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Emily Shier

Teaches at Blooma Nashville

Emily holds a Master of Science Degree in Education and has been working professionally with adult learners for 20 years. She has worked in higher education at 3 colleges, as a licensed schoolteacher, and as a health educator for pregnant women and new mothers.

Most recently she has been a guest lecturer at the University of Wisconsin Medical School for nursing and medical students on the subjects of labor support, breastfeeding, and patient advocacy.

Most importantly, Emily is CURRENT. She is an active doula, a self-starter, and ALIVE in the birth community. She has attended over 400 births in homes, birth centers, and hospitals as a Certified Birth Doula. She enjoys weaving storytelling into her teaching, to share her love and awe of the families she serves as well as her practical experience as a small business owner in the current and growing field of doula work.

In addition to her birth work, Emily is founder of a progressive private Doula Cooperative, a Certified Postpartum Doula, a Prenatal Yoga Instructor, and a mother among mothers.

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