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Avery VanPelt

Teaches at Blooma Nashville

Avery VanPelt is thrilled to be joining the Blooma staff as a Barre instructor after spending many, many joyous hours at Blooma with her two sons. She has a bachelor’s degree in Dance Performance and English Literature from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, and a law degree from Vanderbilt University.

She brings to her Barre classes an extensive background in ballet and modern dance, including intensive study of the Martha Graham and Paul Taylor schools of dance, as well as the work of Pilobolus Dance Theater. She danced with several modern companies in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. following college, before moving to Nashville with her husband and pursuing her law degree and license.

She loves Barre because, though it borrows many of the strengthening and lengthening training exercises that dancers practice, it is a high-energy, low-impact fitness class that can be made accessible to all bodies in all stages of life. It is her goal that everyone leaves a Barre class feeling stronger and taller, more centered and graceful, and ready to take on all that life has to offer.

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