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Paper Classes Coming up in New York

Collage: Color and Composition

Explore art making using various materials including pieces of paper, fabric, craft materials, photographs and/or magazines. Young artists will be introduced to the basics of color theory and compositions within art history.

13 sessions
Th.   Sep 22nd, 4pm
All levels
After Workshop: Coptic Book Binding

Developed in 4th century Egypt, Coptic books have beautiful linked stitches that stretch across the spine and open flat, perfect for a sketchbook or journal.  Each student will complete the binding of a book in class. All levels of experience welcome! Students are invited but not required to bring decorative papers they would like to use for...

T.   Nov 15th, 6:30pm
All levels
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Collage: Image and Object

With an emphasis on recycling paper ephemera and natural materials, this class will explore a combination of traditional and unusual materials to make collages. Learn a variety of collage techniques, compositions, and concepts, and how to repurpose and recycle images and objects into artworks. Students are welcome to bring some of their own collage...

Sa.   Aug 27th, 12pm
All levels
Improv Comedy on Paper

How to make quality cartoons work with minimal dependence on pre-planning or rewriting, while developing skills that will help for more planned work as well. Class work will include both individual and collaborative exercises.

4 sessions
T.   Nov 15th, 6:30pm
All levels
Collage Ventures - Creative B.Y.O.B. Workshop

Join us for a fun workshop introducing COLLAGE, a most stimulating medium where you will be able to create an image filled with your favorite tidbits of paper, found objects,colors, materials, magazine images, newspaper clippings, graphic images, etc.  You will be free to explore various combinations of materials and mixed media (watercolor,gouche,...

W.   Aug 31st, 7pm
All levels
Other Dates (4)
Collage Camp: Principles of Collage

This one day workshop begins with a series of creative exercises, each of which illustrates a collage principle and all of which form a take-home reference guide for your use after class. We will then create painted backgrounds as the base for your collage. Following this, we will move on to the process of collage, transforming bits and pieces of...

Sa.   Oct 15th, 9am
All levels
Decorative Papers On Press

Endpapers, which originally served as simple protection between wooden covers and beautifully illuminated manuscripts, have become a space for artistic and decorative expression. The endpapers of a book set the tone for the viewer, easing them into the experience of the book and sometimes hinting at the content. In this two day workshop, students...

2 sessions
Sa.Su.   Nov 19th, 10am
All levels
Bookbinding for Teachers, Part 2: Exploration

This one-day workshop is designed for teachers of 8 to 12 year-olds, with methods and techniques that may be modified to accommodate other age groups. Building on the methods learned during the prior section, create pamphlets and accordion structures with greater complexity, as well as combination bindings. We will also make origami-folded books and...

Sa.   Aug 27th, 10am
All levels

Get Artsy

Water Marbling - Ebru Course

Ebru, also known as Water Marbling is the beautiful ancient art of painting on water and then transferring the image to paper. Learn about the paints, additives and tools required, then create your own unique masterpiece under the guidance of our talented instructor Mustafa Yasar.  Ebru’s original name was Ebre in Jagatai dialect and during...

Sa.   Aug 27th, 6:30pm
All levels
Other Dates (16)
BYOB Creative Collage Lesson

Treat yourself to a generous serving of CREATIVITY! This is more than a class, it's a creative experience and a real treat for your inner child. Collage is a fun, freeing style of creative play that can result in a beautiful permanent work of art. We supply instructions & all materials PLUS glorious light & inspiring music. You'll feel like...

W.   Aug 24th, 6pm
All levels
Other Dates (20)
Carousel Books

A carousel book is an ingenious work, containing three-dimensional panoramic scenes that are revealed in multilayered openings that recede into space. Its seductiveness comes as a result of its construction, a series of five scenes, which when taken together are a play in five acts. Viewed through windows or other intricate opening, they take the viewer...

2 sessions
Sa.Su.   Sep 10th, 10am
Bookbinding III

In this advanced Core Course, students will continue an overview of traditional binding structures using unique and alternative materials: the limp vellum, the K118, and a ledger binding. Vellum is featured in each – as an interior spine lining, as sewing supports, or as a cover material. Historically, bookbinding vellum could be as simple as a recycled...

5 sessions
T.   Sep 20th, 6pm
Bookbinding I (A): Soft cover books

Fold, sew, and glue paper into books! In this 18-hour introductory class you will fold accordion books and explore concertinas, sew pamphlets with paper covers, glue single pages into butterfly books, and more. This class is suitable for beginners and also for anyone looking for basic models that can be made at home without special equipment. No experience...

5 sessions
W.   Sep 21st, 6pm
Other Dates (2)
Bookbinding II (A): Inboards Leather Binding

In this 18-hour intermediate class, we will explore ways to attach the cover as part of the structure of the book, which offers more strength than casebindings. You will make a sewn-boards binding, a millimeter binding and a hollow tube.  You will begin to learn how to work with leather and sew silk endbands. Prerequisite Bookbinding...

3 sessions
F.Sa.Su.   Oct 14th, 10am
Bells & Whistles! 5 Simple Binding Techniques

This one day class will teach students some simple book making techniques; while staying relaxed and having fun. By the end of the day you will be pros at 5 simple techniques. In the morning, we will make paste paper, learn pop-up, fold and cut a simple one sheet accordion, and the pamphlet stitch. Then in the afternoon we will re-make the crazy accordion...

Sa.   Oct 15th, 10am
All levels
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