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Sculpture Classes Coming up in New York

3D Printing in Glass: From Render to Cast

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at Pioneer Works - Red Hook, New York

Pioneer Works and UrbanGlass present a workshop that introduces students to the process of rapid prototyping and its translation and applications to glass casting. This is a four-session course taking place on October 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 23rd. The first two sessions will be held at Pioneer Works. Students will learn the basics of 3D modeling with...


4 sessions

Saturday Oct 8th, 10am


Written in Glass: A Collaboration with UrbanGlass

at Brooklyn Brainery - Brooklyn Heights, New York

In this hands-on studio workshop, we will be creating designs and imagery through coldshop techniques via sandblasting, lathe working and engraving. Utilizing clear glass for its qualities, students can produce layered imagery on two and three-dimensional surfaces.

Wednesday Nov 9th, 6:30pm


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Individual Projects in Sculpture

at National Academy School of Fine Arts - Upper East Side, New York

In this course students will gain extensive knowledge and familiarity with the technical aspects and methodology of sculpture.  All media and processes will be considered, including wood, clay, metal, plaster and more. Individual needs will be considered and addressed to find the necessary personal solution. The goal is to create and accomplish...


16 sessions

Thursday Nov 10th, 9:30am


Drawing, Painting & Sculpture in the Museum (10-13 yrs)

at National Academy School of Fine Arts - Upper East Side, New York

Students develop their artistic skills by learning various painting, drawing, and sculpture techniques in the studio and by tours of exhibitions.  Students are encouraged to look at art in a new way by getting to look behind the scenes of the National Academy Museum. Students visit the conservation labs, the permanent collection and get a chance...


8 sessions

Thursday Nov 10th, 4:15pm


Coldworking Nonsense

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene, New York

Coldworking is the most valuable skill to have when working with glass. During this class, students will have the opportunity to explore the full potential of working in the coldshop. Learn how to cut, grind, carve and polish, finish and transform your hot shop creations as well as construct sculptures using found glass, all while having tons of fun. ...


6 sessions

Thursday Oct 6th, 6pm


Sculpture: The Form in Space

at National Academy School of Fine Arts - Upper East Side, New York

Students will develop the confidence to create a figurative work from the model, as well as to understand why we create forms in space. Many media, other than clay, will be considered and may include wax, and foam. (Wax may be cast into bronze if desired at an additional cost.) The work will be historically contextualized and related to the contemporary...


8 sessions

Tuesday Nov 8th, 4:15pm


Terracotta Sculpture

at National Academy School of Fine Arts - Upper East Side, New York

Learn the basic traditional technique of terracotta sculpture including clay-work, modeling, and handling the clay from wet to dry, then baked in a kiln.  Through demonstration and individual instruction, learn to make a complete sculpture in terracotta and a variety of styles of sculpture will be encouraged.  All levels are welcome. Material List...


8 sessions

Saturday Nov 12th, 10am


Unconventional Materials: Sculpture

at National Academy School of Fine Arts - Upper East Side, New York

Visualize and produce sculptures of different scales using a mix of unconventional and unusual materials. You’ll focus on design principles, repetition, contrast, rhythm, balance, and movement to create sculpture and/ or installations.  Students are welcome to work with any kind of materials whether new or old, purchased, recycled, or found. ...


16 sessions

Thursday Nov 10th, 1pm


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Sculpture Without Sight

at Unarthodox - Chelsea, New York

Touch is the first sense to develop when we are born. Yet most of our life is experienced through sight and sound. In this class, we take you back to the very beginning. Explore your sense of touch by sculpturing...without sight. You will receive an introduction to basic clay sculpturing. Then you will sculpt...blindfolded! You will be given a subject...

Tuesday Sep 27th, 7pm


Mold Madness

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene, New York

The art of mold making can be translated into many forms and materials. This workshop will give you the knowledge of kiln casting glass using high temperature refractory molds.  Although concentrated on glass casting, in the process we will be covering techniques applicable to create multiples in a myriad of different medium. Basic cold working...


6 sessions

Tuesday Nov 1st, 6pm


Glass: The Spooky Substance

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene, New York

Clear glass has the quality of seeming both present and absent at the same time. Like a ghost crossing between worlds, it can hold light and have a skin-like biological feel. In this beginner class we will learn basic hot and cold shop techniques while exploring these spooky qualities and their sculptural potential.  Students will be expected...


5 sessions

Monday Nov 28th, 6pm


Cold Construction in Glass

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene, New York

The Practical Behind the Complex: Cold Construction in Glass This class will  highlight some often overlooked cold fabrication techniques that are hugely valuable because they allow artists time to compose work without the expense or infrastructure of a glassblowing studio. There are many post-production techniques that will help both emerging...


2 sessions

Saturday Jan 21st, 10am


Explorations with Clay: Wheel (Beginner)

at ArtWorks at West Side YMCA - Upper West Side, New York

This class is an introduction to throwing on the potter’s wheel, emphasizing how to create functional forms such as cylinders and bowls. Participants will also learn to enhance forms with decorating and glazing techniques.


7 sessions

Saturday Nov 5th, 10:30am


Silver Clay Workshop

at La Mano Pottery - Chelsea, New York

Precious metal clay, or silver clay, is made of pure silver mixed with water and an organic binding agent. You can mold it into an endless number of shapes and designs. When fired, the binding agent burns off, resulting in original fine silver jewelry—99.9% pure. Learn the basics of how to work with silver clay in our introductory workshop. This...

Sunday Oct 2nd, 12:30pm

Other dates (3)

Figure Construction and Anatomy for Artists

at National Academy School of Fine Arts - Upper East Side, New York

This course will introduce students to the process of making figurative sculptures through perceptual skills dictated by conceptual knowledge. Design and anatomy secrets of the old masters will be shared with artists committed to mastering the human figure.  Figure Construction and Anatomy for Artists takes on the formidable task of how to organize...


8 sessions

Thursday Nov 10th, 6:30pm