout that come from the unlikely combination of martial arts, dance, acrobatics and music. Capoeira is not only a form of exercise, it is...


5 sessions

Thursday Aug 24th, 6:30pm

Other dates (2)

Career Planning and Development

at Baruch College - CAPS

In this course you will learn how to conduct an effective job search, write a successful resume and cover letter, enhance your interviewing skills, and how to effectively use professional social media tools like LinkedIn. You will also learn how to negotiate your salary, benefits, and work environment to advance your career. You will gain a deeper...


10 sessions

Monday Sep 18th, 6:45pm


Anthropology and Ethnographic Theory

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - DUMBO
20 Jay St, Brooklyn, New York 11201

Developed as a tool for colonial empire-building at the close of the 19th century, the ethnographic method has emerged in the late 20th and early 21st centuries as an important practice for telling the stories of the oppressed and demanding social change. British and American anthropologists were initially concerned with understanding the discrete...


4 sessions

Monday Sep 11th, 6:30pm


When the People Dance: Salsa, Power &Performance in NYC

at Museum of the City of New York - Public - East Harlem
1220 5th Ave, New York, New York 10029

A fusion of mambo steps with street styles, salsa dancing emerged in the nightclubs of New York City in the 1960s where at first it wasn’t formally taught but absorbed. Salsa has since grown from a local movement played out in the city’s streets and clubs into a global phenomena that has irrevocably shaped the rhythms and culture of New York City. ...

Sunday Sep 17th, 2pm


Healing Spirits: The Botany of Aperitifs and Digestifs

at New York Botanical Garden - NYBG Bronx
2900 Southern Blvd, Bronx, New York 10458

The centuries-old botanical history of aperitifs and digestifs, from Chartreuse to Fernet Branca, stems in part from a monastic quest to divine an "elixir of long life." Many cultures still commonly consume these herbal drinks, made of complex mixtures of plant material, for their unique flavor profiles and for their medicinal properties. As you taste...

Saturday Oct 28th, 2pm


The Evolution of a Neighborhood Tour of the East

at SusanSez NYC Walkabouts - East Village
St Marks Pl & 2nd Ave 39 St Mark Inc., New York, New York 10003

NYC neighborhoods are always evolving - it's part of what makes the city so fascinating. Manhattan's East Village is a perfect example of this evolution; from German, Irish immigrant communities, to wealthy landowners, to trend-setting hipsters. Experience the diversity in history, culture, and of course cuisine!  From Peter Stuveysant’s “bouwerie”...


Sunday Sep 17th, 11am

Other dates (3)

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

at Global Knowledge - Midtown
1601 Broadway, New York, New York 10019

Improve your emotional intelligence skills to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself, in others, and in groups! Recent studies indicate that emotional intelligence is a powerful key to effective leadership. This valuable seminar delivers the in-depth knowledge and practical emotional intelligence skills you need to ensure that you are...


3 sessions

Monday Sep 25th, 9am


Forest Park (Kids 12 & Under)

at "Wildman" Steve Brill - Kew Gardens
Union Turnpike & Park Ln Near the Parks Dept.'s Overlook Bldg, New York, New York 11415

Forest Park is one of the best places for foragers in mid-spring. Get lost in this vast park, and you'll have plenty to eat (that is, if you can distinguish the gourmet plants from the deadly ones.) It boasts a large, mature, secondary growth forest, trail edges, thickets, and cultivated areas—all overflowing with wild plants. Burdock, an expensive...

Sunday Sep 3rd, 1pm

Other dates (3)

Assia Djebar: Fiction, Feminism, and Anti-Nationalism

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Morningside Heights
3009 Broadway, New York, New York 10027

When she died in February 2015, Assia Djebar–novelist, translator, and filmmaker–left behind a all the richness of her artistic invention: languages of adventurous sensory exploration, loss, longing, exile, feminist experiment, and political resistance.  Despite her virtuosic range, she appeared in Algerian President Bouteflika’s remembrance...


4 sessions

Saturday Sep 16th, 2pm


Reading Herodotus

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Lower East Side
178 Stanton St, New York, New York 10002

Since antiquity, Herodotus has been proclaimed the Father of History and the Father of Lies; and others have found in Herodotus the origins of western ethnographic writing. In our course, we will read and discuss the entirety of Herodotus’ Histories, with particular attention to the dialogic variety of narratives—historical, anthropological,...


4 sessions

Tuesday Oct 17th, 6:30pm